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Another Mans Freedom Fighter

Updated on July 14, 2011
London - IRA Aftermath
London - IRA Aftermath
Gerry Adams in the White House
Gerry Adams in the White House


The 12th July is celebrated in Northern Ireland. It is said to celebrate several things but prominent amongst them is the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.

The 12th is known as “Orange Day”.

William of Orange, born a Prince in the Netherlands and later becoming King William 111 of England, was a champion of the Protestant cause.

He recruited Scottish mercenaries to fight the Catholics in Ireland. He was successful in securing, what is now known as Northern Ireland or Ulster, under his Protestant rule.

After the wars these mercenaries settled in Northern Ireland but they were known as foreigners. Yet as mercenaries were not welcomed back in Scotland.

From around 1710, many of these Scots-Irish moved to the colonies of America. Here, many of them became “Mountain Men”, making good use of their abilities to survive in hostile surroundings.

It was the descendents of these mountain men that played a major part in the fight for Americas Independence. They were expert marksmen and adept in “hit and run” tactics. Perhaps the first “terrorist” warfare.

Later, due to famine conditions in parts of Europe, the Catholic Irish swarmed to America in their thousands.

Fast forward, to the 1960s. Troubles broke out in Northern Ireland, between the Catholics and the Protestants.

The Catholic, Irish Republican Army, the IRA, took this disruption to mainland England with terrorist attacks in Manchester, Birmingham, London and other cities including a mortar attack on No.10 Downing Street, the official residence of the Prime Minister.

The IRA was, in main part, financed by their political wing Sinn Fein.

Sinn Fein, in turn received most of its funding from the USA. The biggest collector of funds for Sinn Fein in the States was Gerry Adams, who was on many occasions invited to The White House, especially on St. Patrick’s Day.

Again, fast forward to 9/11. After a terrorist attack, on United States soil, the United States proclaims that all countries should declare a war on terrorism and no country should support terrorists groups in any fashion.

This was like an echo from when the United States finally gave equal rights to black Americans. It was then and only then, that they declared to the World that all men should be treated equally.

Human Trait

This is not meant as a condemnation of theUnited States, I just use it as an example of how the human mind works.

It is not always shown in such a large scale but hypocrisy is built into all of us, to some degree or other.

We are slow to learn but having learnt, we are quick to condemn those that haven’t yet. A good example would be that of many so called Christians, who say that they have been “reborn” and cannot see why everybody else doesn’t rush to be the same.

For many years we will do bad, believing it to be right. Then, when we finally realize that it was bad, cannot understand why others take so long. Although we realize we should, we rarely learn from others mistakes. We wait till we make the mistake ourselves, and then learn.

This trait has been inbred into us; it is part of our evolution.

My question is this:

If we recognize that our evolvement is going in a wrong direction, could we, and if we could, should we try and change it?

Are we preset on a course we cannot change, even if it were a course we knew would lead to our own destruction?

It is not only hypocrisy but also, greed, jealousy and vanity that have become our outstanding features, as a race. Even when we do charitable or other good deeds, it is too often just a mask we put on to cover the vanity of being seen to be doing more than others.


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