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Killing for profit. Killing for Religion. Crimes against humanity.

Updated on February 9, 2018

Genocide defined:

The deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group.

History is full of examples of genocide:

The holocaust, and Christians slaughtering non-Christians (the great crusades). These are two major examples.

And in recent news, the call to slaughter all homosexuals in this country (USA) and advocated by GOP candidates by virtue of their silence in rebuking this idea.


Crimes against humanity defined:

Atrocity (as extermination or enslavement) that is directed against an entire population, or part of a population, on specious grounds (false look of truth or genuineness). And without regard to individual guilt or responsibility even on such grounds.

ex: the unfounded societal rebuke of, and attacks on, the homosexual population. And the current attacks on women's health under the guise of religious piety.


Can any attack on another person, or group of people, prove to be just, right, or reasonable by any standard? Not in a civilized world.

Trying to justify these attacks based on religious beliefs does not make them valid except in the eyes of the narrow minded, ignorant, and superstitious.

ex: U.S. history of hunting down and killing "witches" is a prime example of non justifiable killing of a group of people. Condoning the killing of homosexuals - still in practice today by the extreme radical right is appalling in all its ignorance.

This is no different than the extreme radical ''ISIS'' murdering people in the name of their own "god" of wrath. It is difficult to understand the psychotic minds who join this movement, just as the psychotic minds who condone killing homosexuals, taking away a woman's right of choice regarding her personal health care, killing women for accusations of witchcraft, killing of Jews in the 1940's, etc...

Throw away pets by callous people - From my series of abandoned pets

This dog was abused for the first 8 months of his life.
This dog was abused for the first 8 months of his life. | Source
The big dog was abused for the first 8 months of his life as well and was scheduled for euthanasia. The little dog was left on the street after his owners moved away
The big dog was abused for the first 8 months of his life as well and was scheduled for euthanasia. The little dog was left on the street after his owners moved away | Source
This beautiful dog was abandoned - now he is spoiled rotten
This beautiful dog was abandoned - now he is spoiled rotten | Source

Intent or degree

The righteousness of genocide and/or crimes against humanity is never validated by its intensity, or underlying intent. ex: killing in the name of religion for any reason, or discrimination and hate in the name of religion based on flawed concepts without any basis in reality.

Whether vicious attacks on other people are on a global scale, or on an individual basis, the intent is still the same. The degree of viciousness may vary but the intent remains the same.

In today's world, Syria is being ravaged by a dictatorship intent on exterminating its opposition - the majority of people who want democracy and an end to dictatorship, are systematically being eradicated by their oppressors.

As an offshoot of that atrocity, innocent people are being killed and fleeing the country for safety. While this mass exodus can be a prelude to (theoretically possible) terror attacks on those countries they are fleeing to, the opposition to that migration is unjustly being challenged by some of the U.S. Congress.

That opposition is due to fear mongering and political posturing against U.S. policies to "score polling points" in the campaign for presidency in 2016 without any regard for the tragedy of those victims being displaced by a vicious dictator.
More than half of all the states in the U.S.A. are declaring their intent to bar refugees from entering their state. They are going as far as introducing laws in congress that would give them the legal right to do so. (under current law they cannot bar ANYONE from entering any state).

To further the insult on these people, there are laws being introduced to allow only "Christians" into this country for fear that any non christian might be an Islamic "terrorist"....?
The ignorance of this concept is that there is absolutely no way of telling the religion of anyone entering or leaving this country. When asked by the media how they would tell who is Christian or not, one politician went as far as to say: "We can tell who they are because we know our own kind". This is the warped mentality of some of the congressmen who run this country.

Oblivious to the world


Ignorance and Indifference


is never an excuse for stupidity.

It is purported that as Jesus was dying on the cross he stated: "Forgive them father, for they know not what they do". This applies to the current approval of the GOP denial of sanctuary for fleeing refugees as well. Their Christian 'god' may forgive them for their bad choices, but the people will not. No one in their right minds would say that the atrocities of the past (and the present) were in any way justified for any reason, especially on religious grounds.


There is more to this tale of genocide and/or crimes against humanity that people are trying to ignore in the hopes that it will just 'go away'.
When it comes to genocide and/or crimes against humanity; in whatever degree it might be, there is no rational excuse for people (especially politicians) to exercise their self serving at the expense of the "real" people of this country.
Indifference may not be viewed as vicious, or judgmental, and can even deceptively show no overt mal intent. But when that indifference is simply for self serving and harms an entire nation it can easily fall within the spectre of genocide and/or crime against humanity without much stretch of the imagination.
Politicians signing away citizens' right-to-know for greed is inexcusable. They are trying desperately to get the "DARK Act" passed to protect Monsanto, et al, from blame or responsibility, in the event that their tainted foods actually do kill or maim people en mass.
The ignorance of indifference is justified by the concept that they (politicians) will be exonerated by the claim that "if you can't see it, it can't hurt you". This failed attempt at self protection falls short when we realize that we cannot see bacteria, viruses, or polluted air and water. But, although invisible to the naked eye they do kill people without a doubt.
Scientific studies are proving that GMO products are harmful and deadly to humans - and yet the U.S. congress blindly continues to advocate for food manufacturers to hide what they are doing by denying people the righ-to-know what is in the foods they buy.

GMO link to cancer

Copy and past the following link to your browser search for more information:

Public responsibility

Linking GMO foods to the most obvious of crimes against humanity is not without reasonable feasibility. It is to show that these types of crimes are common place in today's world and are potentially as deadly as the insane "killing" we see on our televisions and read about in our history books.
The American people themselves are accomplices to these crimes against the people (including their individual selves and their children), through ignorant indifference (ignore it and it will go away), (god will save us from all evil), (god helps those who help themselves) - but this is mostly proven to be true of self servitude.


While we, as a nation, are engrossed in the world crisis of ISIS, mass killings in the U.S. because of inadequate gun control, and the fight for equality and women's rights, we tend to ignore what might be the greatest tragedy of all.
This mass "experiment" (the introduction of GMO foods to our food supply) on the American people just might prove to be one of the worst cases of genocide and/or crimes against humanity unfolding right before our eyes. But as with all other catastrophic events as they are happening, we tend to view them with our 'eyes wide shut'. And when we realize that this mass experiment is being condoned by the majority of U.S. politicians for personal monetary gains it will be too late to stop the deadly and devastating aftermath.
At which time, will we still be chanting the mantra that "Greed is Good" and Capitalism in its present form is still the best thing for the country as a whole? I doubt that.
The lust for profits, at any cost, is being seen by the fight to take the last traces of oil, coal, and gas from this planet in spite of the fact that by doing so, we are allowing the planet itself to be compromised to a point of no return.

by: d.william

© 2015 d.william


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    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      always exploring. Thanks for reading and leaving your comments.

      I agree that it would be best to grow our own foods, but that is not possible for most people who live in the city. Living in Florida also poses a unique problem - the sandy soil. We have to import good soil in order to grow most veggies. Unless the soil we import is labeled "organic" there is no guarantee that it is 'safe' to grow food in. Today [11/19/2015] the FDA approved the first ever use of GMO salmon in this country. This is scary in itself, but that GMO product is a splice between two types of fish. Although the benefits of that splicing is yet unknown, it may not be toxic for humans. Unlike Monsanto splicing the foods we eat with chemicals/poisons that are designed to keep bugs from eating them. The biggest problem with that concept is that when the genes are replicated in the growth of the vegetables, etc.., the genes of the poisons are also replicated - making the the GMO veggies toxic for humans to ingest. Studies show that GMO corn now has extremely high levels of formaldehyde that is deadly to humans. That discovery leads to the conclusion that this kind of food manipulation is dangerous to adults using them and especially to the children of adults who ingest these poisoned foods.

      As long as the product produces greater profits it will be OK'd by the FDA for human consumption. After all they ARE owned and run by corporate America and the turncoat politicians who have allowed its takeover.

      We as individuals are ultimate responsible for what we ingest, but taking the right to know what is in our foods takes away the choices by consumers. A dangerous precedent.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      3 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I always learn so much when I read your hubs. It's a scary situation here in America. Greed and dishonesty is rampant in the political arena, plus people who claim Christianity spew hate toward anyone who lives a lifestyle that's different than theirs. I also worry about our food source.We must educate ourselves and elect politicians who care about us. I sometimes wish I lived on a farm and grew my own food but would that be safe with the chemicals stored in the soil? Thank you for sharing this important hub.


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