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Does Anyone Get the Picture Yet?

Updated on May 29, 2009

Did You Vote for Obama & Did he Mislead You?

Does anyone get the picture yet. Obama is not our president. He is not even you're president if you voted for him. He has made a 180 degree change since he arrived in Washington. We are living Chicago Politics which is not politics at all. It is Advanced Crime at its best. Capone would have been proud of him. For example: he gave Chevrolet how many billions: 15.5 I believe. Do you know how much money that is to put into a company thats going to fail anyway? Is he really that stupid or is he so full of himself that he thinks he can get away with anything, like failing to protect our country. How many of you citizens that are in business got a dime from Obama? I don't know anyone personally. Hey, that's just the tip of the iceberg. It makes me sick to believe you voted for a "deciple of disaster" (you saw it here first) to run the best country on the globe. He is only interested in padding his own pockets and getting re-elected. He cares not what happens to America, at all.

Now he wants to place a woman (that bothers me not) in The Supreme Court that "discombobulates" the Constitution like a bad grape(that does bother me). Chew it up, spit it out, and be done with it. I sure hope she does not make it. Let me ask you this. If there is a test to take, that involves saving lives, would you rather there be equal color or rather the people that took the test get the positions that passed the test, no matter the color. So, if you ever need them to save your life they will know what to do at that moment and won't have to be led by the hand, and instructed on how to do their job. You only get one chance when a life is involved. Well, that's the kind of judge she is. She does not care if its right or wrong or if its Constitutional, she just worries if the color is right and thats not meant to be the case of a Supreme Court Judge or any Judge. This is a huge decision. Obama does not give one "ioda" about the Constitution and this just solidifies my judgement of Obama and his Obamanites. He's a disgrace to the Country and if something is not done the country is going to be the loser. BIG TIME.

So, which companies that Obama threw all that money at is going to fold up next and the country not see a dime come back at them. I only hope Congress can see what idiots are running the Treasury Dept. now and they have not got a clue about anything.I would not even trust them with a paper route. Oh yea, the Newspapers want to be bailed out now and Obama will do that so he can use them as his vehicle to the public. Its called dictatorship!

I never thought I would quote Obama, but, I sure am "hoping for change" in a hurry folks before someone like North Korea takes us out, or we have a pocket nuke go off in one of our major cities. For our sake and our childrens sake I hope the change comes soon.

Lets see. When the subject was terrorism they said you could not print terrorism anymore. They called it "man made disasters".

When they gave Trillions to bailouts, they changed the subject to global warming.

When Pelosi opened her mouth and stuck her big fat foot in it, they changed the subject to Burris and started rousting a blackman. How bout' that. They have no rules.

Now N. Korea wanst to make a dunce out of Obama so he changes the subject to cyber threats. I can't imagine what he going to do when N. Korea lobs one over here. You think he will change the subject to the new dog in the Whitehouse. He sure has me baffled.


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