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Bill Clinton Says Why He is Not Happy With Obamacare and What Obama Needs to Do

Updated on January 23, 2014

Former President Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton
Former President Bill Clinton | Source

Bill Clinton

video screen capture of Bill Clinton
video screen capture of Bill Clinton | Source

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Magazine OZY Interview with Bill Clinton

Carlos Watson from the magazine, OZY, sat down with former President Bill Clinton in a candid interview about his thoughts on Obamacare. Let's give you a hint: He ain't happy with the current Obamacare disaster (in his own words).

Part 1 of the OZY Interview

In part one of the interview, Bill Clinton shares that he learned a great deal of advice and looked up to Nelson Mandela as a leader. He also learned from the prime minister of Israel - Yitzhak Rabin, and the chancellor of Germany - Helmut Kohl.

Part 2 of the OZY Interview

Bill Clinton Shares the 3 Problems with the Obamacare Situation:

  1. Obamacare's website problems are similar to President Bush's Medicare drug benefit rollout in 2006. They were both considered disasters, and is optimistic that Obamacare's website failure will be fixed in the same manner that the "Bush Medicare issues" were resolved.
  2. Governors that have opted out of the healthcare law's Medicaid provision will see some working individuals (between 133 - 400% of the federal poverty level) are able to buy insurance at lower premiums, while working individuals under 133% of the federal poverty level will have no coverage. Bill Clinton says, "For the states that opted out, there's nothing the federal government can do." Bill Clinton believes these states will "flip" and come on board to the Medicaid provision when they see how expensive this is for hospital emergency rooms (citing Michigan and Ohio as states that have since come on board).
  3. President Obama needs to deliver on his promise when he stated: "If you like what you've got, you can keep it." This would require a change in the healthcare law by President Obama. Bill Clinton goes on to say, "I personally believe, even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to these people and let them keep what they got."

Ultimately, Bill Clinton believes the country is better off with the Affordable Care Act than without it.

As a result of this interview, press secretary Jay Carney said in a White House press briefing that President Obama agrees with former President Bill Clinton's assessment of the healthcare law's problems and has given his aides the difficult task of fixing these problems.

Bill Clinton on Obamacare

User comment on Bill Clinton Interview

screen capture from commenter, 'nana4'
screen capture from commenter, 'nana4' | Source

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    • profile image

      sheilamyers 4 years ago

      Yes, part of the problem is the political system itself. I'd never want to trade what we have for a monarchy, dictatorship, or any other form of government. What I believe needs changed is the people sitting in office. Maybe having fresh blood in there would make a difference. But who knows?

    • zeke2100 profile image

      zeke2100 4 years ago

      I think you are right, sheila. Not everyone will benefit, but everyone who pays taxes will foot the bill.

      I think every American should be able to choose if he or she wants to pay for things such as this. The only problem is that the other side would then say, "Then nobody would pay for it."

      The only way these programs can work is if everyone is forced to pay for it. It only takes 51% (or in Obama's case 53%) of the people to force the rest into paying for these things.

      I think something needs to be improved with our political system and Americans should be able to choose on an individual basis what they want to support or not with their tax dollars.

    • profile image

      sheilamyers 4 years ago

      I do think there are people who will benefit from the Affordable Health Care Act - those who are at or below the poverty level. However, those above that line are the losers. Who pays for the more affordable health care? The answer is the people who already have insurance as our rates keep going up to help cover the cost. To fix what's broken with this act is more than a website. It needs to protect everyone.