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Can Inland Security Do This?

Updated on July 27, 2011


Carry-On Baggage?
Carry-On Baggage?

Inland Security

On CNN yesterday, I heard a snippet of news.

This news I did not see repeated, nor can I find any reference to the incident on the web, none at all.

It was as if it was a mistake, yet I did not hear CNN apologize or try to rectify their error.

The news stated that a hunter wanting to fly, had gone to the ticket desk at an airport and his shotgun accidentally discharged, wounding the attendant.

It stated that the hunter would be in a little trouble. Not because he had a rifle in an airport, as hunters are supposedly allowed to take their rifles on planes.

He was in trouble because the weapon should not have been loaded.

This means that, if you are a hunter and probably fully paid up member of the NRA, you are permitted to take guns to the airport.

The report said the gun should not have been loaded, should not have been, how the heck could it have been?

This means a man was able to either walk into an airport with a loaded rifle or stood around an airport and loaded it.

To me, this is a big story as it makes me concerned as to just what homeland security is doing. Yet there is no follow up. Have homeland security gagged the press? Can they?

Obviously, if something concerned the safety of passengers they should be able to get a news blackout but to get one to cover their lapses is an abuse of their power.

Nibiru 2012


News blackouts seem to be a more common thing these days.

Last month there was, on the internet, an article entitled something like: NASA, latest news on the planet Nibiru. This is supposedly the planet X that some say will be in the vicinity of Earth in 2012.

Again, I would be interested in this story but all links to it had been removed. I went to science. com’s web site and there, there were the same titles but again all links had been cut. is a fairly respected site, if they had made a mistake; I think they would have removed the article title from their pages.


I have several questions about the above.

Firstly: are agencies being allowed to abuse their powers?

At the airport: Did this incident happen before or after the hunter had to remove his shoes? After all, I think that even terrorists are already aware that there are more people at an airport than there are on any one flight.

Lastly: If there is news about Nibiru, we should know. If it is good news, then it will stop the doomsday prophecies. If it is bad news and you do not want mass hysteria, consider this: There is probably nothing you can do to avoid what ever will happen and so at some time there will be hysteria, so lets deal with it because some one may have ideas that you don’t, perhaps there are other alternatives. The more people that know the problem, the more the chances there are of some one solving the problem.

Remember: Amateurs built the Ark, professionals built the Titanic.


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    • profile image

      Hxprof 6 years ago from Clearwater, Florida

      Good point about the 'news blackouts'. DHS is constantly in denial mode, ready at every moment to downplay security threats so that Americans as a whole remain in a blissful state of denial. The party continues until something goes BOOM!

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      You've got a point about the Titanic.Does seem that somebody dumb enough to bring a loaded gun to an airport is not responsible enough to handle firearms.