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Update: Shocking congressional action regarding The D.A.R.K. ACT bill.

Updated on March 24, 2018

Shocking update -

News out of Washington today 03/17/2016. Here is something we never thought could ever happen in a congress divided by obstructionism. With the GOP in strict support for Corporate America and a firm resolve to obstruct any kind of political reform, this is an amazing turn of events. Although it would never have been signed by the President, the fact that it was stopped in congress is shocking news to say the least.

VICTORY: The DARK Act was blocked in the Senate.

From an email from -

"Great news! The Senate voted Wednesday to block the DARK Act from moving forward.

By a stunning 48-49 vote, senators took a critical procedural vote on this dangerous legislation that would block GMO labeling, and it failed to reach the required 60-vote threshold.

We couldn’t have done this without your activism. CREDO activists generated hundreds of thousands of petition signatures and more than 1,000 calls to key senators urging them to protect our right to know what’s in our food, including GMO ingredients. Several of the senators who were on the fence and received calls from CREDO activists in the past week voted to block the bill from moving forward."

Update March 5 2016

Monsanto is hitting the panic button, You in?

Earlier this week, the Senate Ag Committee voted 14 to 6 to advance a dangerous bill (known as the DARK act) that outlaws common sense GMO labeling laws, only months before Vermont’s law will take effect on July 1st of this year.

Only days later, Monsanto’s shares plunged as Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs is Urging Investors to SELL Monsanto’s stock and earnings are expected to be flat for the rest of 2016 and beyond.

This terrible news for Monsanto as the company has already SLASHED it’s workforce by 16%, cutting more than 3,600 employees since late 2015.

Congressional involvement

Should congress be allowed to pass laws that harm the general public and protect Corporate America??

See results

The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again

Fooled Again -

The ultimate congressional betrayal on the American public.

We must first understand the minds of politicians: their first objective is fulfilling their own personal agendas.
While there may be a few politicians left with altruistic intentions they are rapidly waning in numbers and easily swayed by the major manipulators who have stronger (and more compelling) personal goals.
Those ultimate "goals" involve the accumulation of wealth by any means that they feel justify the end results despite any harm they may cause to other people.
The biggest misnomer (lie) is in their stating that they represent the views of the majority of "the people".

After the supreme court ruled that corporations have the same status as individual people it quickly became the mantra of the greedy to manipulate the public (the real people) into believing their baseless rhetoric that they represent them instead of the corporations who pay their way to Washington with the obligatory "quid pro quo" philosophy.

Congressional abuse

Congress working against the people's wishes
Congress working against the people's wishes | Source
U.S. congress bans the right to know
U.S. congress bans the right to know | Source

A dangerous deception

This most dangerous deception of all should be viewed as a major crime against humanity itself.

The bill was passed in the House on July 23rd, 2014:

Legislation dubbed the Deny Americans the Right to Know, or DARK Act (H.R. 1599), passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 275-150. The bill preempts state and local authority to label and regulate genetically engineered (GE) foods. A Senate version of this bill has not yet been introduced.

That deception, although quite lucrative for the politicians and corporations is "deadly" for the "real" people. The DARK ACT {HR 1599} is subtitle the [Deny Americans the Right to Know] act, because that is the only purpose for this bill to be introduced and passed by the House of Representatives in the first place.

The "pass" vote [275-150] include many Democrats in the House that makes this a bipartisan bill, is even more shocking. This bill was introduced by the Republican party at the behest of the food industry who are blatantly betraying the "real people's" trust in them to 'first do no harm' to the people who elected them to serve as our spokes persons in Washington D.C.
The lies and deceptions of the likes of Monsanto, et al, is truly a crime against humanity by its own merit.
Scientists (not on corporate payrolls) have stated with certainty the 'uncertainty' of any "benefits" of their acceptance (hiding from the public) of the process of food production and labeling of additives and preservatives that are known carcinogens (cancer causing).

The DARK Act was deliberately created to "legally" hide the truth from the "real" people.
The facts substantiate the belief that "we are what we eat".

Healthy nutrition equals healthy bodies and minds.

Unhealthy foods equals unhealthy bodies and minds.

Understanding party objectives-

is imperative to learning the truth. It is true that knowledge is power.
Diversions that distract from the true objectives is the most powerful way to divide and conquer [and hide] the ultimate goals of those whose sole goal is greed.
Political debates regarding "moral issues" are only meant to distract people from the more important issues at play. Attacking minorities and using antiquated religious beliefs to manipulate people to "vote their conscience" is the oldest trick in the book to motivate voters to side with those (politicians) who are hiding the biggest issues from the "real" people. While individuals argue about "moral" issues the politicians backing corporate rule are stealing our humanitarianism, empathy, and thwarting societal growth toward a better world for everyone. Passing laws that make corporations "too big to fair" is deadly to individuals.
Promoting hatred toward any minority group does nothing for the benefit of society. But what is does do is to increase the base religious anger that encourages people to vote for hatred, distrust, and discrimination instead of what is best for society as a whole.

Knowledge is power

Social divide serves no purpose for anyone except the few who have learned that deception and distraction is the "main street" to wealth and power.
The powerful and the wealth seeking individuals have all but destroyed the "American Dream" and we let them do it to us by falling for distractions on a personal level based on centuries of manipulative control tactics.
This political campaign season is shining a true light on the process of manipulating people into either not voting at all, or voting based on one particular issue that touches a nerve that promotes bias and hatred. Do we really want to continue to live in a world that is divisive and filled with hate for one another? Or will the "real" people finally unite to create a progressive society that moves us from the repressive ways of yesteryear's to the unity of acceptance that can only lead to peace and prosperity for every human being, not just the few greedy thieves who want to enslave the majority to a life of poverty and injustice.
We must all get out and vote. Vote for the concepts that unite - not divide society as a whole.
We must learn to leave religion, corporate interests, and personal biases outside of the voting booths.

United we stand (for equality for everyone in spite of our differences and diversities ).

Divided we fall to (the subservience of corporate and religious rule).

My favorite saying is: "The more i learn, the more i realize just how much i do not know"

The biggest lie of all

First, know that the major difference between the political parties is simple:

  • Republican represent the interest of corporate America in spite of their rhetoric touting their allegiance to the "people"
  • Democrats represent the interest of the "real people".

Second, the terms 'conservative vs 'liberal' mean 'stagnation' vs 'progression'.

The biggest oxymoron that creates a catch 22 is that:

Corporations are the job creators therefore there should be no rules and regulations place on them.
That would be true if Corporate America represented fairness for everyone instead of greed for those at the top.

Without rules and regulation we have (anarchy). The creation of a society in which all wealth goes to the top 1 - 10 % of the people can only lead to the collapse of the middle class.

When greed is the only motivation of the top percentage; disparity will always destroy the majority.

Reality Check

No one in Washington truly believes that a society should stagnate, but that does not stop them (politicians) from pandering to those who want to remain in the ignorance of superstition and reverent fear that is religiously imposed in order to maintain control over the masses of people.
The 'majority' must rule in a Democracy but not to the degree of discrimination against any minority.

Laws against discrimination make equality a reality, not the other way around in a civilized (global) society.

by.d.william: 11/8/2015

© 2015 d.william


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    • IndependentMind profile image


      3 years ago

      This IS shocking news. Thanks for the update.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      IM. thanks for the comment. It is obviously not a very popular subject on H.P. There aren't too many people aside from the Wall Street gamblers that under stand how and why this entity still survives in this economy.

    • IndependentMind profile image


      3 years ago

      Great article. Well written and well informed.


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