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Capitalism and Propaganda

Updated on March 2, 2013


Propaganda | Source


Is it, a supposed free market that keeps capitalism alive or is it propaganda?

One of the main factors of capitalism is that the crusaders of it will say if you are not a capitalist then you are a communist.

Ever since the Cold War, communism has been made to look like something more akin to Satanism than a cultural, economic concept.

The truth is that in life, nothing is so black and white.

Propaganda will have people believing that hard work equals wealth; it does not advertise that as well as hard work you must also have luck and most importantly a lack of consideration for those around you.

Capitalism, just like socialism, is dependent on a perfect world where the theory is not affected by the human factor.

The whole concept of capitalism is that a few elite will make great amounts of wealth and this wealth will automatically then overflow to reach the rest of the people.

Propaganda will say that for a country to prosper its people should save. These savings are given to the few to create more wealth and “the whole” prosper. So what happened when the people saved, the few messed up and the people had to see their tax dollars going into the banks so that their savings would be safe, devalued but safe?

Capitalism cannot fail, therefore when the wealthy move their money out of the country instead of letting it “naturally” spread to the rest, propaganda will have us believe that it is the fault of the workers, who are asking too much for their day of sweat. To make amends, pension funds, the old and the poor will have to learn to live more frugally but do not worry, it is only temporary.

The Dollar

Symbol of Capitalism?
Symbol of Capitalism? | Source


Propaganda would have people believe that capitalism equals democracy when, in reality the opposite is probably more correct.

The capitalist political system, especially a two party system where both parties believe in the capitalist dream, will always be biased in favor of the wealthy minority. This is particularly true when the wealthy minority is able to financially install who represents each party in Presidential elections.

A true democracy would be when a wealthy minority have less say than the poor majority, a situation that is perhaps unattainable in a capitalist society.


I am not promoting socialism, I am merely pointing out the shortfalls of capitalism and its dependency on propaganda.

The truth is that both capitalism and socialism, as theories, are good. Theories however, do not take into account the human factor, mainly that of greed.

The wealthy elite of capitalism rose on the backs of propaganda, such as “better dead than red”, having people believe that they should do as they are told or be considered a communist. Now they are using the same kind of propaganda to secure their wealth. This time it is again based on patriotism but is trying to convince the masses that Muslims are the source of their woes. Give your money to the war effort so that the government can give the money to the wealthy who are contractors in the war effort.

Once again it is a two edged sword. You give your tax dollar to the government, so that they can afford to send you abroad to fight for the dollar in your bank that is being sent somewhere else abroad by the wealthy. On your return you will be informed your dollar saved is worth less because the government compassionately paid for the burial of your comrade in arms. The wealthy “compassionately” paid their own money transfers.

It is probably just as well that the wealthy do not physically take part in these conflicts, as the government would have to pay for their “First Class” transport to the sight of conflict and that would cause more expense on the honest, hardworking taxpayer or beleaguered pensioner.

Is it democracy or propaganda that keeps the wealthy, wealthy?


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    • Jewel01 profile image

      Julie Buchanan 5 years ago from Michigan

      From a Protestant viewpoint, it was this religion that held if you were wealthy, you were blessed by God. Now really, who could go against God? I would be interested in knowing how the "WEALTHY" has served their country. It was and is the wealthy who profit from the death of a soldier, sent to a hell hole by our government, who is controlled by those with the wealth. Generally, the wealthy parents find a way to keep their little brats home, out of battle, away from war, and safe from harm. Now who owes who. We are and will continue to an Imperialist country, shameful I say. We do not want peace we want to dominate and control. If you have something we want, we will find a way to take it from you. This is not just a patriotic stance but an individual belief that many Americans live by. We are more than willing to profit over the loss of someone else. Like they say it's a dog eat dog world out there. I realize I come a little late to the post, but I figured I would just put my 2 cents in, anyway.

    • pramodgokhale profile image

      pramodgokhale 5 years ago from Pune( India)


      in this century media is powerful tool in the hands of Corporates and so

      use and misuse is a practice. no one can stop.large corporations under

      collective leadership have created wonders in science and technology,

      Every business is profit oriented and that is capitalism.

      In this century , globalization process is going on rapidly and entire globe is in transition and outdated systems are getting dismantled,

      MNC gambles on technology , so it is necessary for government to help.

      Capitalism and Communism both have greed and Imperialism in new form emerged.For any ism regulation and a few restrictions are necessary by governments.

      Critic just to express anything without proofs and ignoring creativity and productivity,

      pramod gokhale

    • Georgelower profile image

      Georgelower 6 years ago

      The argument that capitalism "works" is really an incomplete understanding. In my opinion capitalism works and works well when other certain cultural conditions are met. First, capitalism works well when there is a moral foundation that prevents excesses. For example what is commonly referred to as the "Protestant work ethic" tends to also look favorably on private charity and promotes the notion that those who have been successful owe it society to be productive and charitable with their wealth. Second, capitalism works well when there is a strong impartial justice system that allows grievances to be aired without regard to wealth or social status. Third capitalism works well when governmental policies are implemented that allow workers to negotiate with employers on equal footing. This allows capitalism to operate within a moral framework where the middle class flourishes. When any one of these conditions is eroded capitalism tends to move in a direction that is repressive to both individual freedom and the middle class...we have terms such as "crony capitalism" and "robber baron" to describe those conditions. The point is that capitalism is just as suceptible to corruption as any other "ism" that man has created.

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      In Britain, Socialism has been the only doctrine that achieved some sort of...I was going to say "equality," but that would be exaggeration. "Moderation" might be a truer annalysis of what socialism has done, in that it produced a minimum wage and decent conditions, etc., for the work-force, and a powerful administration - Labour - that takes its turn with the Tories.

      Only over the last 20 or so years has the Left (Labour) swung so far to the center it is indisguishable from the Right Wing policy.

      The great (and tragic) equalizer has been the staffing of all politics by Oxbridge graduates who employ the "Buddy System" to produce this self-perpetuating elite which sees itself and its pals as deserving of the lion's share of the spoils of business..

      This is Capitalism gone astray again and may be about to be reeled-in by action of the people who have reached the end of their tether, both psychologically and acually.


    • Georgelower profile image

      Georgelower 6 years ago

      There are compelling argument in your assertion that socialism and simply another way to order economic activity rather than a divine mandate. It is instructive that when some people talk about capitalism that it seems to take on divine qualities and other 'isms" are viewed as ritually impure.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 6 years ago from America

      Interesting read...........I do howeve believe John McCain, Bush, and many others in the "WEALTHY" class have served their country and served well! Captialism works, Government failes every single time they interfere! Look at the Billions wasted on Green jobs, Look at the fact GM only sold 600 volts last year and the only reason it was made was because the Obama admin forced them, to receive bail out money............that they still haven't repaid!