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Physical Confrontation: Don’t Be a Victim of Fear or Surprise_Practice Mindful Techniques

Updated on August 21, 2014

Mindful Techniques To Stand Up To The Bully

Violence, & the fear of bullying & verbal taunting from others, we all know are wrong; but aggression takes over at the best of times, although there doesn't seem much we can do at the time, because we are intimidated or surprised, and some victims may even freeze up in such circumstances.

It is not very nice when YOU are THE VICTIM!

Within a potential violent confrontation scenario there are usually three types of victim!

1: One who shows fear by becoming Intimidated by the aggressor?

2: One who does not become intimidated no matter what he or she faces, because they always have Hope & Trust In Their Own Ability.

3: & the third kind will be a Victim Of SURPRISE!

Whereas the nasty aspect of surprise is concerned, please read the article The Number 1 factor to Protect Yourself from Violence

The one who shows fear is more than likely to become attacked physically than the one who sticks up for him or herself!

This does not mean you have to get involved in a slanging match with your aggressor, no; you must be in total control of such situations by proving unto him that he should not mess with you.

By spotting the signs and Being Aware of the perceived danger, in the first instance, & by utilizing your own Personal Safety Space, with a practised Backup Plan Of Physical Activity, & how to protect yourself from therein, and to gain a certain attitude; you will already start to instil an energy, or a certain presence about you, that will become Predatory instead of victim mode. But to instil the VICTIM mode, your aggressor will pick up on.

Remember The Elvis Presley Song: If You're Looking For Trouble, You Came To The Right Place

Within this article you will realize elements which could either ignite & flare up, or prevent a potential assault from becoming physical there after, & by considering & becoming aware of these factors outlined, you will become much better prepared yourself.

Fear is a natural human response for our survival. Fear is created on the assumption of ‘danger towards one’s self’ from the outcome of a possible confrontation, & without adequate training both mentally & physically, fear alone can create a natural physical reaction whereas your body, physically, will either freeze up or hesitate within the perceived face of danger, which can prevent your ability, physically, to defend yourself, or to even run to become safe in such circumstances.

On the other hand, when one does not become intimidated, he or she will function more adequately both mentally & physically within scenarios of confrontation; because he or she does not fear the consequences of any injury to themselves, so this is not forefront on their minds, & he or she is more likely to be able to protect him or herself within a possible violent situation, because they see only hope in their success to control the situation.

For some, because of past experiences in their life & their own personal beliefs, they are already inept to not take any kind of intimidating behaviour from anyone else, no matter how aggressive or how big they are. But unfortunately, some may have a timid nature, therefore personal enforcement must be learned & acquired.

The first place to start protecting yourself begins in your imagination!

There are many techniques one can practice within the quietness & safety of one’s mind, & one of these is to mentally create violent confrontation scenarios whilst standing up to your aggressor successfully!

Face up to your fears, in your minds imagination! When you picture yourself in your mind’s eye standing up to intimidation, make sure you are breathing calmly & deeply & allow your adversary to shout, eyeball you, & vent out his red anger towards you, whilst you are aware of all of this.

Remain calm at his rant or deception, look at him as a clown or someone silly; and by practising regularly, you are aiding your mental expectations to better control your fear factor should you become involved within such confrontations, physically.

Find a self defence technique that work for you. Practice physically with a partner.

Just to recap;

1: The number one factor for self defence is-Become Aware At All Times & don’t become a victim of surprise!

2: Practice scenarios of possible violent confrontations in the quietness of your own mind, or even picture an actual event that as happened to you previously, whereas you have now come out the victor. Control your breathing so you are calm!

3: Find physical techniques that work for you, & regularly practice them with a partner!

Why not share your ideas in the comment box below?

Many regards

Dale Ovenstone Updated August 2014

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Prepare mentally so & you won't become the victim!

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    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 7 years ago from Wales UK

      Thank you so much Angela. I will be publishing many more articles on the subject but I want to start with the basics of awareness first because this is the most vital aspect to protect you & yours. Thanks for your comment. Dale

    • angela kekahu profile image

      angela kekahu 7 years ago

      I can totally relate as I have been a victim of violence. The part about surprise was very useful. Now that makes sense, that is why they are nice for a while(to catch you off guard). Although I was never taught this,I did stand up for myself and it really worked. I wish I could take your self defense class. Thank you for this Hub.