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Censorship Denial Is All Smoke and Mirrors

Updated on May 3, 2016

Real Airplane Crash Site (MH17)

This is what a real airplane crash looks like.
This is what a real airplane crash looks like. | Source

Fake Crash Site (Flight 93 Shanksville)

Notice the difference between a real airplane crash site and one faked for public consumption.
Notice the difference between a real airplane crash site and one faked for public consumption. | Source


Because when censorship occurs most people aren't aware of it until years later, it happens all the time and no one knows about it. This article, Censorship Denial Is All Smoke and Mirrors, will show how the US Fake Stream Media engages in censorship of information on a daily basis. It will reveal why common sense, critical thinking and being observant can easily determine when information is being withheld from any story.

Let's take the recent airplane crash in the Ukraine which is in all the news. Picture after picture shows a huge debris field, smoldering engine parts, wheel gear, luggage, burnt fuselage and wing & tail parts, strewn across a wide area. The most recent stories speculate that 'officials' are desperately trying to destroy evidence and prevent a closer investigation.

While conspiracy theorist prattle on about who did what and when, the real smoking gun, is plain for all to see and yet America is in denial.

This tragedy is clear evidence of what a real airplane crash looks like. Consider for a moment, what the pictures of the plane crash in Pennsylvania on 9/11 looked like and compare it to this one in the Ukraine. The crash in Pa. was just a big hole with paper and other trash, no wheel parts, no steel engine parts, no wings or tail section, basically nothing to show that a plane even hit the ground.

The same holds true for the Pentagon, here we have the most heavily guarded building in the world, with numerous cameras and defense systems and yet a huge airliner supposedly hit it but left no parts behind, simply vanished into a hole? Consider the charred remains of the Ukraine aircraft and then remember that not even the grass surrounding the Pentagon was even burnt, smoldering or littered with aircraft parts, hello anybody home?

While we ponder the photographic evidence of what a real airliner looks like when it crashes straight down into the earth, let's remember that the title to this article is Censorship Denial Is All Smoke and Mirrors. What I'm mean by this is that for censorship to work the public must have their attention focused on another aspect of the story.

The majority of the publics attention has been centered on what country or terrorist group is to blame, what evidence points to a missile as the cause and the political fallout of the crash itself. This prevents the public from searching for the true motive for the plane crash and why it was shot down.

The majority of the public isn't even aware of who might have been on the plane and whether this could have been a factor into why this certain plane was targeted. Much like the Malaysian airliner that disappeared over the Pacific and still has not been found, the mystery is the focus not implications behind the mystery.

A little known fact to this crash is that at least twenty AIDS researchers were onboard on their way to a AIDS research convention in New Zealand. Why is this significant, because there is much speculation that a cure had been found which not only would affect the lives of millions of infected victims but would shut down a multi-billion dollar industry in research and treatment.

When searching for the truth always follow the money!

Crippling the billion dollar AIDS research and treatment industry is a big motive for murder on a grand scale, especially if it can be blamed on terrorists or rebel factions. So while the public is encouraged to be outraged over the killing of innocents by rebels or terrorist, the true motive for the 'accident' is covered up, this is a common tactic used to distract the public.

Truth Needs No Rehearsal

Reconstruction Poll

Have you ever wondered why both the crash in Shanksville, PA and at the Pentagon were never reconstructed by the NTSB?

See results

MH17 Real Airliner Crash

This is what a real airliner crash looks like.
This is what a real airliner crash looks like.

Destroying The Evidence

Let's consider the history of plane crashes investigated here in the USA since the creation of the (NTSB) National Transportation Safety Board in 1967. A common practice for investigators is the reconstruction of the planes involved in any crash as a means of determining how or why it crashed.

The NTSB used divers and dredges from the Coast Guard and US Navy to recover parts from the famous TWA Flight 800 Being 747 that exploded over Long Island Sound on July 17, 1996 to reconstruct the entire plane and consequently determine that a fuel tank caused the explosion. Most of the parts had sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic, hundreds of feet below the surface and yet they were recovered an painstakingly reassembled.

This practice was not used when trying to determine the cause of the crashes in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon. Because investigators initially determined that both were criminal acts, the Justice Department ordered the (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation to assume the lead investigative role. The NTSB provided technical and resource assistance only.

The question I would like answered is why both the airliner crashes at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania were not reconstructed so as to determine the exact nature of the crashes as has been done on every other plane crash in American history?

What needs to be understood is that all the so-called 'evidence' of 9/11 no longer exists, the metal and other debris of the Twin Towers were taken out of the country. The supposed airplane parts have never been reconstructed anywhere and may no longer exist, if they ever did. Even the videos and photographs concerning the airliner that hit the Pentagon have been confiscated by factions within the FBI and other U.S. Government agencies.

Airliner Fuselage

Does this airliner fuselage look like it could slice through the six inch steel beams of the Twin Towers, like a hot knife through butter?
Does this airliner fuselage look like it could slice through the six inch steel beams of the Twin Towers, like a hot knife through butter? | Source


Let's look at some interesting aspects of censorship concerning the 9/11 Hi-Jack terrorist plot that our own Government, still to this day, maintains as the truth for what unfolded that day.

  • Building Seven, a forty-two story skyscraper that didn't get hit by an airplane and only had minor office fires collapsed on its imprint in free fall, at 5:18 in the evening only a couple blocks from ground zero, why?
  • According to MIT and Boeing reports published in 2006 both airliners that hit the Twin Towers were flying faster than physically possible for either plane to achieve below 30,000 feet, how is this possible?
  • Hurricane Erin, bigger than the hurricane that destroyed New Orleans sat 70 miles off the coast of Long Island the day of 9/11 but was not reported by any TV News Station in America that day, why?
  • The U.S. Military was conducting exercises that simulated airliners being Hi-Jacked and flown into buildings and all fighter aircraft in and around New York were involved in these exercises, this is the excuse being used as to why our Air Force was not seen during the entire 9/11 fiasco.
  • At ground zero many cars blocks from ground zero caught on fire and yet the streets were littered with paper from both Twin towers collapsing, that weren't even burned, why?
  • Before the collapse of either tower hundreds of people were seen jumping from the buildings both above and below the burning floors. Why would anyone jump off a burning building when they could clearly see fire fighters below them ready to put out the fire and save them, knowing they would certainly die by jumping.
  • Why did paramedics describe these bodies as disintegrating upon impact like an overripe grape when evidence of suicide jumpers in the past clearly shows that the bodies simply are crushed and remain intact, not splattered with body parts flying in every direction?

This is just a small sampling of the many facts, data and information about 9/11 that has been censored from Fake Stream Media reports.

Suicide Jumper

This is the condition of a body after falling from the top of the Empire State building, notice  not even a drop of blood.
This is the condition of a body after falling from the top of the Empire State building, notice not even a drop of blood. | Source

Disinformation and Distraction

Both disinformation and distraction are tools used by Government's world wide when it is deemed necessary to mislead the public and confuse data on any subject matter which might be considered part of National Security.

These tactics are used to mislead the public from understanding or grasping information that could lead to embarrassing questions, civil unrest or unwanted attention about certain aspects of an investigation.

On 9/11 terrorist's were blamed from the very start, that very day, before a formal investigation had even started. This was broadcast in the media through talking heads, security experts and Government spokes-persons, from day one. Even our own President had fingered the culprits before the fires had been put out and while the Twin Towers still smoldered in a pile at ground zero.

By giving the public an outlet for their anger on that sad day of loss in America it distracted the public from the initial investigation. Most Americans simply assumed that a full investigation would be conducted and evidence would be sifted through with a fine tooth comb to determine exactly what happened. This was not done and the majority of the American public and many scientist, independent investigators and researchers didn't become aware of this until it was far too late and most of the evidence had been disposed of or vanished.

America was distracted with revenge, retribution and denial, all the while they were spoon fed through the Mainstream Media disinformation as to what exactly happened. A book was quickly written, published and released to the public to placate the masses known as the 9/11 Commission Report but anyone who has ever read this book knows that it was merely a bi-partisan fluff piece and complete propaganda, Building 7 wasn't even mentioned in this book.

This tactic of distraction set into motion the creation of a series of laws designed to take away the publics liberties but on the surface were touted as a way of enabling law enforcement the means to trace terrorist organizations.

These laws made it possible to eavesdrop on telephone conversations without a warrant or probable cause, to invade private citizens homes if they were labelled or suspected terrorist and to detain individuals indefinitely without a trial.

The disinformation surrounding 9/11 enabled the Government to convince the American people and popular opinion that to defend American Freedom, the United States should invade Afghanistan and eventually Iraq, without one shred of evidence that either country was involved in the attack.

This is how Censorship Denial Is All Smoke and Mirrors, and is used to distract, confuse and distort the facts to sway the public and other nations. Because censorship often takes years and sometimes even decades to discover most often the guilty parties involved in altering the story and evidence cannot be held responsibly for their crimes.

Censored Video

Creative Omission

You have to be down here in the States to realize just how tightly controlled the corporate media is and how much they practise Soviet-style censorship through creative omission.

Jello Biafra

Censored News Stories

Let's take a look at a wide range of censored News Stories over the last decade as a measure of how censorship works here in America and World wide. Remember to decipher the truth one can simply follow the money, as for the most part, it is the common denominator in all the censored stories that affect the public.

In 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported the long term affects mobile and wireless phones have on the health of the users. I lead with this story because when cell phones were first introduced to the public back in the 90s there were many reports that the radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs) were harmful and could cause cancer and brain tumors. After almost twenty years of research and data accumulation the WHO has determined wireless technology to be a human carcinogen and causes malignant brain tumors.

Corporate News Stations or the Fake Stream Media as I refer to them, fails to link the hundred's (over 450) of extreme weather events reported in 2014 to 'Climate Change'. This outright censorship defies common sense and credibility and provides even the highly skeptical readers with all the proof they will ever need that the Fake Stream Media censors your news.

In 2003 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that television news stations were not required by law to tell the public the truth, that they were essentially entertainment broadcasts and could make up the news anyway they saw fit. Not one Fake Stream Media outlet in the United States reported this ruling to the public.

In 2014, three former GE (General Electric) bankers charged with robbing public schools, nursing homes, hospitals and libraries of hundreds of millions of dollars over a decade long period had their convictions (2012) over turned on a technicality (statute of limitations) and were released from prison. All three of these convicted bankers have returned to Wall Street and work for top five hundred companies. Only three newspapers in the country reported this and no Fake Stream Media news station covered the story.

After the voting scandal in the 2000 Presidential Election in Florida, the public became increasingly dubious of the voting process. However what has been known for over fifty years is that exist polls have a less than 1% margin of error, so when exit polls had John Kerry winning by over 5 million votes in the 2004 Presidential Election, only to have Bush win by 3 million (a discrepancy of 8 million votes) the U.S. public lost all faith. This is proven by the fact that less than 20% of all registered voters turned out for the next Presidential Election in 2008, 16% to be exact. The Fake Stream Media simply failed to mention this to the public and not one television new station reported the widespread voting fraud.

For three straight years more U.S. servicemen and women commit suicide than die in combat related deaths, including illnesses and diseases, from 2009 to 2011. Top military brass are confused and perplexed by this growing trend and can't understand why this is happening. "If you think you know the one thing that causes people to commit suicide, please let us know,” Army Vice Chief of Staff General Peter Chiarelli told the Army Times, "because we don't know what it is." Again the Fake Stream Media refuses to report on this story and censors any information from public consumption.

The number one rated Censored News Story three years running is that of Chem-trails, which has been widely recognized unofficially to have begun in earnest in the 1990s however weather modification by the U.S. Government has been officially recognized for over 70 years. One has only to research the numerous Public Notices printed in newspapers across the country from 1930s until the present day to prove this. The 1968 book by a member of President Johnson's Science Advisory Committee, entitled Unless Peace Comes: A Scientific Forecast of New Weapons shows that by the 21st Century the military will have at its disposal four main weather or planetary weapons to use.

  • Climate modification;
  • Earthquake generation;
  • Tsunami generation and direction; and
  • Mass behavior control via electromagnetic manipulation of the ionosphere.

In the 2006 book, Weather Warfare, Jerry Smith explains that persistent contrails are not necessarily chem-trails, due to new technology created for jet engines for increased fuel efficiency. However he also explains that while contrails can be misidentified as chem-trails, this does not disprove the chem-trail theory.

“‘Chemtrails’ theory then, is that ‘normal’ jet aircraft contrails disappear in a few minutes, whereas ‘chemtrails’ persist for hours, and therefore are not ‘normal’ and must contain some covert element to make them persist…. Persistent jet contrails can be entirely explained by science without having to resort to a ‘conspiracy theory’ scenario. They appear to be no more than the natural result of the introduction of the hi-bypass turbo fan, improved jet fuel (JP-8) and ‘global warming.’”

While some may label Chem-trails as just another paranoid 'conspiracy theory' by delusional, tin foil hat wearers, living in Mom's basement with no job and no life, the rest of the world goes on living in the real world recognizing that all the censored news stories of the last twenty years proves that we live in a world where the rich elite rule the billions through knowledge, power and corruption.

These many stories listed above not only show that censorship is alive and well but prove that the public is being lied to by the very people we have entrusted to serve us as public servants. This is why it is so important for the public to learn to decipher the truth for themselves and not rely on television news broadcasts, the fake stream corporate owned media or scientist's bent on maintaining their lucrative life styles.


These trails are not from the normal flight paths airliners take when traveling across the country and suggest a grid like pattern of unnatural design.
These trails are not from the normal flight paths airliners take when traveling across the country and suggest a grid like pattern of unnatural design.

© 2014 somethgblue


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    • mybrianthe fixer profile image

      Brian 3 years ago from Northern Ireland sometimes feels like Earth

      I watched it live with my father and we both noticed the reaction of the guy in the BBC studio who seemed embarrassed and annoyed at the cockup, when the live feed was cut, then sheepishly looks lost for words.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 3 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Yeah I saw that video and was thinking it was a post recording but you may be right, the censorship is appalling.

    • mybrianthe fixer profile image

      Brian 3 years ago from Northern Ireland sometimes feels like Earth

      Hi blue another great hub, you said the BBC reported on building 7. Did you know that a female BBC reporter, reported live that building 7 had collapsed when you could clearly see building 7 over her left shoulder. Then the live feed was cut. I believe she was reading from a script provided to mainstream media and messed up on timing due to UK USA time difference. You can see this on YouTube sorry I don't have the link. Big up on this hub. Don't believe the bs TPTB tell us especially Bilderberg members.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      OK...great. Yes, please do! It's very disturbing to me that others may get the truth and we get scripted, contrived garbage. They don't trust us with the truth....because then they are totally exposed and that's not a good thing.....Sad, very sad.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 3 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      It was not reported on the evening news, so no one knew about it and it wasn't shown the next day or day after. Only BBC reported it and other foreign news stations, this is how the deception works.

      All of TV, especially the news is made up, scripted, faked, using actors, even murder, school shootings, accidents, floods and the list goes on and on.

      I will send you a link to a series of six 30 minute videos that will literally blow your mind and change your perception of TV News forever.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      blue....I got about 22 minutes into the 2 hr+ video and have stopped for rest & breathe. I am horrified by what I've heard from numerous engineers/experts in just those few minutes. Of course I will finish viewing it and re-reading your entire hub.

      I just had to comment here at this point. I'm even more upset that I knew nothing of this until this moment. Was I in too much of a state of shock & sadness at the time to hear even a single report of this Building 7 debacle? Possibly. I don't know. However, of all the news I have read and viewed, I recall no mention of or discussion concerning this.

      At this point, I have to question this. I don't even have the words to describe the incredulous nature of what these engineers are exposing.

      I did read your own hub on the 911 possibilities/theories and now feel I need to re-read that as well.

      I shall return. This gives shockingly new meaning to the ability to "wrap my brain around something." Paula

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 3 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I must apologize for leaving a comment on one of your hubs incomplete, I haven't checked it yet but realize that in the middle of composing a comment on one of your articles I got 'distracted' and didn't finish it however something must have posted.

      Yes, you know the Ferguson and NYC 'events' seem so contrived, designed and created specifically to engage Martial Law, start race riots and distract the public from the big picture.

      What I should have emphasized is that the human race is on the threshold of creating a new spiritual paradigm of peace and enlightenment and the Dark Cabal is doing everything in their power to create fear, chaos and mayhem to distract us from this grand achievement. However, I must say, that at least in my neck of the woods people are paying little attention to the chaos in NY and Ferguson and hopefully the nation will not buy into the fear and hype surrounding these events.

    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 3 years ago from USA

      "Disinformation and Distraction." It seems like that's what this world is built upon. That's why I don't believe anything I hear or read in the news reports. I constantly ask myself, "Is that what REALLY happened, or is that what they want us to believe?" THEY is the power behind the story. Information is "shared" or "omitted" depending on the desired outcome. You covered a very touchy topic with finesse. I hope people get the message loudly and clearly that they can't believe everything they hear in the news, let alone the internet.