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Cost Benefits of Choosing a Green Home

Updated on June 29, 2010

If you are in the market for a new home then it’s worth it to look into your options for getting a green home. You can build your own energy-efficient home or you can work with a green real estate agent to get a green home that has already been built. And if you like the home that you’re in then you can upgrade with green home renovations. Is it worth it? Of course. Having a green home is healthier for you and for the earth as well. And there are financial benefits to choosing a green home, too.

Green Home Costs Going Down

Many people fear that choosing to build a home in an alternative way is going to cost them a lot of money. That was true in the not so distance past but is changing now as new technology and more widespread adoption makes green home building more affordable. Whenever something new starts to take hold, the options open up and the trend becomes more affordable to the average person. Interest is piqued and costs are going down as more and more people find ways to create natural homes that are not prohibitively expensive.

In particular, the cost of adding solar power to the home has declined over time. This is due in part to advances in solar technology. However it also has to do with some interesting changes that took place as a result of the recession. Many solar power companies had too much unsold product that people couldn’t afford when the economy tanked and their response was to lower costs in order to move the product. Solar panels remain relatively low-priced in comparison to the prices that they had just a few years ago.

An Energy-Efficient Home Saves You Money

Even when the initial output of money to build a green home is pricier than you’d like, the cost may still be worth it for you. The green home is energy efficient, which means that all that money you are currently spending on your electric bills each month will go straight into your own pocket. Monthly expenses are lower. Even the cost of a slightly higher mortgage for your green home may be lower than the cost of a mortgage and utilities if you have an inefficient home.

Many green homes do not require you to heat or cool the home at all. Those that do use minimal energy output and rely on renewable resources for their energy. So when all your neighbors are groaning in the winter because their gas bill just went sky high and when they are mumbling over summer barbeques about how they cannot afford to keep cooling the house, you will be enjoying a nice comfortable temperature in your home without any change in your bills. Heating and cooling are the two areas in which the most significant savings are seen, but you will find that building an alternative home offers the opportunity to cut costs in most areas of regular home expenses.

For example, money can be saved throughout the home in the area of water costs. Your neighbors may be obtaining their nice lawn through the use of daily watering, but you will be able to keep up beautiful landscaping without wasting water (and the money it costs to run it). You can employ natural water techniques through such methods as creating rain gutters and rain gardens to capture and re-use water in efficient ways. You can also utilize holistic design in the landscaping of your home to create a beautiful outdoor area that takes into consideration the natural plant life and climate of the region.

Inside the home, you can further reduce water costs by using green building products like dual-flush toilets and low-pressure showerheads. All these things can be incorporated into the design as you build your home in a cost-efficient manner at the outset while saving you money over the long haul. And not only are you saving money on your water bills but you’re also saving money on naturally heating the water in your home. Greening one area of your home naturally helps to green other areas for maximum savings around the home.

Cost benefit of rebates

There are various rebates available to people who want to green their homes. This is true for newly built homes as well as for homes that are being renovated or upgraded. Rebates change over time and are offered by both local and national governments so you’ll need to check out what specific options are available to you.

Green homes are worth more at resale

Finally, when it comes time to sell your home, you’ll probably find that a green home offers a higher resale value. Most people who build their own home using alternative methods plan to live in that home for the rest of their lives. However, this may or may not be your plan. And even if it is, that plan may change due to other life circumstances. Because of the increased demand and interest in the green home, you will find that your home’s value goes up considerably each year. If you decide to move and sell the home, you may reap financial benefits at the time of sale. These days, everyone wants to consider the purchase of a green home if they can. The emergence of green real estate agents is a testament to that. If you work with one to sell your home, you’ll probably get a good price.


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  • PaperNotes profile image


    8 years ago

    Great informative hub! I think the problem is that there is not a wide spread of detailed information out there to convince and educate people of its advantage. I'm not living in one right now but hope one day we will all be living in a eco-friendly home.

  • MeaganB profile image


    8 years ago

    I'm all about saving money on energy bills!

  • Adam9000 profile image


    8 years ago

    Someday I will have a green house. until then I'll do as many little things as i can. the little things add up!


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