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Corbyn: Does not want to be a Saint

Updated on September 27, 2017

Two leaders: Two different takes on politics

Jeremy Corbyn:  Will do government differently
Jeremy Corbyn: Will do government differently | Source
Theresa May:  Same old same old
Theresa May: Same old same old | Source

The unlikely hero

Jeremy Corbyn is getting something of a cult following around him with many seeing him as the answer to all their prayers. It is easy to see why of a kinder gentler politics he espouses and he is doing that right now in his conference speech in Brighton.

Corbyn says though he is no hero and finds the worship of him as quite literally embarrassing. He champions the work of those around him and said he would be nowhere without the hard work of his shadow cabinet colleagues.

A portrait of Corbyn has been carried around the Labour conference room depicting him as a saint. Complete with a halo above his head and Christmas tree lights covering the image of Corbyn.

As the portrait did the rounds chants of "Oh Jeremy Corbyn" rang out loud and clear. Corbyn has his political followers in the Labour party known as Momentum but he also has a Christian group there to support him called 'Christians on the Left".

Certainly many of the things he says like the Labour Manifesto mantra "For the many, not the few" recalls Christ's teaching of the Sermon on the Mount and other teachings of Jesus.

In his speech, he said Labour would do things differently and said should he get the chance to be the denizen of No 10 austerity would end. He said an example of the years of austerity was the awful example of the Grenfell Tower. He cited a tenants group that stated that something awful would happen to Grenfell because of the cheap cladding on the building and lack of a sprinkler system. Their statement was prophetic because as we all now know a huge fire did break out with resulting casualties.

Taxing the wealthiest would be one of Labours major policies to implement what is stated in the Labour Manifesto. Everyone would have a voice under a Labour administration and no one would be left behind.

Labour was winning the confidence of millions he stated and if the last general election is anything to go by that is is certainly the case. However, Labour yet again has been attacked for anti-Semitism at this conference but Corbyn was having none of it.

Is it wise to hold a human being in such a way as he is depicted as a saint or a hero? Probably not because human beings have failings however it is easy to see why people of all ages and backgrounds have flocked to Corbyn's banner. People are fed up of the austerity of this broken, gutless Tory government and want change.

Jeremy Corbyn love him or hate and if he gets the chance to be our next Prime Minister might just deliver that change.

Christians on the Left

Formerly known as the Christian Socialist Movement Christians on the Left are affiliated with the Labour party. Christian Socialism is a movement that stretches back many years and has always had a presence within the church.

Many believe Christ himself was a socialist and it is easy to see why in his concern and passion for the poor. Christians on the Left work with many NGO's or Non-Government Organisations such as Tear Fund, Christian Aid, Stop the Traffiking, and Stop Climate Change Chaos.

Their politics is very different to what so-called right-leaning Christians espouse.


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