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Back On The March

Updated on August 23, 2012

America has trod a bloody path; from Tuscon, Arizona, to Sanford, Florida, Aurora, Colorado, to the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and recently Louisiana. You would think there would be a clamor for America to stand up to the fear and sometimes insurrectionist rhetoric of the 2nd Amendment absolutists like the NRA.

Katha Pollitt of The Nation seems to wonder the same thing in a recent column. Her point seems to be that those who see the idea of "any gun, any person" as backwards have not formed a solid bloc. Groups like Heeding God's Call and the Coalition To Stop Gun Violence are trying.

In the course of the article, she also mentions the last time it looked like gun control was to be a major issue. In 2000, with the shootings at a Jewish community center in Los Angeles, and Columbine fresh in minds, the Million Mom March was held in Washington, DC and elsewhere. There may have been two events that stymied their momentum; George W Bush taking office, and the attacks of 9-11.

In light of the spate of mass shootings in America, perhaps it is time to re-assemble! Surely a few of those Million Mom's stay in touch. With the power of social media and social networking, their reach could be immense. Chapters could set up Facebook pages and Twitter streams, post videos on YouTube and even do podcasts.

People are once again taking a look at the American culture of guns. Maybe it's time to bring that look into the cloud a bit.


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