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Bullying is no Laughing matter

Updated on April 29, 2012

Look at her face its so ugly. Did you hear about that slut? Shhh here she comes stop talking about her. 8 out of 10 kids are bullied in schools today. Words like this are hurtful and painful to a child who has no friends or from people who they think are their friends.

I was never made fun of at school as a child. I always managed to be part of the popular crowd, The crowd of kids who did the bullying. But I always managed to be friends with all of the other kids in my school. I never picked on anyone or made of anyone base don their size, color, gender or location. I always managed to say hi to everyone or make a friend if I didn't know them.

Bullying today is the top reason most people commit suicide not only in the US but around the world. To be told that you are no good, or you are ugly or different from someone has a lasting affect on a persons feelings. It has become a tidal wave of epic proportions. Children and adults alike are being robbed of their self esteem being isolated from society and even prompting health issues and acts of suicide. Those who are often singled out because they are perceived as being different from everyone else based on their size, sexual orientation. clothes, intellect, or even religious beliefs

.One of the most hurtful forms of bullying in todays society is cyberbullying. People today are using modern technology such as cell phones, computers along with social sites to communicate hurtful and mean messsages including embarassing pictures.

We as a society of adults need to be aware of bullying as a whole and take action to prevent this from happening and stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves. Report any type of bullying to local authorities, web providers or even to parents of kids who are behind the bullying. You have nothing to lose by standing up to bullying and bullies.


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    • profile image

      Kala Workman 5 years ago

      Very well written. Please parents as you read this don't just assume this doesn't apply to you. Most the time the child will not come to the parent for fear of rejection or feelings of disappointment or humiliation. Think about it. How can you let your mom or dad down like that? Parents you need to take a proactive approach to your child's inner well being. It isnt spying to monitor your child's social network sites (granted most teenagers have ways to hide their stuff). Dont be afraid to ask if you see something questionable.

      This is to the parents of the bully,

      Please it isn't just a kid phase. Words really do hurt. It can create such a wound inside their spirit that may never heal. It is not only wrong its illegal. In this situation I would say monitor your kids social network sites. If you see trash talk nip it in the bud right there. Don't let them.

      Thank you Kris for bringing this monster of a discussion to light. This is never an easy subject to discuss but it needs to be discussed.