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DWP: The Department of Welfare Prevention & The ATOS Healthcare Disinformation Campaign

Updated on October 26, 2012
Protest against DWP & ATOS Healthcare's government disinformation campaign.
Protest against DWP & ATOS Healthcare's government disinformation campaign.


In 2011 DWP released, yet again, false figures of claimants on Incapacity Benefit, who had been re-assessed by the fraudulent ATOS Healthcare - ATOS is actually an insurance company and has nothing whatsoever to do with health (except to provide health insurance). According to DWP's blatantly, intentionally and obviously incorrect figures last year, as many as 75% of people claiming sickness benefits in the UK were not actually entitled to them.

According to the latest results, there has been a drop in the amount of 'scroungers' and now just 37% of claimants are said to be in receipt of sickness welfare benefits that they are not entitled to. However, if our government are anything to go by (which they most certainly are not) then there will always be fraudulent claimants unless the amount of people claiming these benefits is reduced to 0%! In other words, the increasingly sickening UK government believe that anybody who claims sickness benefits must be lying.

However, one of the most important facts to be completely ignored by DWP but noted by homeless charity Crisis is the fact that 32 people in the UK die each and every week after wrongly being kicked off sickness-related welfare benefits - effectively what DWP and ATOS Healthcare are doing is nothing more than legalized murder. Even more shocking is the fact that DWP have conveniently and obviously intentionally failed to report on the amount of claimants who go on to successfully appeal against the decision to have their welfare benefits stopped, resulting in completely inaccurate and purposely manipulated figures.

After the report, tabloid newspapers such as The Sun went on to falsely report that many of the claimants who had their welfare benefits stopped were "as fit as a fiddle" despite further research proving that they suffered with health conditions such as Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and degenerative mental health conditions.

In other words, DWP have (yet again) resorted to outright deceit - which is a criminal act and is against the law. DWP are nothing more than criminals yet we have no choice but to rely on these criminals to provide our welfare.

ATOS Healthcare

The reason DWP refers sickness benefit claimants to ATOS Healthcare for examination is actually nothing to do with healthcare at all, but is actually a disinformation campaign which works to strip away sickness-related welfare benefits away from as many people as possible - whether they are in need of them or not. The fact is that the GP's of these claimants have confirmed that they are unfit for work, yet instead of taking the advice of a qualified health professional, DWP refers claimants to ATOS Healthcare - the insurance company!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out why!

Despite our governments trying to portray the opposite (a criminal act once again), official research shows that the UK does not have more people on sickness-related welfare benefits than any other comparable economy. In actual fact, there are more disabled people working in the UK than in US, Canada, Australia and Germany.

According to statistical research originating directly from DWP, 3650 people who had claimed ESA (Employment & Support Allowance) were interviewed. Upon being examined by ATOS Healthcare just 10% of them were found to be 'genuinely' incapable of work. However, out of those who had been deemed fit for work, only 13% went on to find employment within the following six months. In addition, most of them went back to the very same place to work that they had left because of their illness.

The shocking fact of the matter is that companies such as A4E and ATOS Healthcare who have managed to strike up contracts with DWP are receiving hefty payouts (£9,500) for each person who signs off benefits because of them and it makes it clear why they are intentionally destroying the lives, health and families of people who already suffer with health issues. Effectively, what the UK government are going to do is exacerbate the health issues of ALL these people and make their health worse until ultimately they are left with blood on their hands in epidemic proportions and then there's the question of the treatment these patients are going to need on the NHS.

Are our governments really too blind and incompetent to see that the UK is going to end up in bloodshed and the government are the ones who are ultimately going to have to pay the price in the long run?

Yes, they obviously are!

It has even been suggested by some that these plans are part of a regime relating to the pseudo-scientific topic of eugenics. Have the UK government really resorted to this type of Nazi agenda despite there being no scientifically valid evidence that eugenics actually works?

by Sparkster


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