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Censorship Lives In 2012

Updated on January 31, 2015

Censorship Lives

Having fun in Photoshop adds a little creativity to any Hub article.
Having fun in Photoshop adds a little creativity to any Hub article. | Source

NASA Photos of Banding on the Moon

This unusual banding pattern on the Moon has never been answered to my satisfaction and even censored from publication, why?
This unusual banding pattern on the Moon has never been answered to my satisfaction and even censored from publication, why? | Source

Hardly News!

The claim that Censorship Lives In 2012 is hardly what I would consider newsworthy however because I believe in synchronicity I felt it should be the subject for my fiftieth Hub Page article. The issue keeps coming up in my life and I would be remiss in my philosophy if I didn't address the topic. In this article I will explore the sensitive issue of censorship, why it is widely unrecognized and how we can bring the subject into public scrutiny.

I really enjoy writing for Hub Pages and although many might consider the subject matter that I write about to be radical, let me assure it isn't even close! My true belief's on many topics would shock most of my readers, even those that agree with me on some of my more unique topics and perspective.

Suffice to say when I did share my true beliefs on the subject of 9/11, I was kicked off YouTube for life, along with Gmail which is operated by Google.

I had been on the internet for less than a year when the truth behind the manner in which the events of September 11, 2001, became clear to me and try as I might I could find only one other person in Australia of all places that shared this 'truth' with me.

Since that time this 'evidence' has been kicked about on the internet and even some books on the subject have alluded to it, but no one to my knowledge has been bold enough to flat out spell it out on the Web or in a publication for public consumption. Judy Wood in her book Where Did The Towers Go ? comes close but even she backed away from clearly asserting the truth. I was naïve back then and didn't realize that The Powers That Be look for folks willing to speak the truth so they can be silenced.

Perhaps at a later time I may again reveal what I know on the subject but I no longer consider the event all that important and have moved on.

I do however believe the ongoing Polar Shift is important and perhaps I haven't been 'silenced' or censored on this subject because it is simple to unbelievable for most people to wrap their brains around. After all if the majority of the public cannot or will no admit that they have been deceived on other events they don't stand a chance or connected the dots on this subject.

The censorship on this subject is simple startling in its implications because what it amounts to is the complacent although indirect murder of millions.

Be that as it may, censorship affects us all directly and indirectly. For me I have learned that it is not my job to enlighten the masses and so I offer most of my topics as speculation. Do not get me wrong, all of my articles are meticulously researched and many if not all of the subject matter is not original thinking. So to be clear, I do not sit around trying to think up new topics to stun and surprise my readers but find these subjects in the massive amount of reading I do on a daily basis.

So without further speculation let's look at some censored stories that have affected us all, shall we . . .

NASA Serves as a Propaganda Tool

NASA soon became the favorite tool of the elite to spread disinformation and to divide public opinion. They are the originators of the fake Moon Landing theories and a whole host of other confounding theories designed to confuse the public. What better propaganda tool could the elite possible provide than an institution supposedly run by the public for the public.

A recent discovery of a statue found in a Moon rock brought back from the Apollo 11 mission clearly shows that NASA has known for at least forty years that there are cities and bases on the Moon, just not manmade cities or bases.

I'm talking of course about geologist Dr. Morris Charles revelation to the public in 2009 of the 200,000 year old 10 inch 'angel' sculpture smuggled out of NASA and shown to reporters and photographers. This statue depicting a humanoid female with wing like appendages is made of an iron compound found only on the Moon.

“The implications of this figurine are absolutely mind-boggling,” Dr. Charles told reporters. “It means that at one time the moon had an atmosphere conducive to life. And what’s more, it was once home to a sophisticated race of people with a highly refined sense of beauty.”

Of course NASA ( Never A Straight Answer ) denies its existence but many insiders confirm its authenticity.

NASA many failed attempts at explaining unusual space phenomenon, the multiple photographs from all over the world of Nibiru or Planet X and their many excuses for the unusual Moon and Sun settings and risings are just a few of the propaganda stories NASA has used to cover up the reasons for the Polar Shift.

Two Moons Get Real!

Recent article on the fact that the Earth has always had Two Moons is just another attempt at disinformation.
Recent article on the fact that the Earth has always had Two Moons is just another attempt at disinformation. | Source

Wikipedia's Deceptive Tactics

When researching two controversial subjects Pearl Harbor and the Polar Shift, I came across articles on Wikipedia that misquoted their sources and committed outright fraud to deceive their readers from the truth.

I found that these mistakes were repeated again and again in the articles using different language to create the same impression. This was done deliberately to portray a different conclusion for the reader.

Most readers would never check the source, the only reason I caught on was that I had read the original source material it came from. Wikipedia is a good source for word definitions and orthodox history, yet paints a different picture on controversial topics.

Censored Stories

One of the biggest censored stories mankind has dealt with in the last 100 years was how to keep the public in the dark as to the subject of Aliens. The Alien presence on Earth has been discredited since the later part of the 19th Century until now here in America, specifically for the purpose of control.

President Roosevelt was convinced that it was his duty to inform the public of their presence but was persuaded by a growing secret government to test the waters first. This lead to the now infamous reading of H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds by Orson Wells and the subsequent panic of the populace.

After WWII with the growing realization that Nibiru or Planet X would return in seventy years and create an Earth altering Polar Shift this secret government went about setting up plans to avoid this catastrophe while keeping a unsuspecting public in the dark.

Think tanks were created to address the problems (see Iron Mountain) and they concluded that the ever growing populace of the World would consume too many natural resources and had to be reduced by whatever means possible. So soon after a World War II, disease was seen as a viable option as the World was weary of War.

It was decided that all Third World countries would not be industrialized to keep their populations from exploding and to help ensure poverty and ultimately starvation. This would also help to spread diseases that were being carefully manufactured to affect only the undesirables such as AIDS and SARS.

When this didn't work as planned, civil strife, drugs and warfare were seen as a way of helping to curb growing populations and to continue to spread disease and death. The purpose behind this was to reduce the World's population by four billion so as to allow those remaining more than enough natural resources to survive the Earth Changes and to more easily control the remaining population.

Two other options were also planned by the elite to help ensure their survival. The first and for most of those was to set up colonies off planet built by taxpayers money for the rich and powerful. The second was to set up large underground cities if the first two options failed.

This was the true purpose behind the creation of NASA, to establish colonies on the Moon and Mars. When The Powers That Be realized to do this would almost certainly provide undeniable proof of Alien existence and the fact that they had been told in no uncertain terms that they would not be allowed off the planet, they sabatoged further missions (Apollo 13) and scrubbed the space colony plan altogether.

Their only recourse is to suffer the same fate as the rest of us or come clean. They still have their underground cities built under the guise of the Cold War scare but even these are now seen as a failure and nothing more than luxurious tombs. All they truly have left is censorship and they cling to it like drowning rats on a sinking ship.

They feel if the truth of their ultimate betrayal of their fellow man is ever found out there is no safe place they could hide and they are right, so they cling to the last of their fading power. When it becomes clear that the truth has been revealed I suspect you will see those that once were in power pointing the finger at their cohorts in crime.

Censorship is the last remaining power play they have and they truly fear the awakening public and the consequences of their greedy and deceitful actions.

Money Talks, BS Walks

When corporate Sponsors dictate the News you only get what they want you to see!
When corporate Sponsors dictate the News you only get what they want you to see! | Source

Censorship on Hub Pages

Has any of your Hub articles ever been censored?

See results

Forms of Censorship

When the mainstream media insist on reporting news on celebrities, sports and the latest murder in your neighborhood they are really using this type of journalism to refrain from reporting real news on issues that have been censored by advertisers, corporations and the powerful elite.

Often topics that are reported in the news overseas never makes the newspapers or TV Stations here in America. Most often any controversial topic if it makes the news at all in America will not be reported until days to weeks later. This tactic is often used when the story could portray America in an unfavorable light.

Wikipedia's definition; Censorship is the suppression of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient to the general body of people as determined by a government, media outlet, or other controlling body.

Many times a story will only be reported from one particular angle to deflect criticism and confuse the listeners or readers. Taking a quote out of context to sensationalize the story is a common tactic that is used so often to inflame the reader or listener is done knowing full well no one will bother to get the full quote.

Headlines in newspapers are often sensationalized knowing that the reader may well only read the headline, this is also done in subtext at the bottom of your TV set during broadcasts and is a form of subliminal censorship.

Often times suggestions at the end of a broadcast will be made to change the topic knowing that listeners will only remember the last thing said. These and many other tactics are used as a form of subliminal censorship.

Often times publishers will refuse to touch a topic of a controversial nature fearing reprisals and so many books have gone unpublished because of this. Even if they do get published the marketing and advertising of these books will fall way short and they will go unnoticed by the public. Many writers then turn towards the internet to get their material noticed.

The Terra Papers by Robert Morning Sky is one of these that has never been published.

Genesis For A New Space Age by John B. Leith is another that hasn't been published.

Final Judgement by Michael Collins Piper has been published but is not widely known.

The Infinite Harmony by Michael Hayes is published but out of print and very expensive.

Movies also are censored in this manner, as most often the movie industry is controlled by TPTB for the purpose of sending a specific message. Notice all of the Alien related movies in which the armed forces is involved in defeating the evil aliens, this is no accident.

Also the plethora of disaster and Extinction Level Events ( remember comet ELEnin) movies that have recently sprung up, but none on Polar Shift or Hollow Earth, coincidence hardly!

Still having fun in Photoshop!
Still having fun in Photoshop! | Source

The Censorship Debate

Here at Hub Pages we are afforded as writers the ability to fill in the gaps on news and information not covered by the mainstream media. I feel it is my duty as a writer to present these topics in a manner that offers the reader the ability to debate the subject matter.

Many other writers here on Hub Pages offer their unique perspectives as well and some of my favorites are Rafken, Sparkster, Rob Schneider, RighterOne and GoGreenTips, Rehana Stormme and Jenubouka. There are many excellent writers on Hub Pages that offer their unique perspectives on the censorship issue and other controversial subjects and I apologize for not mentioning them directly however those were the ones that immediately came to mind.

The format in which Hub Pages creates for their writers allows them to create interesting readable articles and an easy way to provide feedback and should be applauded for their efforts. The moderators for the most part do an excellent job of providing up to date ways of improving your hubs while keeping them within the parameters of the rules and regulations.

By exploring these issues we create an enjoyable atmosphere in which to openly debate often complex social issues and information. Hub Pagesis truly the eyes and ears of the internet and by moderating their writers they improve content and their writers skills.

Of course I have voiced my complaints in the past on their forms of censorship and definitely disagree with what is flagged as inappropriate at times but for the most part think that the moderators are fair.

I do not think cussing or pornography should be allowed as they have their place just not in an intelligent forum that I consider Hub Pages to be. I feel linking your articles to other hub articles should be encouraged as a form of open debate.

I'm looking forward to my next fifty Hub Page articles and hope that my readers are too, thank you for your continued support.

Censorship Lives In 2012 without a doubt but if it is revealed when and where it is found and exposed for what it truly is in an intelligent manner, there is no reason we as a society of intelligent writers cannot root out this social evil.


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