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Brexit and Independence: a myth in progress

Updated on July 1, 2019
UK government says it cannot dissolve the Union
UK government says it cannot dissolve the Union

Self fulfilling Prophecies

A seeress predicted the death of the god Baldur. His mother Frigg asked everything in the universe to promise not to harm Baldur. But she overlooked the mistletoe and the trickster god Loki used it to bring about Baldur’s death.

Had she done nothing the prophecy might not have come true.

Oedipus, it was prophesied, would kill his father and marry his mother and his efforts to prevent this coming true brought it about.

It was prophesied the wolf Fenris would cause great problems for the gods so they bound him by trickery. When he broke loose the prophecy came true.

Had they done nothing the prophecy might not have come true.

The Unionist parties, especially the Tories, are petrified by prophecies of Scottish Independence but all their actions seem to be bringing it closer. The only reason that support for independence has not hit the roof is that Boris Johnson, master of Hubris, is not yet Prime Minister and a no-deal Brexit has not happened.

Brexit or the UK

The pressure to break up the UK comes from the Brexiteers, boosted by the results of the European elections that indicate the serious prospect of a Tory-Brexit party alliance if Brexit is cancelled or delayed till after the next election, or another Liberal-Tory alliance, if not a unionist liberal government if Brexit goes ahead.

Even England is becoming skeptical about the value of the United Kingdom and Cornwall is stirring. In Wales Independence is on the agenda and Northern Ireland is more likely than ever to go independent or request to join Ireland.

The volume of English voices calling for English Independence (Brexit and the end of the Union) is getting louder and louder and there are more and more calls for Scotland to “just go” on social media.

Boris Johnson would drop Scotland in an instant

The leading candidate for the next (unelected) Prime Minister has publicly stated that Westminster is an English only parliament. Perhaps this was a careless statement from Mr Pound-spent-in Croydon-worth more-than-a-pound-spent-in-Scotland Johnson. Or perhaps it was deliberate. Boris Johnson is not to be underestimated when it comes to self promotion.

Mr Johnson claims publishing a poem recommending the extermination ( A final solution?) of the Scottish race, echoing the 15th Century John of Fordum, who claimed that lowland Scots, being “Teutonic” were superior to the Gaels of the North. It is more likely that the poem reflects his personal views, especially as he managed to avoid visiting Scotland.

There seems to have been a a mainstream media shift away from opposition to Independence recently. Perhaps this reflects opposition to Brexit. It would be nice to think the Mainstream media are preparing to split up the UK in order to proceed with a Brexit for which the UK voted by a paper thin majority (but England alone registered a convincing majority in favour of leaving).

And why not? Scotland is of no political value to Tories or Labour. Its economic value, according to Westminster, is negative and its strategic value may not be increasing but decreasing.

How the United Kingdom Might End

One problem is Westminster has said only the Scottish people have the power to dissolve the union. So they have to get Scotland to leave. How can they do this?

First they do what they can to boost support for Independence: their actions and (probably genuine) contempt for Scotland are doing this already. Second, after Brexit they can declare a state of emergency and suspend Holyrood indefinitely, causing independence support to rocket. Third they declare a referendum with two carefully phrased questions

1. Should we preserve the union and rejoin the EU

2. Should we dissolve the Union and leave the EU.

And campaign making it clear the choice is between Brexit and the Union.

Of course, it may not play out like this. But I will just repeat the speech I put into the mouth of Teresa May after the 2016 referendum

It has become clear since 2014 that Scotland cannot abide democracy. Since that fateful night the SNP have continually defied the settled will of the remainder of the UK and persisted in pursuing the will of the wisp dream of independence. Now they have blocked the settled will of the remainder of the UK by vetoing the triggering of Article 50. Remembering that the term Unionist in the name of our party refers to the union with Northern Island, not with Scotland we have, regrettably come to the parting of the ways after more than three hundred years. I have used the Royal Prerogative to repeal the Acts of Union of 1707, following discussions with the opposition who agree this is the best for all concerned. Scotland must now make her way friendless and poor in a harsh world. I will be meeting the First Minister in the next few days to try and negotiate transitional arrangements and the least painful settlement possible. We wish Scotland all the Best in the future and will now concentrate on negotiations with the EU on severance of our relationship. On the positive side we can look forward to an era of strong government in which no party need rely on the Scottish National Party to form a majority and we can rebuild the unity of the remainder of the United Kingdom.

Which translates as

The Jocks are holding up Brexit and damaging my chances of being an elected Prime Minister in 2020. I talked to Labour and they are as fed up with them as we are having finally realised they will not get back in power there till the present generation are dead and buried – or equivalently in the House of Lords. Using the Royal prerogative stops the dinosaurs keeping this pain in the butt in our butt. Getting rid of the Scots means Labour will find it almost impossible to gain power, which they actually prefer, and we can do what we like. I will negotiate a settlement that keeps Trident well away from safe Tory seats in England, perhaps in Wales or Cornwall. We will of course try to grab as much of the oil as possible while sticking a stiff import tariff on Whisky, Haggis, Teacakes and shortbread.

Boris Johnson’s speech will, if it happens, be a lot closer to the translation.

I have no idea what will happen but I suspect there is a growing appetite in England for Scottish Independence and we are being softened up for it.

Or the myths of Baldur’s death, Oedipus tragic life and Fenris Wolf are playing out again today.

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