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Big Brother in YOUR Kids SCHOOL - Do You Feel Safer? Or More at Risk?

Updated on October 9, 2012

First: Watch This Video About RFID Chips That Kids are Required to Wear at This Texas School, Even Just to Check Out a Book at the Library


The Controversy: Peace of Mind Vs. Invasion of Privacy

Can you imagine being monitored no matter where you went, by a simple card on a lanyard around your neck? Whenever you go... When you arrive and when you leave... When you use the phone or the Bathroom...

Now imagine that it is not YOU, but instead Your Children, who are being monitored...

For some parents in schools around the states, this isn't something they have to imagine to experience. They are experiencing it RIGHT NOW, as their children attend schools while being required to carry an RFID Chip on them. In the video above, we can see how this Texas school does it - with ID Cards and Lanyards.

Now, those of you fortunate enough to only need to use your imagination, are probably thinking about the pro's and con's of having kids tagged and monitored by the school system. On one hand, the school would know right away if your child hadn't made it to school that day, or if they had decided to skip a class.

On the other hand, the freedom to leave the school grounds to attend political functions and free speech movements, has been a consistent reason for not chaining students up inside the school grounds during school hours, and many parents are concerned that these RFID Chips are going to infringe upon that right.

A total invasion of privacy is another concern, as even though they have not yet placed video monitoring on the RFID chips, the chips themselves have the ability to create graphic digital maps of anything within signal range, if there are enough sensors around. This means that those running the monitors would not only know when I child is using the bathroom or changing in the locker room, but they might actually be able to see what they are doing, without cameras.

The schools themselves, say that they are erring on the side of "safety" (remember that old Ben Franklin quote?) and that having the children wear RFID chips, is a way for the school to keep everyone safe. Though parents and students alike, are upset because the chips are being used for more than just supervision. At the school in the video above, students are required to use their RFID equipped ID cards to get lunch, go to school functions, check out books from the library and they can't hold a position of leadership (like school president) unless they wear the tracking badge..

Other Concerns

  • Hackers don't limit themselves to financial fraud and governmental mischief. Having digital monitoring of students, means that at any time, a hacker could break into the system and know exactly where your child is. This leaves a wide open window for hacking predators to have one more advantage over parents. The All Seeing Eye of the RF(eye)D chip, can track where a student is with an error of only a few inches, which is a lot of power in the wrong hands. And with all the reports we get of school officials that turn into child predators, this is a BIG risk.
  • Adults and children are already being conditioned to accept the use of these spy devices in credit cards, passports, cell phones and various other technology (think QR codes and PayPass on Mastercard), in their outside lives, which is concerning enough. Now that RFID chips are coming into schools, what will be next? With survellance cameras, security guards, GPS tracked laptops AND these new RFID chips - what's next?
  • The PRICE - The cards, software and monitoring cost $136k per YEAR, plus a $500K+++ setup fee. Whose going to pay for that? YOU ARE.
  • RFID chips NEVER turn off, which means that you can also be tracked by any other scanners that have the signal. So if there are chips in the traffic lights, on buses or in buildings, you can be tracked. Basically, once they have you chipped, they can track you anywhere that scanners are placed (which is never in sight ).
  • No Parental Involvement. If schools are bold enough to implement tracking systems for students, without once consulting parents, and without even offering an out/opt program, what else will they do? We've already seen that the schools are doing hearing, eye checks and physicals without parental notification or consent, and there have been reports of schools forcing vaccinations on students without parental consent. What's next?
  • Government Bribery - RFID chip makers have been marketing these type of monitoring devices for at least the past 7 years, with no avail. Parents didn't want them, teachers didn't want them, students didn't want them. Within the last 8 years, state and federal governments have been instituting stronger truancy rules, and once that was in place, the governments began to bribe schools with the convenience and hypnotic function that student tracking offers. With students being leashed with lanyards, attendance rates have jumped up, meaning that the schools get more funding, in excess of $2.5 million dollars, from the states, plus special extras for using the kids (and parents) in their RFID experiments. Personally, as a parent, I feel attendance rates should be boosted by having excellent educations available, in formats that attract students into learning, not tracking programs that force them to attend through fear tactics.

Are You Comforted or Concerned?

The time has come, in this hub anyways, for you to ask yourself - as an adult, as a parent or even as a student (adult or minor) - how do you feel about this type or tracking and surveillance being placed on our kids in their schools?

Take the polls below and let us know how you really feel. If your answer isn't on the poll, or you would like to say more, say it in the comments!

How do you feel about children being REQUIRED to wear RFID Chips at School, on the Bus or at School Functions?

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I am a....

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  • BizGenGirl profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Lake Stevens

    Thank you. The jail cell flag seemed appropriate for this topic too =P

  • someonewhoknows profile image


    7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

    I like your take on the flag.It seems appropriate considering where the government is heading on the topic of RFID chips.

    Well done!


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