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BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag

Updated on December 24, 2009

 When you go to the grocery store, the average person uses at least 4 plastic bags per visit per week.  That is roughly 208 plastic bags per person per year, or 78,000,000,000 bags a year in the United States alone.  That is a lot of bags.  There is a simple concept to sustainable living that everyone can do.  Bring your own bags! 

Where to get your bags

You can buy bags specifically made for grocery shopping at all your major retailers.  THey cost roughly $2-$4 per bag and you can keep them forever.  Take them with you to the store and give them to the bag boy or girl at the check out register.

Stores promoting this movement

Almost every grocery store is promoting this by giving a 5 cent discount on groceries per bag.  This doesn't sound like much, but for people with families, this adds up very fast because of the multiple trips that are made to the grocery store. 

They promote this because it saves them on the costs of ordering bags.  It seems crazy, but remember that stores have to pay for those bags.  The less they have to buy, the more their profit margin.

If you currently do this, congratulations on being part of the solution.  If you don't currently do this, buy a bag and try it.  Who knows, you may like it.


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