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Crimes against Humanity: GLBT Discrimination, Child Abuse & GMO foods.

Updated on January 4, 2014

We are all just a part of the herd

herd of sheep
herd of sheep | Source
herd of cattle
herd of cattle
a herd of angry humans
a herd of angry humans

Crimes against humanity

People are nothing more than chattel that belong to the wealthy and religious leaders.

They are to used as slaves, and serve the masters of our lives without question.

Is this the true destiny of the majority of humanity - to simply be part of the herd?

Crimes Against Humanity - The American Way.

  • Who is responsible for them?
  • Is one crime against humanity OK when another warrants punishment?
  • Is crime against humanity OK as long as it is obscure?
  • Can crimes against humanity be OK if sanctioned by our government or religion?

There should never be any distinction between such crimes against humanity. None are justified, and none should ever be allowed, or tolerated.

Dictionary defines crime against humanity as:

an atrocity (as extermination or enslavement) that is directed against an entire population, or part of a population, on specious grounds and without regard to individual guilt or responsibility even on such grounds.

Specious grounds

'having deceptive attraction or allure - having a false look of truth or genuineness.'

Why do we, as a people, make rules for something - then turn our faces away when religion or government breaks those laws so blatantly on a perpetual basis?

This law regarding Crimes against Humanity was enacted circa 1945 and we all know why. (hint: Germans vs Jews)

And yet, here we are today witnessing several separate sets of crimes against humanity currently being perpetuated against the people, and many voicing their opinions that it is OK, as long as it does not effect the majority. But worst of all, it is sanctioned by the majority because they are perpetrated by religious entities.

These crimes are sanctioned by the religious community, our government, and an indifferent and uncaring majority of the people. This was the very reason our constitution specifies that the majority must not be allowed to pass any laws that discriminate against any minority in this country.

GMO atrocities

Example number 1:

Genetic engineering (gene splicing).

Allowing food manufacturers to alter the foods we eat, at a genetic level, without having to tell the people what is being done to them.

Laws that our Government passed that half - heartedly protected the public, were unilaterally changed between the years of 2000-2008, to give food manufacturing (big business) the right to do this at will, without any warning to the people. These changes also give them the right not to label their products with all the ingredients, or the country of origin.

Their rationale?

A. If the public knew that these genetically altered foods were coming from 3rd world countries, they probably would not buy them
(this was to protect China's imports - cheaper food, less manufacturing restrictions and greater profits). All at the expense of public safety.

B. The fact that possible risks of side effects from eating foods altered at the genetic level is unknown, was insignificant, in the eyes of big business.

There was no need to 'scare' people when the profits far out weighed those possible risks.

The reason being that, in the event there might be side effects, they would not present themselves until the next generation, or two.

At which time a brief apology followed by 20 years of debate would remedy the repercussions.

As we well know, paying off a scientist to say " GMO foods are safe" and "nothing would happen" by ingesting them, and the FDA for allowing it, does not make it scientific fact.

So, our families and our children are actually the human guinea pigs for this 'little experiment' in big profit marketing.

Their justification?

To be able to produce 'bigger' and 'better' crops to feed the increasing demands of our ever growing population on the planet.

After all, we can't have the pro-lifers getting pissed of by suggesting we limit the population growth.

This group (pro-lifers) are being manipulated and "used" by big business to fight for their right to experiment on the people. Way to go Pro Lifers!!

Extermination by religious decree

Extermination of a sub culture

Example number 2:

The second crime against humanity is the attempt to desecrate (annihilate) an entire sub culture based on religious laws that are absurd, ignorant and antiquated.

Do these reasons justify these crimes against humanity?

Why were we so appalled at how the Germans tried to exterminate the Jewish people when we are doing the same thing?

Is it OK because 'gay' people are of lesser value than the Jewish people, or the subcultures being eradicated in Africa because they are poor and black, or because they too are of lesser value than the Jewish community?

Christians have been exterminating their enemies for centuries. Is this OK because they are doing it in God's name, for more power and more control over the masses.

Talk about double standards!! Christians are being manipulated and 'used' to create a diversion, not because their cause is just, but to make such a controversial smoke screen that big businesses, government corrupters and religious zealots can do their dirty work behind that smoke screen and get away with it unseen, or unnoticed, by the unwary and easily fooled American public.

Emotional trauma

Should we continue to Lie to Children? Is this child abuse?

Societal sanctioning of massive child abuse

Example number 3:

A. The wide spread abuse of the children of this world by religious factions. The blatantly vile brainwashing techniques that are forced on the children is truly an atrocity and should be addressed immediately.

When religion is "taught" to children it is done so in a way that is extremely harmful to those young minds.

We do not reach the age of reasoning until well after the age of 7. So, what happens when a child is bombarded with erroneous and frightening stuff for the first 7 years of their lives?

B. On one hand they are mentally abused by words of hatred, bigotry, intolerance, unfounded guilt, and threats of unsubstantiated horrible punishments after death, and extreme fear of the unknown. (A wrathful God of little or no mercy).

On the other hand they are taught that they should be kind, loving, empathetic, etc..., all the while witnessing their parents, teachers, religious leaders with their sermons of gloom and doom for the fate of their souls, and for the fate of humanity, if they do not conform to what ever those standards might be that are set down by a church that is more interested in collecting their 'tithes' than they are in showing what they actually preach, by example.

The Business of "Control" over the people

Effects of these crimes on society

These double standards are the root cause of most neurotic and psychotic disorders, and may be the triggering factor in the development of sociopathic, or psychopathic, and schizophrenic personalities (including the phenomena of 'split personalities').

And yet, we continue to perpetrate (and perpetuate) this abuse onto the children that we profess to love so much.

This is far beyond my comprehension.

It is well known today, that most adult 'abusers' were themselves abused as children, and those formative years before the age of reasoning are the most crucial in the growth and development of healthy adults.

Is this OK, because they are being taught what we were taught; with such ideas so frightening that even as adults we dare not question their veracity or validity for that fear of eternal punishment?.

Come on people, get real. Get some education. Get some logic. Learn how to rationalize, categorize, and compartmentalize, the information that we have received throughout our lives.

The reality of all this childhood indoctrination is that religion is the basic necessity for control over the masses of people by the government, and by those religious 'businesses' that spread these untruths, based on their own misguided beliefs.

This same process is being used today by the few controlling wealthy in our society to corral the people into the belief that corporate America is the answer to all of our problems.

When, in fact, they are as guilty of emotional, mental, and financial abuse as any other controlling factor is, or has ever been. They are actually the root cause of the detrimental world conditions we are experiencing today.

We are no more than a world of fools, duped by our very religions and governments that should be protecting us, instead of controlling us like one would herd their sheep or cattle.

And when any group of people (or individual) is a threat to this process, they simply exterminate them.

And we dare to call ourselves civilized.

by: d.william 11/02/10


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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 7 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks you so much for stopping by and reading. Your comments are correct, profound, and echo the majority of people, yet this travesty continues because of the few self righteous in authority. Shame on us for allowing this to continue.

    • Denny Lyon profile image

      Denny Lyon 7 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

      "Why do we, as a people, make rules for something - then turn our faces when it is committed blatantly on a perpetual basis?"

      Answer: Follow the money of Big Business buying up politicians. This practice holds for centuries in every nation throughout the world.

      Until the average person refuses to give their authority, their vote, to this practice, will the corruption abate. Unfortunately, as long as there are weak people willing to be purchased for use as political puppets and greedy people willing to buy them, the cycle continues. And that's why every few hundred years we historical witness Peoples' Revolutions.

    • Wintermyst profile image

      Wintermyst 7 years ago

      Well written piece. You made some valid points.

    • profile image

      Old Empresario 7 years ago

      I think you hit the nail on the head regarding the genetic engineering of our food. At the end of the day we have federal agencies, like the FDA, that are supposed to protect us from naked capitalism. Our corrupt government has failed us again in the field of regulation.

    • d.william profile image

      d.william 7 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for your comments. Although i agree with you in that there is a lot of bad things happening to good people around the globe, my convictions to my fellow Americans take priority. When this government allows the abuse of its citizens and shuns even a few of the people and no-one seems to care, this is a personal affront on my core beliefs that all americans are entitled to equality under our constitution. I have no say in what goes on in other countries, but when this government neglects and even condones non-equality, and abuse, based on their religious beliefs, for any of U.S. citizens i feel it is my duty to call attention to that crime against humanity in this country. You may think that there are people in this country that are of lesser value than yourself, this is your own personal opinion about yourself, and you are certainly entitled to believe it, but this does not make it so and it does not make it right. That kind of personal judgment is the reason for the (way too much) pain and suffering it causes to others.

    • profile image

      jeffduff 7 years ago

      I have no comment on your first topic, genetic engineering, but I do have a question about topic #2.

      I will grant you that American society is not as warm and accepting of homosexuality as it should be. I will also grant that there are a few other nations that are more accepting and encouraging of homosexuality, than America is today.

      Never the less, and despite your generally gloomy attitude, will you not admit that American society is much more tolerant of the GLBT community than it was even 30 years' ago? 50 years' ago? 100 years' ago?

      Will you not admit that a person of GLBT persuasion is far luckier to live in 2010 America, than those GLBT folk who live in the Middle East (excepting perhaps Israel), Africa (excepting perhaps South Africa) or Southeast Asia (excepting perhaps India or the Phillipines)?

      Your hub reminds me of pet complaint about the National Organization for Women: confusing priorities. NOW will wage a media war upon an American male politician who has (allegedly) groped a woman in the elevator. But, NOW rarely makes a peep when young Mexican girls are kidnapped into forced prostituition, when Arab women are executed for adulterous or lesbian relationships, when African girls are forced to have clitorectomies, or the fact that African-Americans have a far higher rate of abortions than white American women.

      I would think that you (or NOW) should save your strongest outrage to help defend the world's most vulnerable victims against the most terrible outrages?