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Bombarding Ill-Defined Military Targets in Yemen Causes Calamitous Loses Among Civilians

Updated on November 22, 2015
Dangers of Targeting Military Locations in Overpopulated Residential Areas in Sana'a City
Dangers of Targeting Military Locations in Overpopulated Residential Areas in Sana'a City | Source

Facts about Sana'a City

Area: 2,144 mi²
Population: 1.937 million
Elevation: 2,253 m over sea level
Longitude: 44.206670
Latitude: 15.354720
Other information: Sanaa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site


The Ancient City of Sana'a, Yemen

Living in a very ancient city like Sana’a city—built by Shem; the eldest son of Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) according to the historic tales—is an extraordinary thing for any person and an experiment cannot be repeated again. In this city which is the capital city of Yemen, you can remarkably breathe the redolence of history in every part of its areas such as markets, architectures, mosques, alleys, divans, tombs of religious characters, and also old steam baths. At the same time, the city is crowded, has narrow quarters, has adjacent houses, and has density of population living in its overcrowded residential quarters. During the bygone days, Sana’a city was vibrant and had events in many of its parts all over the year but now—under the current civil war—you would expect only a dark city which is really empty of life. The same descriptions can be given to many other cities scattered all over Yemen that have similar overcrowded residential areas and similar ancient sites.

Coalition Forces' Air Strikes and Ill-defined Targets in Residential Areas - Sana'a
Coalition Forces' Air Strikes and Ill-defined Targets in Residential Areas - Sana'a | Source

Sufferance of Civilians and Families from Bombarding

Calamitous Events of Ill-defined Military Targets

Having a potential military target for the continuous Saudi-led coalition’s air strikes among these quarters teeming with many people and civilians forms a horrible thing. We have read in diverse newspapers and heard in the media about the coalitions’ several air strikes on the Houthis’ targets amid these residential quarters during the last period of the war. Unfortunately, the percentage of ill-defined and imprecise bombarding for these targets was noticeable and many houses and other civil targets in residential areas were instead bombarded by the aircrafts of the coalition forces. Many civilians have been killed in their homes along with all the members of their families while they were sleeping, celebrating, gathering during meals, or even praying in different Yemeni cities. Some of those civilians were lucky to have only wounds or fractures or even demolished properties instead of direct death. Children, women, and also young people have bad and painful experiences during these incidents which create psychological torments and problems in their mentalities lasting for a long time.


Should Yemeni Civilians Look for Other Safer Places to Live in Even Outside the Country?

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What are the main tragic consequences for such imprecise shelling?

All of these tragic incidents have pushed civilians to tentatively abandon their houses and other properties located in overpopulated quarters and slums in Yemeni cities. They compellingly emigrate and search instead for safer places and areas to stay in which are far away of any possible target for the coalition forces’ daily raids and bombardments. These targets on land—which have sheer military characteristics—could be for example residencies, camps, sovereign ministries, airports, harbors, military bases or factories, and other military locations scattered in the dense and overcrowded quarters comprising major Yemeni cities including Sana’a city.

It is clear to say that the responsibility for having dozens of killed, wounded, and disabled innocent civilians—because of only staying in their houses or works during the time of air strikes and bombardments—should be shared by all parts taking part in the current war either from inside or outside the country. Each part also should show more respect for those civilians who sacrifice freely their souls. This could be because of having a destiny that has imposed on them living or working or acting in places that are close enough to one of these plentiful military targets in the Yemeni cities. It is the terrified war occurring in this ancient city and in this tolerated country which destroys without distinction everything beautiful and decent it contains.


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