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Consumer Help and Knowledge

Updated on September 20, 2009

Consumers Helping Themselves

When it comes to us as consumers we all need to help ourselves. I am a true advocate when It comes to consumers rights. When you are shopping always keep your receipt no matter what. That is one of the single best things that can help you. If the complaint is something that you purchased than the receipt will be your savior.

I work in the wireless industry and what allot of people fail to do is read the fine print. It doesn't matter what type of industry you deal with, if there is a contract that you must sign, YOU need to make sure that you understand every last detail.

An example is when you purchase some electronics you most likely will have a restocking fee. I was in line the other day and someone in front of me was extremely upset because he had a restocking fee. All over the store on the bottom of the sale price and on the back of the reciept it tells you about the restocking fee.

In order for consumers to help themselves, knowledge is the answer. Before you go and buy a brand new car, do some research on the value and all the incentives that are available to you. The salesperson may not offer you all that is available if they know they can get more money out of you. Here is another example when it comes to car sales. Besides asking what the best deal they can offer you, ask them what car on the lot is the oldest. Not in years, but which brand new car has been sitting on the lot that hasn't sold yet. Depending on the car, and the model if its what you like you can probably negotiate down to get a good deal. The car that is sitting on the lot the longest is losing the dealership money and they want to get rid of it.

Everybody has a different experience with a place of business. A site that I use to just do a little research is rip off report at : great sight just to see if you have run into the same problem as other people and maybe they have also provided a solution to your troubles. Again I can't stress enough, before you do business with any company and you plan to give them some of your hard earned money you need to do your own research or search for others that have done the research so you can make a better informed decision.


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