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Biggest Threat Facing America Today

Updated on March 1, 2020

An Outsider Looking In

As an outsider, I'm Canadian, I have to wonder about the intelligence of anyone who actually thinks that Trump is the better answer to be a world leader and run a country. What these Trump supporters see in him is beyond the comprehension of the normal, sane person. I mean he has failed at everything he has done except being a consistent crook and con man and grifter.

From the very start of his running for office, 20 plus women came forward accusing him from everything from rape to sexual assault. At the present, there is one lady who wants him to give a DNA sample, because she, like Monica Lewinsky, has a semen stained dress that supposedly was stained when he was raping her.

This idiot bankrupted a casino! A CASINO! How the hell do you bankrupt a casino? he has actually had several bankruptcies, six I believe is the count. He even had a university set up, that was a scam. He got away with charges from that, when it is "rumored" he bribed Pam Bondy, who was the prosecutor. If you forget who she is, she was one of his "legal" team during his impeachment hearings.

Then you have the many people who have done work for the Trumps, such as construction workers and other tradesmen, who have never been paid for work that was done for him.

One of the latest developments is coming from golf course /resorts in Scotland, where the Scots are implying money has or is being laundered. I am not completely up on the details, but if the Scots are right, Barr can't protect Trumps ass on this one.

“‘And this is their new hoax,’ the president crowed. As Trump dismissed the virus as a threat, the infection continued spreading. California announced the state’s 2nd case of unknown origin; hours later, an Oregon resident tested positive for the virus.”

Get Your Gender Right

The latest death that has occurred from the corona virus in the United States was a man, and in a press conference, Trump announced it was a woman. Just the latest in a long line of mistakes he has made. This man died in a Seattle area hospital, my sincere condolences to his family.

He also had said that the corona virus was a Dem hoax. Referring to the democrats causing an unnecessary panic. When you have a possible pandemic in the making, a little panic is necessary. especially when so little is actually being done.

When you tell people once the weather warms up in April, the virus will just disappear...

One of the problems facing the Unites States, is the idiot in the White house got rid of the people who usually look after serious health matters when it comes to pandemics.

No worries though, he has put Mike Pence in charge. If you've never heard of Mike Pence, he is the vice president. The reason you may not have heard of him is because he really hasn't done anything, other than travel to places trump doesn't want to go.

He is basically a religious zealot, who at one time was suppose to be looking after a serious HIV outbreak, and was going to pray away the HIV along with the gay related to the HIV virus. He has no scientific background whatsoever, as a matter of fact he doesn't believe much in science.

I secretly believe he is a flat earther... but that is just me. So Trump has put a totally incompetent fool in charge of one of the biggest threats facing the Unites States today.

And It All Came Tumbling Down

I Should Have Invested

Not so long ago, a friend of mine urged me to invest in a company called Aphria. If you aren't familiar with them, they are basically a company that deals with all things marijuana related. They started a large grow op just before marijuana became completely legal all across Canada.

Anyone who had stock in this company, well, lets just say the value of their stock increased tremendously when the legalization came through. I really should have invested!

Anyway, since Trump has mishandled so many things especially this corona virus situation, the stock market has taking a major nose dive. The Dow Joans, as Trumps has spelled it in his many tweets, has taken a major hit, and went down 1800 points in one day. Oh, one of those tweets that Trump had sent at one time, stated if the stock market went down a 1000 points, the president should be loaded in a canon and shot. Well, if there is a canon that Trumps fat ass will fit in, climb in, we'll shoot you.

A Few Democrat Nominees

Now we all have our preferences when it comes to a political leader, and lately the Democrats have been having debates. Even I being a Canadian have a favorite. You see, since the United states is a world leader of countries, their influence, influences us all, especially since we are such close neighbors.

I live in Windsor,Ontario, which is a stones throw away from Detroit. In my younger years, I'm pretty sure I could have thrown a rock from this side of the Detroit river and it would have made it across to Detroit.

It seems that even Trump has a favorite Dem nominee, he set his sights on Bernie Sanders. Mainly, I believe, because he has it in his mind that he could beat him in the upcoming election. He seems to have promoted him at times, and that hasn't worked out for him.

Joe Biden has moved ahead with the Dem nomination, and I'm pretty sure that Trump is more than a little scared. he can call him sleepy Joe all he wants, but that doesn't make him any less of a threat to his presidential runner. I actually think a Sleepy Joe is what America needs now.

This Is Americas, and The Worlds Biggest Threat

Well, That Back Fired, Didn't It!

One of the things Trump is good at, is making faces and mocking people. This man even made fun of a handicapped man, it annoys me, and sickens me at the same time. Anyone who would do this, and is suppose to be a world leader? Come on trumpsters, smarten up.

Between mocking people, and stealing health care, building a wall, and stealing military funds to do it, charging the american tax payer for housing his secret service at HIS resort, Maralago or whatever it's called, hauling his daughter along on presidential visits for no reason, and using presidential visits to increase his pocket book, well, he's disgusting and a real grifter.

So yes, he is the threat to America, and the sooner he is out of office, the better!

His latest trip to India was more of a trip to increase his financial well being, apparently he has business interests there. Anything to line his pockets, he'll do it.

He was impeached for putting his political future ahead of country, wanting an investigation into a political opponent...Joe Biden. Well, that backfired on him, didn't it?


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