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A Philosophical and Religious study of the Art of Manipulation.

Updated on April 16, 2014

Just who is teaching what to our children?

what is your child being taught?
what is your child being taught? | Source
American class rooms
American class rooms
Arab classrooms
Arab classrooms

The origins of the Art of Manipulation

Are you a true ''believer''?

Is your church, religion, or political group the ''true'' path for you?'

We are all victims of some kind of mind control at various times throughout our lifetimes.

Influences on the mind before the age of reasoning can be detrimental to your health and well being.

Using manipulation as a means of control.

This concept is as old as man's ability to think for himself.

Biblical writings and other scripts from the Ancient past show this innate ability being used to perfection.

Practice does make perfect and this perfection of the art of manipulation is noticeably present today both in religion and politics.

Loopholes and catch 22's are the order of the day, and are the direct results of the perfection of the Art of Manipulation. Fear and guilt are the paint brushes (tools) used to perfect the art in many ways, both the subtle and the overt.

The intent : to overpower the mind with overwhelming intensity and create a "catch 22" that lends itself to endless speculation and debate. It boggles the mind beyond rationality and the diminishes the ability of logical reasoning.

We have blindly underestimated the intelligence that prevailed in the past and make the assumption that we are smarter than our ancestors and believe that we are actually in control of our own destinies - when in fact we are not; and will never be, unless we recognize and correct this mind trap that holds us all prisoner to our unfounded fears and guilts.

catch 22 by definition:

  • 1. A problematic situation for which the only solution is denied by a circumstance inherent in the problem or by a rule
  • 2. An illogical, unreasonable, or senseless situation; a measure or policy whose effect is the opposite of what was intended; a situation presenting two equally undesirable alternatives
  • 3. a hidden difficulty or means of entrapment

The Antidote

Is there an antidote to reverse the catch 22 dilemma, or dichotomy? Yes there is. But the (catch 22) to obtaining and using that antidote is to accept that the catch 22 actually does exist and the willingness to face our lives and destinies on our own, without the crutch of our ingrained beliefs.

In other words - admit to ourselves that we have been wrongly taught for negative reasons - not for our total betterment.

The majority will cling to their beliefs, as if desperately clinging to a life raft in the middle of the ocean, because they are not strong enough to face their demons and confront what has been done to us and what we are going to do to the next generations to come.

The desire to control and manipulate the lives of others has been deeply implanted and rooted into our minds to the point of violent disagreements as to whether the problem exists at all.

The Catatonic life

It is hard wired into our very beings to accept this catatonic condition as if it were God's will. It is not (or rather cannot logically be so). It is the manipulation of those (humans) that would keep this "mind control" deeply hidden in our subconsciousness; for obvious reasons.

catatonic condition defined: A marked psycho-motor disturbance (or condition) that may involve stupor, mutism, negativism, rigidity (of thought), purposeless excitement and inappropriate or bizarre posturing (in this case when even considering the possibility of being caught in a catch 22 position regarding our basic beliefs). Characterized by a marked lack of movement, motivation, activity, expression, or desire to change our ingrained belief system - out of guilt and/or fear.

When we fight and argue about what is "right" and "moral" we are actually defending ourselves for possessing this catatonia of our spirit. I doubt that this was ever the intention of any altruistic or benevolent entity of the spirit world. If so, it is a negative state of mind for man - not one that is positive in any way. Unless one believes that man's lot in life is merely to be subjugated to the worship of an unseen, unknown entity.

Mind control

subjugation defined: to be under the total control of.

If this is so, then man was never meant to have any 'free will' at all and our very existence here is to provide selfish love and adoration to a spirit we can not see, hear, or even prove exists at all. So i will offer this subliminal thought for you to ponder:

  • And again, i say unto thee:
  • "What fools ye mortals be".
  • There are such wonders to behold,
  • it be a waste of time, to be told
  • the only reason for to live
  • is the adoration that we give.
  • Is our God such a fickle entity
  • that for this created thee and me?
  • If ye truly believe this epithet
  • then ye deserve all that ye get.
  • When the 'holy books' were written
  • by their very design be smitten
  • with the intent to appease the masses
  • and make us all behave as asses. (mules that is).

When the holy books were written their very design was to control the lives, thoughts and behaviors of others, by those who created them. The intelligence of those scribes has been grossly underestimated, as i previously stated.. When the words and edicts were penned to paper (or papyrus) the catch 22 concept was used to a perfection by the use of many "quotes" or "warnings" from God himself -

  • "those who disobey will be severely punished...
  • those who question these words of god will be punished....
  • those who blah, blah, blah...
  • etc, etc, etc..... ad infinitum (endlessly).

This very simple concept repeated a thousand times and in different ways, has been a very effective and powerful tool mightier than the sword. The populace of the times when they were written, was less educated and easily fooled by the writers.

The dumbing down of America

Ergo, therein lies the other concept being re-introduced to us today via the process of "the dumbing down of America". The less educated - the more gullible. Very simple concept and easily interjected into a society that values freedom and equality; and allows for the devaluation of education over the pursuit of wealth. As these are the main threats to the powers that be.

We are on the brink of an age of true enlightenment; and i fear that there are those who would sooner destroy humanity than to lose their grip on it.

My only hope for humanity is that we, as a global people, have reached our 'event horizon' (or the point of no return) and the inevitable direction is forward - not backward into those long gone dark ages of despair and hopelessness.

We can only hope.

by: d.william 09/29/2011

This Video Is What Happened to us Before reaching our Age of Reasoning


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