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Chemtrails: The Video CRASH COURSE; Geoengineering GLOBAL Environmental Destruction

Updated on January 26, 2013

Is there a LINK with all of the Weird Weather, Recent Health Issues, and "Natural" Disasters ?

Have you wondered recently "What's Up with this FREAKY WEIRD WEATHER that we've been having lately?

Have you noticed that you are seeing unusual cloud formations that do not look consistent with what you saw growing up?

Have you experienced more allergies, asthma, coughing, respiratory challenges, or flu-like symptoms (or know other friends/family members who are effected by this)?

Or, perhaps you are wondering "why the heck we have had so many MAJOR (Over the Top) '**Natural** Disasters'--- such as the recent flurry of MAJOR Earth Quakes in Japan, New Zealand, Haiti, Chili, China... devastating hurricanes like Katrina and Rita --- major flooding in Australia, Nashville, etc...."

Hmmmmmmmm.... could this possibly be MORE than a Mere "Coincidence"???

Could there be a "Link" with all of these seemingly "Unrelated Things"?


According to what I've researched-- YES. There is definitely a "Link" with all of these seemingly "Unrelated" Things.

Time is of the Essence:

Tick Tock... Valuable Time is ticking on this New Environmental HAZARD called "Chemtrails".

Why is this so crucial? Because whomever has put the recent Chemtrail "Experiments" into practice, has obviously overlooked some major things that "they" would have learned in Biology 101, such as-- Planet Earth, and ALL of its inhabitants (be it human, animal, or plant sources) require adequate amounts of uncontaminated oxygen to live and thrive!

If we were only concerned about Chemtrails as a possible Pollutant, that would be one thing-- but the aluminum and barium salt mixes which they are finding in samples in areas that have been heavily sprayed with Chemtrails -- are exciting the electromagnetic fields of the skies, particularly when paired with an "Experimental Project" in Alaska called HAARP, which has been linked with all sorts of "cause-effect cases" of recent natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc...

Not only are they using ingredients that excite the electro magnetic currents of the earth's atmosphere, but they are also finding a number of biological pathogens which can definitely change the entire global health, well being, and yes-- even possible life spans.

When Particulates are increased in the air, it becomes a basic mechanical issue creating more stress on the the lungs and creating more wear and tear on the heart, lungs, and respiratory tracts needed for living and breathing on planet earth (WITHOUT the use of an oxygen tank, space suit, and gas mask).

After studying the electromagnetic factors of the ingredients found in Chemtrails with HAARP activation -- I also have a strong hunch that HAARP is directly responsible for the recent wild life deaths such as the birds falling from the sky in Arkansas on January 1st, 2011 and the fish that went "belly up" just less than 100 miles away from the bird population that plummeted to their deaths . [See the videos that I've posted by The HIstory Channel and Ted Gunderson.]

*** "They": since obviously NO ONE is stepping up to the plate and claiming responsibility for this outlandish new science that is spending Billions of Dollars to Pollute and Toxify the Globe, I will use the word "They" to describe whomever skipped Biology 101 and is now "in charge " of this Global Course to Self Destruction!!!

Health Concerns of Chemtrails:

From a Health Perspective:

The earth is a self contained closed fluid environment. We are constantly recycling water and oxygen -- and are limited to the elements that are presently on planet earth (in other words, if we destroy our water, air, and soil compositions--- we can't go to another planet and borrow theirs. We are basically stuck with our own resources here.......... like it -- or not).

With each aerosol spray streaming out of the back of an unmarked aircraft, "They" are changing the basic chemical structure of the air that we breathe, the rain that falls from the sky, the snow that collects on the mountain tops, the water in every pond, river, or ocean -- and also they are changing the very ph levels of the soil that grows the crops that we rely on for our nutrition and ability to sustain life on planet Earth.

Even elementary aged school children are taught that life depends on basic Oxygen Levels in order to secure healthy life on Planet Earth. Students are taught from a very early age that Astronauts must wear a Space Suit-- in order to combat a different oxygen level when traveling to places that have a different chemical makeup in the air that humans, breathe.

Apparently these Geoengineers have forgotten their basic Biology 101 material, or-- perhaps there is an even darker reason "why" they are adding these particulates to the atmosphere at such an alarming rate.

Pictures of Chemtrails shot in the San Diego area.

Chemtrail with a San Diego Flare.... shot behind a palm tree, Kensington area of San Diego.
Chemtrail with a San Diego Flare.... shot behind a palm tree, Kensington area of San Diego. | Source
Chemtrail Grid pattern shot above the electrical power lines, San Diego.
Chemtrail Grid pattern shot above the electrical power lines, San Diego. | Source
Horizon to Horizon Chemtrails showing the dispersal of 3 parallel chemtrails side by side, over San Diego.
Horizon to Horizon Chemtrails showing the dispersal of 3 parallel chemtrails side by side, over San Diego. | Source
Grid pattern dispersing and morphing into clouds.
Grid pattern dispersing and morphing into clouds. | Source

Video Crash Course

After researching the topic of Chemtrails (otherwise called Geoengineering), these are the best videos that I have found to inform the public of the high stakes of this "Environmental Game" that "They" are playing with Planet Earth and ALL of her living and breathing inhabitants.

These are the videos (or links to videos) that give the best information on this growing concern... which is linked directly to Weather Warfare, Geoengineering, HAARP, "Natural Disasters" (such as Floods, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Tsunami's, etc...), and Major Health Issues dealing with Respiratory Infections, Lung Disorders, and Heart Disease.

Some scientists who have studied this phenomena over a decade-- are even calling this an "Aerosol Crimes Against Humanity" due to all of the major implications that this will have on Planet Earth. Others even go so far as to say that this is linked with a Massive Global Genocide.

Two former FBI officials step forward to give an account of their own experiences with the program and make a plea to have this end.


Grab some popcorn, and enjoy the shows! (Each video stands on its own, but only when you view the entire whole-- do you see the "Big Picture").

Contrail VS Chemtrail: (This is a good visual comparison between the 2, however... the soundtrack is horrible, you may want to turn the sound down ; )


One of the first hurdles to explaining the phenomena of "Chemtrails"... is to clarify that they are NOT a Contrail, but clearly a Chemtrail. The best visual way to show this, is by showing a side by side comparison of a Chemtrail Cloud next to a Contrail Jet, (on the same day-- same humidity levels, same atmospheric conditions).


Being at the Right Place, at the Right Time-- with my CAMERA!!!

Las Vegas January 2011: I was also "lucky enough" to have witnessed, and photographed, the progression of a Chemtrail developing from the pencil thin lines that were first formed by pilots etching them into the sky-- morphing into HUGE Gigantic Clouds that almost look like the same phenomena that happens when you take one of those very thin kitchen sponges then load it with water, to watch it puff up like a Doughboy.

Reverse Engineering a Chemtrail Cloud to its Pencil Thin Chemtrail Source

Pooooof!!!  A Chemtrail fully expanded!
Pooooof!!! A Chemtrail fully expanded! | Source
The other side of the chemtrail development.
The other side of the chemtrail development. | Source
Close Up of the Chemtrail Lines morphing into larger cloud constructs.
Close Up of the Chemtrail Lines morphing into larger cloud constructs. | Source
Pencil Thin lines begin to morph into much larger cloud formations... almost like one of those flat thin kitchen sponges do, when they are exposed to water.
Pencil Thin lines begin to morph into much larger cloud formations... almost like one of those flat thin kitchen sponges do, when they are exposed to water. | Source
Pencil Thin lines from initial Chemtrail Spraying.
Pencil Thin lines from initial Chemtrail Spraying. | Source
Pencil Thin lines from an initial Chemtrail Spraying.  These appear almost like a Spider's Web, glistening in the sun.
Pencil Thin lines from an initial Chemtrail Spraying. These appear almost like a Spider's Web, glistening in the sun. | Source

McCarran Airport Time Lapse Video on Chemtrail Attack

Drew from Austin Breaks the Whole Chemtrail Attack Down into a Play by Play Analysis...

Excellent Job explaining what is going on in a Chemtrail Attack that happened in Austin Texas.  This film shows multiple chemtrails and the feathering and layering techniques that happen as time passes and these chemtrails morph into "Cloud Like" formations.

Drew from Texas Gives a "Play by Play" Analysis of Chemtrails in Austin Texas

Chemtrail Time Lapse Layering Technique

With my background in watercolor painting, whoever is running this chemtrail program-- is aware of the "Layering Technique" used to gradually build a heavier consistency by adding stroke after stroke to achieve "the desired effect".

This film is a time lapse video taken in one window with the camera rolling.  It shows 73 Strikes, creating a huge cloud mass that moves with the wind.  

If you did not see the original strikes, you could definitely argue that this is just a "Regular Cloud Formation"-- but after seeing all of the many strikes (like painter strokes on a canvas), you can tell that they are building this layering technique for a higher concentration and cloud mass.

Time Lapse Photography Showing 73 Chemtrails BEFORE Breakfast: View out One Particular Window shows Layering Technique

Dangers in the Skies: Chemtrails Video Featuring Abilene Texas

The History Channel Offers a General Overview of the Chemtrail Program linking Chemtrails with HAARP Activity and Weather Warfare & "Natural Disasters"

I recommend watching this video 1st, it gives the broadest overview of Chemtrails and how they are linked with a Project in Alaska called "HAARP".

Metal Oxides are sprayed by planes and used with HAARP activity to create electro magnetic changes to the Ionosphere.

The History Channel: Special on HAARP and Chemtrails

Rainbow Clouds formed by HAARP precede a number of MAJOR Earthquakes...

Rainbow Cloud Formations and HAARP Electromagnetic Conductivity:

How are two apparently separate elements linked (Rainbow Clouds and HAARP)? Rainbow clouds are a basic result of HAARP, when it is active.  If you will, it is a basic "Cause and Effect".  A number of cities that have recently had Earth Quakes all show a common theme here... people will film and video Rainbow Clouds within an hour to a few minutes BEFORE a MAJOR Earthquake hits. They will then post them on the internet as proof that this event has occurred BEFORE an Earthquake.

Truther Girl Brings Up "Coincidences" in the Earth Quake that happened in New Zealand: Rainbow Clouds seem to be a consistent "Theme" around Major Earth Quakes

Nikola Tesla: The Genius that initially Created this Technology

Most of us were not Electrical Engineering majors, so probably haven't had the opportunity to learn about this part of science.  

Nikola Tesla was an Amazing Electrical GENIUS who devised a lot of the technologies that we enjoy today.... along with the original Ionosphere Theories that are now practiced at the facility known as HAARP in Alaska.

Nikola Tesla: The Forgotten Wizard and Father of HAARP Technology: Tesla originally created the Ionospheric Research as a way to create "Free Energy" without

The Discovery Channel on Chemtrails

Show begins with the age old question of whether these pictures are Contrails or Chemtrails and works to show a scientific basis for their findings.  (3 Part Series)

The Discovery Channel: Chemtrails (Part 1)

Discovery Channel: Chemtrails (Part 2)

The Discovery Channel: Chemtrails (Part 3)

"What in the World Are They Spraying?" Documentary

This is a documentary designed to answer the question of "What" are they Spraying in the Aerosol Jets of Geoengineering (otherwise known as Chemtrails).

Aluminum and Barium Salts seem to top the chart... as well as other elements.  This show starts in San Diego at a Science Symposium then visits Mount Shasta to examine the snow, water in the region------ then takes a trip to Hawaii to explore an Organic farm and how it is effected by the on-going Chemtrail Clouds.

Soil ph levels are effected by this Aluminum and Barium Salt mix, making it impossible to often grow organic seeds.

G. Edward Griffin talks about new Chemtrail film:

"What in the World Are They Spraying": Documentary that shows Aluminum and Barium Salt that can Harm Health and change pH levels of Agriculture for Food Produ

Clifford Carnicom: has studied the Chemtrail Phenomena for over 12 years

Chemtrails have these 3 things in common: (paraphrasing from Carnicom's Speech)

The Ingredients most often found in Chemtrails are: Ionizable Metallic Salts, Fibrous Materials, and Biological Pathogens.

Ionizable Metallic Salts changes the atmosphere to an electromagnetic field, a charged layer, it has the ability to conduct a current. (Sub Micron Level: you won't see this with your regular eye).

Our atmosphere is not a conductive quality (naturally), if you introduce a physical change that enhances electromagnetic conductivity -- you change the entire physics of the planet.

"The More physical partiulates in the air, the more people will die."


Fibrous Fibers (Sub Micron Sized) -- (Asbestos is not good to breathe, the particles in the Chemtrail solution are smaller than the Asbestos particles).

Biological Pathogen Component otherwise known as Red Blood Cells. There is a solid basis of evidence that indicates an extremely prominent biological aspect of these aerosol sprayings.

Clifford Carnicom: Speaks On the Health Concerns of Chemtrails from a Biological Perspective

Clifford Carnicom on the Alex Jone's Show: Chemtrails

Clifford Carnicom on Alex Jones' Show: Chemtrails (Part 2)

The Power Hour: The Purpose of Chemtrails

AC Griffith, former FBI agent, speaks up about his experience on the inside of the Chemtrail Project from a patriotic position to warn his fellow Americans of what is REALLY Going On.

The Power Hour: The Purpose of Chemtrails, AC Griffith former FBI Agent on the "Inside" of the Chemtrail Program

The Power Hour: The Purpose of Chemtrails (Part 2)

The Power Hour: The Purpose of Chemtrails (Part 3)

The Power Hour: Chemtrails (Part 4)

The Power Hour: The Purpose of Chemtrails (Part 5)

Award Winning Journalist Reports on his Medical Findings with Chemtrail Exposure

Former FBI Head: Ted Gunderson speaks out against Chemtrails calling them a "Crime Against Humanity" and linking it with "Genocide"

In Closing...

Everyday, I come in contact with a number of people who have never even heard the term "Chemtrails" or "Geoengineering". It appears that there maybe only 2-5% of the population who is even aware that anything like this is going on. Many people see the world around them, but fail to even look above eye level, to see what is going on with our skies.

Each day, I have conversations with people who are still assuming that Chemtrails are merely Contrails. They may have heard the term "Cloud Seeding", but they are not realizing that clouds can be created by aerosol jet sprays and then turned into a super conductor electrical wave for HAARP Technologies.

We are in a fast game here, time is running out. This appears to be the "11th Hour" and time is ticking like a time bomb. We need to spread the word and get this news out as fast as possible, before its too late. The mainstream media isn't picking up the ball and making a run for it, in fact-- they really aren't even in the same league or football game. It appears that their hands are tied, or they are not interested in creating waves... whatever their reasons, they are failing to report on this topic.

It took me over 6 months to locate a lot of these videos that I am sharing on the hubpages that I've created on my hubpage account. Lots and lots of hours spend delving through mediocre videos -- to find the best sources of information.

I'm hoping to shorten the learning curve for you where you are more empowered to write your Congressmen and make a true change with this.

I equate this to a team sport, I picked up the ball and have been running with it for awhile-- and now I'm passing it along to you. If you find any new information on this topic, PLEASE Contact Me... and let me know what you have discovered. The only way that we make progress as a society is to build and grow forward.

You have my permission to share my links with your friends. I ask that you not directly quote me -- or take my story for your own, but you have the full freedom to cut and paste my full hubpage article links to your site... anything to help educate the public on this matter is my utmost concern!


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    • ArtzGirl profile image

      ArtzGirl 5 years ago from San Diego

      Hi Atx,

      I am so sorry to hear about your respiratory issues, this was my first concern with the chemtrail sprayings in the San Diego area. I'm a singer, and was noticing more of a "shortness of breath" after they would saturate the skies with these chemtrail sprayings. The reason for this, is the fact that they are loaded with aluminum, barium, boron, strontium, and a whole host of other hazardous chemicals.

      I'm originally from Texas, I've been living in California since February 1996 - and have filmed literally over 5,000 photos in both San Diego and the month that I spent in Las Vegas.

      I went back through my videos and noticed that there is only one video that is not able to be pulled up. Are you hitting the arrow in the center of each video? Try clicking on that-- and see if that will help. -- If this is NOT helping, then you can go to and plug in each caption that I have at the top of each video. This will take a little bit of time, but it will at least allow you to see and hear the information in each video.

      I have seen literally hundreds of hours worth of video footage on these topics, when I write a hubpage-- I try to share the videos that I feel gave the best information - and will hopefully help with my reader's learning curve.

      The more people that are aware of this situation, the more likely we are to actually making some changes.

      I wish you luck in your ability to move beyond the health side effects. I would highly recommend using HEPA air filters, or another model -- and make sure that you are changing the filters regularly and staying on top of that. I've learned to also stay inside more on the days where they are heavily spraying. I used to spend hours outside each week, walking my dogs-- but I have learned that this can lead to a number of different health issues-- including feeling that you are coming down with the flu-- and experiencing flu-like symptoms. Regardless of what anyone says, these chemicals that they are spraying are loaded with heavy metals, which are not good for lungs, breathing, soil, and water purity. No one is covering this on our mainstream news... it is as if this isn't even happening.

      Keep in mind also- that the days that you see the chemtrails in the skies, these chemicals will lower to the ground and will become particulates in the air at the level where you are walking and breathing. Just because you can't see the particulates as chemtrails in the sky, does not mean that they will not be affecting your breathing. From my experience, you can expect about 5-8 or so days after a spraying - for this to cause more breathing challenges. People who are active walkers, joggers, cyclists, etc... should be aware of this.

      I get really frustrated with this and need to take periodic breaks. I wish that there was more that I could do-- but reporting my research and findings to the public seem to be the most helpful thing that I can do at this stage.

      I hope that you are able to see these videos. They will really help shorten the learning curve!

    • profile image

      Atx 5 years ago

      I have tried on three separate computers to see the videos posted here to no avail. I currently live in Austin, Tx and have been experiencing rhespitory issues over the past few years. I am concerned with this new knowledge I am discovering and find it interesting that your videos are so difficult to locate. Thank you for your hard work and for bringing awareness to so many.

    • ArtzGirl profile image

      ArtzGirl 6 years ago from San Diego

      Jangaplanet, thanks so much for your positive feedback. This topic is something that has really concerned me. It is time to report more on this topic. This is a very multi-layered topic. It is almost like going down a research rabbit hole. As soon as you reach one level of the research, another 10-100 or more doors open. It is huge research project.

      I have more to share, but have not had the time (yet) to sit down and report my findings. Thanks for inspiring me to return to this topic!

    • Jangaplanet profile image

      A Ercoli 6 years ago

      This is a great hub! I have followed these chemtrails stories for a few years and i'm concerened as well. Great article! thanks for sharing this and keeping me up to date. Voted up and awesome!

    • ArtzGirl profile image

      ArtzGirl 6 years ago from San Diego

      Kaie, I began this study 6 months ago... I hope to help others find the best sources of information where they can shorten the learning curve. Time is of the essence. Our planet and all of her inhabitants need for us to put an end to Geoengineering. This new science is destroying the natural elements of planet earth.

      Tugbo, thanks for your compliments! Yes, "The Purpose of Chemtrails" is a real mind-opener, for sure. Hard to imagine all of the many aspects of this topic. He is right, you open one door-- only to find 14 or more doors springing from that. It appears that the more that you learn about this topic, the more there is to know about it. It is fascinating. I just hope that enough people read this and watch the videos where we can make a difference and stop Geoengineering, before its too late.

    • profile image

      tugbo200-5 6 years ago


      The video's "The Purpose of Chemtrails"

      should be required viewing for everyone.

      Great hub.


    • profile image

      tugbo200-5 6 years ago

      Great read ,will have to come back and finish.

    • Kaie Arwen profile image

      Kaie Arwen 6 years ago

      Quite the education here........ thank you! Kaie