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Learn with Guidance from Higher Dimensions Part 2

Updated on October 8, 2018
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Linda is the author of the channelled book 'Advent Calendar for the Salvation of the Planet Earth' published by Gateway Books in 1995.

"Book of Secrets Subtitle One and All" Channelled From Higher Beings

This is a sequel to "Advent Calendar for the Salvation of the Planet Earth" published by Gateway Books in 1995 which predicted much of the changes which have occurred on our planet. "One and All" continues this information and prepares us for the changes.....

Pages 8-14 of Channelled Manuscript "Book of Secrets subtitle One and All"

(Pages 1-14 availabl to read on another hub)

During the time of 'great fire' there will be many who do not choose to be a part of the plan but who will nevertheless find themselves caught in the entourage of lightworkers. These people will be caught in the cross-fire of energies both from the lightworkers and the cleansing itself. It will be a good place to be, for without these two energies it may not be safe for them. Many of these people will be what we will call lost souls but not desperately missing. If you are to help these people they will be re-claimable. It will be as if they were sleeping or almost in a coma but with fire and water they become able to awaken. Much as you would sow a seed but without the necessary elements of heat and water there would be no growth. The growth of which we speak here will be extreme, so be careful in your handling of such individuals. Fire and water can burn and drown. There will be many at this time that will need much care. We do not call for hospitilisation, but for you all to become aware of the differing requirements of individual souls. Many of you will become what we will call 'nurses', but we would beg to change this to 'electrical nurses', for what you will be able to do is help to re-join circuits, stabilise the electricity and maintain the fuses when one blows. It is sometimes simpler for us to give you an analogy than to attempt to give you the exact wording, for that of which we speak is energy work. Until such time as the complete understanding of energy is received then it is better that we speak of electricity. In the past we have noticed that when we refer to energy it has always become somewhat of an abstract idea in the minds of men. We cannot now allow this idea to continue for if we are to assist you, we must insist that you realise its existence. It has not been difficult for you to accept electricity coming from your sockets and wiring even though, as with energy within your own systems you cannot at present see it. It is required that energy becomes more tangible within the framework of your minds, therefore we may refer to this as electricity. Do you feel the difference as we use these words? When you hear the word energy it has an almost neutral affect within the areas of the brain. When you hear the word electricity there are all sorts of impulses which are activated, even your body begins to respond. We would therefore choose to use these activations in order to show you the importance of energy. Do not continue to make this abstract. Energy is electricity and electricity is energy. Allow your minds to accept this understanding. Do not dampen your spirits by becoming junction boxes without supply. You are indeed junction boxes and must accept that you have live wires. When two live wires come together there will be a strong current. During the time of the need for electrical nurses and doctors you will experience tremendous powers that will be given. These powers are your right and your heritage.

Amnesty will be given to any who ask

This is a state which will come about as the energy of the cleansing joins with the energy of the lightworkers. We have a negative and a positive which together will give a neutral. This neutral state will be very raw in some cases. It is because of this that we give you an understanding of the electrical healing that will be required. For some this will be a long journey but for others it will be a fast recovery. Much of this is dependant upon what has been learnt but not actioned. There are many who have been given all of the teachings that they require but as yet they have not left the starting blocks. This will be the final push that they require to activate. We cannot activate those who have not received the training, for they also will be present at the sound of the siren but alas will not know what to do. You will see people panic and scream when the sirens sound. You will also see others who will begin running as if they have been running all the time. As these new runners begin to run, they will seize and fall. These are the ones that will require your assistance for they have not run before.

Be careful at these times for some runners will not want to run. It is the performance that will frighten them. You must be aware that the ego will hold onto the last. It is only through letting go of the ego that some will be able to run.

For those holding onto ego, you will need to subject them to being left behind. Do not take their hands for each and every one must attempt the leap themselves. The healing of a persons electrical circuits is one thing, the carrying them across the threshold is another. We do not advise carrying anyone. Each person must make the quantum leap through their own commitment. You cannot commit anyone but yourself. If the commitment is there then you will be allowed to assist, if it is not then do not involve yourself. Can you image what would happen if you connect a 100 watt appliance to a 500 watt circuit? At the point of commitment you are making yourself available to be given the circuitry for the higher voltage. Some of you made this commitment a long time ago on these earth planes, your circuitry is well in place. But alas some of you also have not yet turned on the full power of what you are able to transmit!

At the moment that the energy system of the earth becomes immersed within the energy system of the universal flow, there will be great upheavals within the energy that has become part of the system within which the earth will operate.

This system of energy has for many centuries been accumulating around planet Earth. It is not something that can be seen, it is only perceived when a person immerses themselves into the spiritual mantle of their existence. For instance, when a person has been operating within the spiritual side of their nature for a good period of time, then they are able to perceive all other functions of the being of which the human is only a small part. We cannot immediately explain to you how this comes about, it is perhaps what you might call an enlightened experience. For some time now there have been many who have perceived this energy field. The accumulation of energy around planet earth has been activated. During this activation period, many more peoples have begun to operate within the spiritual field of their being.

After the time of chaos

There will be many who will begin to activate within the spiritual realm after the time of chaos. When we speak of the time of chaos, we speak of the time during which many will die. We speak of the time when the Earth's mantle will become holy. During this time there will be much upheaval within the physical structure of the planet. When the Earth planet begins to align to the pressure of the spiritual mantle then the breakup of negative energy pockets will need to be complete. There is always an explanation but there is often not the words for us to give you, as much of which we speak has not yet entered into the consciousness of those who deem to be scientists or philosophers. For those who begin the ascent towards the light, this will be a time of celebration. But, also for those who have not responded to any of our wake-up calls this will be a time of malice, resentment and indeed much anger. We cannot begin to explain at present how you will cope with both sides of this time warp. The time warp will be present because of the multi-dimensional significance of the happening. As the earth begins to re-align then the heavens will be brought down to the earth. For some of you this will be a time of rejoicing and holy ordnance. But as we have said there will be many who do not have the least bit of regard for this event, in fact they will begin to exhude great utterings of dissent and malevolence.

As one person can appreciate art another will call it rubbish. Do you understand my friends? You will still be in a world of duality. It will not be your world, but it will still remain the world for those who choose not to 'see'. This is the reason that we speak to you now. We do not wish you to scotch over these areas. We will be leading you onwards towards the new order but there will be much for you to cope with along the pathway. Do not despair, for we can guarantee your safety if you are aligned to the pathway of light. Your pathway can in fact be paved with gold. The gold of which we speak is the gold of the gods. The energy of gold will prepare the way for you. It is during this time that you will begin to appreciate all of the natural elements for their true identity and for their true worth. The worth is much more than anything of which you dreamed. The energy of gold will be the energy through which you will emerge triumphant. All of the gold within the planet Earth will vibrate towards the energy of the universe. Can you understand now why we have given instructions for the gold to again be placed within the structure of the earth. Each element has its own starry existence. Each element will help to structure the whole of the planet into the shape that we are desirous of. We cannot complete the plan for the Earth planet without these elements. All elements contain energy. Different energies radiate out to a different star formation. Each planet within your solar system will respond at the time of the Earth planet joining into the universal flow.

When an element has to respond then it will become star-bound. When we speak of 'star-bound' we speak of the magnetising pull, through the entire solar system towards the heavens. If you were to understand the extent of your cosmic surroundings you would be as children when Santa has descended the chimney! There is another jest that we may enjoy together. Do you recall how much money there is within your bank account? Well if we were to double this over and over until the bank could not contain your fortune it its vaults, then this is the abundance within the cosmos of which you are unaware. Do not let this opportunity become a wasted task, for if we are to show you how many exciting new findings exist then we will need your presence at the time when the earth re-aligns.

Our plan has been one that has been thwarted along the way by many who play with these ideas, throw these ideas to the wind and then exclaim "But normal life must go on!" Can you imagine how we perceive this within our dimension? We cannot play with life. Our purpose has been to give you every assistance and we have become sometimes as playthings, you can channel if you wish, or you may ask questions, but do not expect to understand the answers! Our questions to you would be many if we delayed our teachings and began asking you questions.

We will not delay any more, for if we are to surrender the planet Earth along with the rest of the solar system into the universal stream then if she goes empty - so be it. Do not underestimate our intent: we could never sacrifice an orb such as planet Earth for the games of an insane humanity.

After the time of chaos there will be many who do not understand how the Earth planet has survived. We will be able to give you a greater understanding so that those of you who continue to be teachers within the system of the Earth plane are able to explain. There will be much pontification over the energies that are present within the universal flow of energy. It will not be something that can be ignored. When the universal energy has become a major part of the energy system of the earth then there will be peace. After the chaos there will also be a system of transference of energies from many different areas of the universe. We speak of 'universe' as this is a term with which you are all familiar but we do not use this phrase ourselves. We prefer to speak of the system being part of God's world. If we were to give you now an understanding of God's world then you would all probably close this book, so we will not do so!

These energies that will become transferable are energies from different parts of your solar system. They are also very different in composition. The energy from your solar system consists of many varying degrees of 'colour'. We are referring to the many degrees of spirituality or may we call it degrees of 'light and dark'. If we are to give you a realistic understanding then we must attempt to give you variability. There are some energies which will be very conducive to those of you who have already begun to ascend. There will also be some energies that do not feel absolutely compatible. We cannot advise you as to how to deal with this. It will be a case of respond when you 'feel' the need and do not respond if you 'feel' at all uneasy. As you will realise it is so important that you are able to discriminate at this time. We cannot be with you every second of your waking days but we will be here for you very quickly if you call us.

After the ensuing crisis for man there will be the ensuing crisis for the energies within your solar system. It will not be a time when you can call upon your governments but it will be a time when you can call upon your contacts within the system of the heirachy.

The governments at this time will have no power whatsoever.

We speak now of the time of the conflicts within the energies that choose to be part of this plan. These conflicts are not ones that will change the divine plan but at this time you are entering into the realms of outer space. Up to this point you have only been aware of the conflicts within the systems of your worldly space. The conflicts of which we speak now are the conflicts within the outer areas. Did you not expect that there would also be a cleansing on the outer planes for as we speak and open up your minds and your hearts you can now cope with the idea that the outer planes have become the inner planes or maybe we should say that your inner planes have become your outer. We speak only to give you the exact idea of how this universe has become mis-aligned.

The great escape for your peoples is also part of the divine plan or great escape for the universe.

It is not only a survival plan for the human race but it is a survival plan for most of us who rest within the dimension known to you as outer space.

When the system of energy has become transferable then we will rest in peace with our neighbours. We ask that you allow every boundary that has been placed within the areas of your mind to be pulled down for without this removal it will be very difficult for you to comprehend our words. Do not be afraid to remove these barriers, they have never given you that which you were desirous of. If we were to remove them for you we could not then be your friends for we would have invaded you.

After such time has passed, then the energies from each solar system will become entwined. At present each solar system has its own energy system, very much privatised. We speak now of all of the energy systems within the cosmos. As each system goes through the energising from the universal flow then the energy of each system will become somewhat 'jumpy'. This jumpiness will be adjusted as soon as the energy begins to flow full power. Under the influence of universal flow each solar system will balance out in order to contain the essential qualities with which it is endowed.

Each different solar system will contain major contributions of energy which in themselves are less powerful than when they are flowing from the universal source.

We are attempting to give you an overview of your world, if you imagine that there is just one tiny speck on a piece of paper that has a design drawn on it that is so complex that you can not even see the dot, then this is how it really is. Just image that we have given you the power to obliterate that dot. But now as this plan draws to a close, we will withdraw that power for if you were to obliterate the dot then the pattern would not be as beautiful. If you were to discard the energy from this planet then also the system from the universal flow would not be complete for it is required in order for the system to have all parts present.

Many parts of your planet serve a purpose but we must say to you that each element plays the most important part. For it is the energy of each element which gives the sum total of the parts.

We will attempt to explain to you how each element has its part to play. The energy of the gold that is still held within the veins of the planet Earth will always hold the energy of universal love. It is the mercury which moulds the character of each and everyone of you. Everyone responds to the energy of mercury. Depending upon the spiritual graces bestowed upon you, you will either reject or respond to the energies of the mercurial substance.

There have been many different explanations given to you as to why the extraordinary events are occurring within the surface of the planet Earth, but there have never been given the real explanations.

Many of your scientists engage themselves within the areas of exploration but they can never explore our realms when they still have the veils over their eyes and minds. If you are to begin to understand our reality then we can only hope that you will begin to understand what it is we are trying to tell you.


Advent Calendar for the Salvation of the Planet Earth - Channelled by Linda


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