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Bibi Netanyahu Is A Rock Star

Updated on March 4, 2015

Real leadership in today's world, seems like an exercise in futility. Its easier to duck and run in this age of nuclear proliferation and rampant terrorism.

And so I am breaking my self-imposed rule of not writing about politics.

Self imposed because as my profile on states...political accountings are a dime a dozen and can be found all over the internet/television/magazines and even in our own homes. Everybody has an opinion and everyone wants to share that opinion. So my opinion, no matter how refreshing I might think it is..probably isn't.

However today is an exception. And that exception is because of the remarkable speech given today, in our Houses of Congress, by Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.

I feel compelled to elaborate despite the many narratives written and spoken by those much more politically savvy than myself and with far more eloquence than I because hours after watching and listening to this masterful orator, I am still pumped up and eager to share my personal viewpoints of this moment in time.

We don't often witness history in the making. Its not that it hasn't happened in my lifetime and for sure I can recount many incidents that were historically significant. I am old enough (a fact I shudder to admit, but admit I shall) to remember vividly the JFK assassination. As well as the RFK and MLK assassinations. Living thru the 60s there were any number of historically significant happenings which were burned indelibly in our memories.

Digging back into my memory..there were other moments in time. Some of them major. Some of them less important but nonetheless equally memorable.

But today..perhaps for lots of reasons, impacted me as I am sure it did millions of other Americans.

Americans are starved for something to believe in. And Americans arent easy. We demand and expect, leadership from those whom we elect to do our bidding. We are starved for that leadership. Today, we got it. We got it under the guise of a man who isn't an American but, clearly, understands America and Americans.

We were taken to the well and we drank hungrily. We quenched our thirst on every, single word uttered from Netanyahu's lips. We heard what we've been longing to hear for a very long time now and we came away wondering why it takes the leader of a foreign country to raise a groundswell of patriotism in us that our current leaders have not, cannot, seem able to do.

We heard strength. We heard conviction. We heard power. And we heard a man who spoke from the heart and in doing so, spoke to our hearts.

America isn't easy. And Americans are a tough lot. We believe in our Constitution and we don't understand why that isn't what our political leaders, the very people we elect TO believe with us, don't seem able to do. We demand the best and the brightest and the most honest and the most transparent. And it seems as though we have gotten short shrift.

We hunger for the truth. Its as simple as that. And today, I believe, we got that. But, in my mind, for all of today's excitement there is a sadness in the knowledge that not only did the truth not come from our leaders, but our leaders took today and used it for their own petty, childish and petulant platforms.

It takes the Prime Minister of Israel to come here and explain to us, the American people, what the P5+1 is attempting to do with the Iran Nuclear Deal. I wonder how many Americans now, today, after hearing the speech, know more than they did before today?

And so that question, begs another question: Was it really so bad to have the Prime Minister of Israel, a country with an incredible stake in this game, come here to talk to the American people about why he feels we need to NOT deal with Iran?

And yet our Democratic lawmakers and indeed the President of our country chides and bashes Netanyahu for being here and for making the speech.

I, for one, now feel as though I can at least discuss this subject somewhat intelligently and that is because Bibi Netanyahu gave me something to hold onto to. Something, I might add, that has been sorely missing from our leaders in the weeks leading up to today.

Iran historically, has proven over and over and over that they have no intention of playing nice. The Mullah's have shown us that they are not interested in world peace and they continuously threaten the very existence of the State of Israel. Why should we believe that they are interested in a deal when they have never been able to be trusted?

For an agreement to go forward, sanctions must go. And sanctions, so far, have been what has crippled Iran in their further quest for nuclear proliferation. Without sanctions, we lose our hold, our ace in the hole.

P5+1 negotiators walk a fine line. They want a drastic cutback in centrifuges. This has been a major sticking point in previous negotiations. And even if we get Iran to agree to that in meetings...who is to say that they will be honest or that all of there centrifuges will be actually accounted for?

Who monitors Iran? Especially when Iran doesn't wish to be monitored. Who holds their feet to the fire and makes them accountable for their end of the deal? I have very little faith that any of this "deal" will ever come out on the end of world peace.

Which is why I believed every, single word spoken today by Benjamin Netanyahu. No deal IS better than a bad deal. We are dealing with a regime totally committed to the demise of any country who stands in the way of them having total nuclear dominance on the world stage. Think about that for a moment. Really think about the possibility of a country, whose track record for decades has been lies and deceit and thumbs in the faces of world leaders and then having the capability with the throw of a switch to destroy us. That dominance is dictated by THEM, not us.

When you consider the very real seriousness of the situation, I have an incredibly hard time believing that ANYONE would ever begin to consider a deal giving Iran ANY more power than they now have and to further that thought, why would our president and any Democratic lawmakers not be scrambling to not only NOT talk deal, but start enacting more and stronger sanctions?

Stay the hell away from a deal with Iran! Sanctions were working. They were crippling Iran's economy and especially in light of falling oil prices. Sanctions can still work if our president would step up and start actually leading other world leaders in this fight.

Historically, America has always been the leader in situations where the rest of the world wasn't sure or capable of taking the lead. But I fear that our president is seen as weak and soft and woefully inexperienced and that's been evident in everything from Islamic terrorism to dealing with Iran.

Dating back to 2009, Barack Obama made a speech in Cairo, now known as the "New Beginning" speech. The speech should be remembered for in it, Obama made it clear that his intent would be to bridge a gap between the United States and its enemies..most notably those who embrace radical Islam. He has long promised that he would embark on negotiations with Iran. As Mr. Netanyahu said has to wonder why? Why would the president of the United States feel the need to kowtow to Iran?

I think the answer is easily found in the need Barack Obama has to ensure that his legacy lives on after he leaves office.

His ideology has been time stamped all over many of his speeches, world travels and actions. He clearly has a Utopian idea that the world would be a better place with America as less a player than it has always been. Much of his idealistic view of the world is rooted in his feelings toward colonialism which date back to his childhood and growing up years. Toward that end, he has bowed to kings of foreign governments, defied our long alliance with Israel and courted favor with the worst of our enemies.

He has a need to make sure that he makes some sort of mark as the president of the United States who tried to bridge a gap between the West (that nasty bastion of Capitalism and arrogance which he seems to loathe) and the Mideast, where, ironically the very upper echelon, who are at the center of all he seems to abhor, bask in the wealth of those oil rich countries.

His legacy notwithstanding, Mr. Obama needs to pay more attention to the very real consequences of dealing with a nation hell bent on the destruction of the world as we know it and less on his personal need to somehow make us forget the failures of his time in office, with his idea of a 4th quarter, time running out, touchdown.

It just aint gonna happen.

Netanyahu on why a deal isn't good

"Why should Iran's radical regime change for the better when it can enjoy the best of both world's: aggression abroad, prosperity at home?"

“The battle between Iran and ISIS doesn’t turn Iran into a friend of America. … the enemy of your enemy is your enemy.”

Quote from Netanyahu Speech

"But Iran's regime is not merely a Jewish problem, any more than the Nazi regime was merely a Jewish problem. ... So, too, Iran's regime poses a grave threat, not only to Israel, but also the peace of the entire world."


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