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Boris: Wades in Rule Britannia Lack of Lyrics.

Updated on August 26, 2020

With the BBC not allowing singers to sing the lyrics, to 'Rule Britannia', Prime Minister, Boris Johnson waded in. Johnson wasted no time in condemning the BBC's decision. Boris described the decision as "wet" and said we need to get over our "recriminations" of the past, towards British history. Boris said, he needed to get this anger and frustration over the decision "off his chest".

The BBC is believed to have dropped the lyrics because of references to "Britons will never be slaves". The song refers to the British Empire and British imperialism. In the current climate of 'Black Lives Matter' and alleged racism and ill-treatment of blacks people, this song has become a no-no.

We all know the history of blacks in Africa, being taken as slaves to the Americas or Europe. How these people, ripped from their homes, were treated little better than animals. In fact, the slave owners thought that their black slaves were little better than animals. Unfortunately, there are those even today, who think blacks are little better than animals and closer to apes than whites.

Black Lives Matter has a point and is right to point out the historical and modern abuses of black people. However, there are more extreme elements in the group. These groups are telling wider society to take down statues, etc that refer to the days of slavery. BLM on its website says it wants to end 'White Supremacy' and de-fund the police. In telling people what we can and can't look at, some have described BLM as a movement akin to an authoritarian group, with menacing motives.

So is Boris right to attack the BBC, for fear of offending certain people with songs like "Rule Britannia" and "Land of Hope and Glory". In a with a sense yes, whether you agree with our history or not, it happened. We cannot exactly go back in time to alter what happened or lecture people back then, how wrong they were.

It's easy, to judge past times and past people through the eyes we have today. We all know, the British Empire was not the best enterprise on the planet. Like all empires, there were good things about it and there were bad things. Does the question have to be asked? Are our times any better? We have slavery today, thought not state-sanctioned, look at people traffickers, in various parts of the world.

You can be patriotic and be proud of being British, and yet, understand the wrongdoings of our history too. It is thought, by some, that Labour lost the election last year, because of its lack of patriotism. As well as its muddled Brexit policy.which lost its traditional Labour heartlands in parts of the UK. Sir Keir Starmer, who many lefties in Labour regard as a right-wing Blairite, says Labour has to address patriotism.

Sir Kier has proposed that Labour embrace British patriotism. Sir Keir, has gone even further and said, he is proud to be Labour leader and proud to be British.

Business Secretary, Alok Sharma, has said the lyrics should be shown on the screen as subtitles. Lord Adonis, Labour Peer has also, said, he cannot see what the fuss is about.

The subject of British history has become a hot potato for some. For the right, many on this side, of the political spectrum, embrace and are proud of our history. For the left, the reverse is true.

In the 21st Century, we should be proud of our history and at the same time, understand the wrongs that were done also.


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