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Don's World - 200607 - Waiting on a Vaccine

Updated on June 8, 2020
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Don is a Writer and a Storyteller. He has published over 9 books on varied subjects along with many articles and commentary on his blogs.

DON's World - 200607 - Waiting on a Vaccine

Don's World 200607 - Waiting On A Vaccine!
Don's World 200607 - Waiting On A Vaccine! | Source

All We Can Do Is Wait!

OK, Yes, we all have confidence in our scientists and others who are working so hard on a vaccine that will protect the world against this deadly CoVid-19 disease.

But, we have a new reality that is most likely not going away for many months, when a functional vaccine has been given to everyone in Yes, that’s right, everyone in the world.

Diseases Have No Borders

I have found that there are far too many people who do not realize or accept this simple premise.

Comunicable Diseases Have No Borders!

Everyone needs to understand it, but really people, we live a world that, for financial reasons alone, have torn down the walls of our national borders. Today; any nation that wants to survive financially, had to tear down its economic borders and have their business people constantly traveling and working with other nations when it was necessary to survive in our new world economy.

This immediacy of communication and business management was one of the reasons this CoVid-19 disease spread so quickly around the world. It’s a rare nation that truly believes it’s physical borders were adequate to block the spread of a disease so contagious as this CoVid-19 proved to be.

Sure, we know this now! But too many politicians sat on their hands as they worried over what they could do that didn't affect their nations economy as their priority.

We Need a Real Vaccine

Now, after the proverbial barndoors were left open, all of the world's nations are looking at ways to develop a vaccine. From what I understand, the good thing for the world population is that every nation in the world that has the technical capability is working on a version of a vaccine.

The "old reality" has been that the development of such a vaccine typically takes as long as three or more years.

The great thing now is that this disease is so deadly that nations are actually cooperating with each other and they are giving us a new hope that with their streamlining of the development process and are now projecting the end of this year as a possible timeframe for a useable vaccine that will protect people.

Wonderful right? Well, don't hold your breath, folks. I’m an Engineer, and I spent most of my career working on new research projects and I understand something in these projections that all of you need to realize.

These types of timeline projections are usually very optimistic and we need to keep reminding ourselves that there is a chance that there will very possibly be setbacks in this optimistic research that will delay such a vaccine release date.

Do I think we will eventually a viable vaccine? Of course I do. I honestly have confidence in our scientists and I don’t gamble but I will bet that we will have a vaccine as quickly as GOD and our scientists can develop one.

Do I think it will happen by the end of this year, or even before? Like I said, I do know research projects, and i know that setbacks are a part of almost all hugh-tech development projects. And because of these possible setbacks, I personally think this end date is optimistic I hope I'm Wrong, but weeeeeeeelllllll!

Keep Using Those Masks, people!

So, as we are being drug through the different phases of our national protection plans, my wife and I are continuing to use our masks and on occasion our gloves.

What kills me is (no pun intended) that we all know that we should be using our masks as we are out and about, but I see more and more people who have already abandoned their use weekly.

What have these people done when they took their masks off?

Simply put, the people stop wearing a mask have placed not just their protection, but mine and my wife’s protection into my hands and they are now counting on my mask. Here is where I mention my previous article on STUPID PEOPLE! You still Cannot Fix Stupid!

Anyway, my wife and i do not wear our masks; when we are isolated in our home, when we are in our car traveling, and when we are in a restaurant eating. But we still keep our masks on when we enter a business, or are shopping in a store, and we even put our masks back on when we trapped in a growing group of people.

These people who have abandoned the use of a mask are trusting me and the rest of the population who wear their mask to already be safe, or of course, not be someone who has tested positive and just like them, just said "to Hell with CoVid-19, I don't have to Wear No Stinkin Mask!".

Is such Misplaced Trust Enough?

I don’t like it, but this is the point where I believe we people that believe in using COmmon Sense are the becoming most vulnerable.

When will trusting the systems of; wearing masks, business cleaning directives, food handling companies and their new cleanliness standards start to be bypassed for financial reasons and this disease spread once again

The reality is that when we eat out at a restaurant, we are trusting a number of people we don’t know, from the table and floor cleaner, to the waiter, to the bartender, to the chef and his cooks.

So, Time Will Tell if we have done the smart thing even by just going out to eat.

I Believe the Timeline of the end of this year may be too late for many of us just due to the arrogance of a generation of our population who don't have the patience to control themselves and their lifestyle until a Working Vaccine is available.

‘Nuff Said!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Don Bobbitt


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