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President Donald Trump: My Views

Updated on May 15, 2020

The American President Donald Trump

The American president Donald Trump has his own ways how to run the country, whether is good or bad we do not know, so, we hope that everything turns out well.
The American president Donald Trump has his own ways how to run the country, whether is good or bad we do not know, so, we hope that everything turns out well.

Donald Trump, seen from down under

Welcome to our article (70) President Donald Trump, my views

Dear readers, these are the views of a simple man, looking at what is happening in the world and talk about what I see. One of the ways to do that is to follow important people. So, we are going to write about the new American President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has been busy the first ten days in his office as president. He comes on the news every time you turn on the TV, signing important documents. Looks like that he wants to run the USA his own way, which is completely different from the outgoing president Barak Obama administration, which did not do much at all. One of the most controversial document that he has signed, was banning entry to USA to people from several countries, this sudden banning caught many people off guard, even people that thought they were okay, because they had been in America before, and people that have their residence in America, and call themselves Americans, whether they had an American passport or not were stopped at the airports, most times just before they were leaving, so, this has inconvenienced many people, it created chaos and worries for these travelling people, since they did not see it coming.

My view here is like this, does the American President have all this power that can stop anything just by signing a document? This to me seems strange, because only a dictator can do that, but Donald trump in not a dictator, because he has been elected by the people, so, there are rules in the constitution that can limits is power.

Anyhow, when we look at the American news, from Australia the land down under, it is hard to say, if what is happening in America are good news or bad news. Because it is hard to see, if what is being done from President Trump, it is going to affect the safety and the economy and everything else, in a positive or negative way. We know that Donald Trump believes that what he is doing is going to make America great again, but that is what he believes and there is a good chance that he will succeed. But in my views, it is questionable, if this is the right way to do it.

In Australia, like in any other part of the world, people are not sure about what can happen next, you see, every time you change something drastically, it will affect other surrounding things; to what degree and to what effect they will change, we should wait and see. If it turns out to be good, then Donald Trump is great, if it turns out no good, then the American people have made the wrong choice, by giving America to President Donald Trump.


America of Donald Trump

Today a lot of people in the world are worried about what is happening in America, because America for a long time has been leading the western world, so, they are worried because, under Donald Trump leadership America is changing direction, so, people are protesting in America and in the rest of the western world, but they are getting nowhere, since Trump does not take any notice of them, he wants to run America as if it is a large business company. One of the main concerns that we see from here, is that he removes anybody from the executive that does not agree with him. These people he removes may be those people that have a good idea, about what could happen, if they do certain things the way Trumps wants them done, so, they speak out and Trumps removes them from office.

Now, whether Trumps is making a mistake by removing these people, we don’t know, because we need to wait and see the outcome of these actions. Anyhow, Trumps continues to sign document to change anything that he believes needs to be changed, believing that he is doing the right things, that need to be done, after all, he has been voted in by the people of America to be their President. So, the people that have voted him in, have accepted most of his policies that he is now signing and making them laws.

But that is not all, because while I am writing this article, President Trump and the prime minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull have had a conversation on the phone, about some refugees that America agreed to take under the Obama administration, so, while Trump says that he will honour that agreement, he then goes on tweeter and tweets that that was a dumb agreement, that Obama agreed to carry out. So, we wonder what is going to happen next. I believe that this issue is going to last a while.

Personally speaking, I like Donald Trump policies, because they are aimed at stopping this wave of unwanted emigrant, that pop up anywhere in the world. Mainly he wants to stop the Mexicans to cross the border into USA, and he wants to stop those people from the Middle East to come to America, because they can turn into terrorists and kill people and blow things up, so, he may have a good point there. But the way that he does those things make us all worried, because we have never seen it done this way.

Perhaps to understand why Donald Trump wants to do these things; we must look at what is happening in the world today, because in the world are happening strange things that a few decades ago, were thought to be wrong. The world today is going global, this globalization can make the world less safe, because there are too many terrorists that are taking advantage of it. So, I believe that this is one of the issues that have made President Trump do what he is doing. Now, let us look and discuss what else has changed that Donald Trump cannot accept, because we want to understand whether Donald Trump has got his policies right, or not.


What Trump may believe

In my opinion, President Donald Trump believes in running America the old capitalist ways and nationalist ways, he does not want globalization, because it creates two problems, one is that America is not isolated and independent anymore; two by letting people move freely from one country to another, creates lots of problems for everybody and specially America, so, he wants to stop it. Or keep it controlled like it was done a few decades ago, so, he is taking drastic measures by banning people to enter the USA, and he wants to build a wall at the boundary with Mexico, which would prevent more Mexicans coming to America illegally.

Now, let us try to understand why all these things are happening today, and how it all started to unfold, and the reasons that has created this large emigration problem, since in the past it was easy to control, and people accepted this control. But today this illegal emigration is a worldwide problem, you see, in Europe it is worse than America. It seems to me, that this illegal emigration has started in Europe, when they created the common market and people were free to move from one country to another if they were member of the common market. It worked well for a while, since there were only a few countries involved, and no outsiders were allowed in.

But then, things started to change, and more countries became members of the European Market, some of these countries that became members, had a lower wage and standard of living, so, their people being now free to move within the common market they did, but because the change was gradual, the common marked could absorb them without creating problems. This was the way of how all this free movement of people was accepted at that time. After a while, this movement of people became out of control, because people were allowed to come from far away countries, that don’t belong to the European Market. The world today is becoming an idealistic world, and people are free to go from one country to another. But this creates a lot of problems for the people themselves.

So, I believe that President Donald Trump, does not like to see America become a targeted country like Europe, where everybody wants to emigrate, because they see there is an advantage for being there. These people don’t care about the native people of the country they go to. So, President Donald Trump wants to stop uncontrolled migration, because of the problems they bring to the country they go to.

I believe that I have said enough in this article. See you in our next article, which is about, the Italian illegal emigration and the homeless. You see, people have already problems of their own. But now they have this illegal emigration problem as well. You see, they both need government help, so, the refugees create a bigger problem.

See you soon.



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