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Congressman John Conyers Stands Up To The Republicans

Updated on January 26, 2015

Congressman John Conyers

Congressman John Conyers
Congressman John Conyers | Source

Congressman John Conyers served in the Military

Contrary to the right wing nut talking heads' claims liberals are just as patriotic as conservatives.
Contrary to the right wing nut talking heads' claims liberals are just as patriotic as conservatives.

The incendiary rhetoric of the right.

Here is an example of a right wing nut simpleton at work.
Here is an example of a right wing nut simpleton at work.

There's no need to fear , congressman John Conyers is here.

To defend the weakest,the poor and the working class, and now coming in defense of the immigrant community who along with the gay community are the republicans' favorite punching bag..Congressman John Conyers with his action in congress may have sealed the support of the hispanic vote long after his feat is forgotten for decades to come .In the day that the now xenophobic dominated republican party was introducing their "ENGLISH ONLY" legislation he gave his opening speech in spanish, with a rather rough pronunciation but making every person who listened to him in his broken spanish realize which party will stand up for the hispanic community in particular and the immigrant community in general and which party sees the immigrant community as an adversary to be defeated in every sense of the word.The move by the republican legislators was aiming at mobilizing the base as well as trying to assure the most extreme right of the party that even though they might have to try to soften their rhetoric in light of the need to not scare away independents and moderates they are in essence with them one hundred percent when it comes to the fundamental issues,i.e immigration, gay rights,taxes, abortion,international policy,the environment,the disgust for government,etc.

Romney thinks hispanic voters are stupid.

The lame attempt of the Romney team to appeal to the hispanic community by having his son doing a commercial in spanish really looks like a caricature or a bad taste joke when we are seeing every day on every media outlet the republican talking heads trash the hispaniccommunity whom they see as parasites and partly responsible for the fiscal deficit the country is in.Oh, but they make sure they say how much they love immigrants who came legally,which in republican codelanguage means white europeans who came before 1960.We are not stupid. We know in this day and age even the most bigoted,xenophobic and racist political party has to have some measure of political correctness, and in that sense I admire Pat Buchanan who has the honesty and the decency to say it like he really sees it.So ,good for you John Conyers,for your courage,your love, your compassion ,and your sense of humor, we in the hispanic community will not forget this action you took at a time when our community is under attack by the hordes of teapartiers and extreme right wing loons ,and you don't have to wear any funny looking costume because for us in the hispanic and latino community you are a Superhero,a knight in shining armor, battling not windmills ,but very real and hateful power players who like to prey on the weakest in our society,GRACIAS AMIGO CONYERS!


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    • wetbaknproud profile image

      wetbaknproud 2 years ago from new jersey

      A brave congressman that has always stood up in favor of the working man ,the poor ,and the weakest in our society,John Conyers is an example of what a legislator should be.

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 5 years ago from Uruguay

      The miscalculation as to the extent of the long term damage the xenophobic policies advanced by the republican party will have on the voting pattern of the latino and hispanic vote is of monumental proportion.I can already hear the republican talking heads and pundits asking years from know why hispanics and latino vote 90 percent or more democrat.Right now we are at 70 percent to 22 in the latest polls,but this is just the beginning .

    • mp2525 profile image

      mp2525 5 years ago from Los Angeles

      You hit this one out of the park.

      Gracias amigo mio cid!