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How To Avoid_Protect Yourself from Physical Assault_De-escalation Technique

Updated on November 17, 2012

How to Protect Yourself from Violence Physical Attack Assault Bullying Mugging

After reading this you will have more insight of taking care of yourself within a potential no weapons, fighting conflict!

What I have to say here will upset a few people, & some will argue, what I have to say is wrong, so here is your chance, you can leave your own comments in the box below.

Some of you reading may already have some, or all of these qualities but I am sharing these traits, from experiences which have been tested personally, both physically, & more importantly emotionally, plus, by observing & researching real life violent incidents out in the street, & these safety measures that you would be wise to adhere to, are placed in random orders of importance so that everything clicks in for you, 'the guy or the girl, who would at least, like the opportunity to fight back,' instead of being a sitting duck, & get your arse kicked by dirty lowlifes because, I'm sure the information will help you out!

By Dale Ovenstone 2011

Here's my story, I'm a 50 year old ordinary guy wishing to live life by my own terms & conditions, this kind of life hasn't always been this way, just read my profile page on hubs HERE to get the full gist, but then I realised I'm not any ones' punch bag, I took control of my own life, I matured, so please read on because I'm sure you will pick up many important 'self protection/defence/defense gems along the way.

Nowadays, I am always inept in fighting fire with fire, actually, to be more precise, before the fire even escalates into a flame, nipping a possible threat, from another person STRAIGHT AWAY, as soon as it happens, before the seed of 'I got one up on him & I'm going to get him again when I see him next time' has escalated into something nastily & ongoing FOR THE FUTURE, &, this (nipping in the bud-give or take a few small incidences) is the only way I know, which has verified itself & strengthened over time, otherwise, on the other hand, I would be classed as 'giving in to the aggressor, & being owned' when ever the bully wants his violent fun out of me!

This is not for me, been there done that when I was a school kid & got ALL THE BULLYING'S, BEATINGS & HIDINGS one boy can take.

But here's the MOST important bit, NOWADAYS, I have actually de-escalated every single incident that has come upon me by another, an aggressor, or groups of aggressors, like past road rage incidences for instance, groups of guys hanging outside shops, or once I move into a new neighbourhood, trying their luck, & even, being challenged regularly by mono on mono, or groups of passengers, as I was taxi driving through the long nights Fridays & Saturdays, & any whom decided to pick a fight with me, only thing is, these bad guys have started bad intentions on me first hand, & the best part is, only to end the battle with nothing ever becoming physical after all! & I come out the victor!

There are reasons for this & I will share them with you here.

But did you know, Bullying, Fighting, Mugging, Assault, Happy Slapping & Physical Violence are happening constantly, I don't want to scare you but this is the reason I'm writing this piece, also, all these negativities are mainly committed by those without too much consideration or concern for your very safety, for you & for me, their victim? In other words, they don't give a toss about you!

herein, I am sharing with you information that should you wish to pursue, may aid you better from becoming a victim of violence, from any of the violent scenarios mentioned above.

I've experienced all situations as described & mainly, my need now is to share with you mental aspects of mind techniques & CONTROL of the SITUATION, when your there & then, you & him (or them) right on the spot alone in your situation, & your ability, to diffuse aggression before it ever becomes physical, you taking full control if you feel the possibility of a nasty escalation arising, thus preventing, a potential fight/assault, (action) taking place there after.

Even though you go about your daily duties with a casual sense of humour & an instant certain respect for others you meet, until they prove to you otherwise.

& this Safety measure just in case you missed it here it is.....

For you to believe within yourself that you will handle the situation-& for you to portray this belief into your aggressor, to easily realise it for himself that you will control the situation & come out best.....

SO HE KNOW'S, that he, may have chosen, the wrong victim to pick on....

Here it is put differently-'You PORTRAY, that YOU can Handle the current situation' within any confrontation situation)

& this safety measureall starts with your personal beliefs about yourself, (more in, your abilities about yourself, within possible aggressive situations) you have to create a certain authority for yourself, set yourself limits to what you are willing to put up with, & standards of how far you will let another go before you take appropriate action, & more importantly, practice how you will handle the situation! You have to practice both physical techniques of unarmed defence with others, & even more importantly still, mentally practice, regularly, preparing yourself, in your mind, for possible assaults!

By doing this, you are instilling a kind of confidence of YOUR OWN ABILITIES!

As a side note, did you know, martial arts sparring, boxing, heavy play fighting etc. many contact sports & body trainings & rough playings where you hit, & GET HIT, although, has many positivity's in creating scenarios & practices for looking after yourself in the street, thus, better prepares you for real violence in the street, but get this...

The more you do get hit, or caught with a blow, the less likely that if you do get hit in a real life situation, (a fight) the less of a shock you'll receive to your mind & body, & the more likely you will be able to continue dealing with the situation without becoming flustered too much....

There are a quite a few more important factors that need to be considered for survival & these will be discussed herein, & best for you is to practice these outlined steps.

But first-Imagine yourself as. & the role you play in this world your living, as adapting to being, & always being, the, 'survival of the fittest!'

I know its a shame to look at life this way but this is society we live in today-&-WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN, & it can't be helped. Unfortunately, that's just the way it is.

& if your a law abiding citizen minding your own business,going about your day, & someone decides to step up because of whatever reason he is pissed off with you, you got to look at him with disrespect but treat him openly whilst being calm, in control, focused & mentally sharp!

In other words: you have to be Safety measure ALERT!

Its really amazing, & even shocking where, or when, a possible assault can take place.

it doesn't matter your age, your sex, your looks, or anything else for that matter because, if someone has it in for you, whether the assault is planned, or, whether the violence takes place instantly, on the spur of the moment, WITH SURPRISE your aggressor will more than likely attempt to physically assault or to batter you because......

They could be either normal thinking, not quite thinking straight, drugged up, or even drunk, but they will be defiantly have this in the front of their mind.....

they think, (or should I say, in their own mind, they know.................they can take you!)

Yes, silly isn't it? But that's the truth!

Until that is, you mentally prove, they can't!

There it is did you spot it? that safety measure once again?

When you TAKE control of the situation-because someone just started on you, you seem, to your assailant, to be a person that shouldn't be messed with-your aggressors perception towards you has suddenly changed! & what should happen is-your assailant becomes confused, slightly shocked maybe & he's realising now, he has chosen the wrong one, because you, give strong vibes out, as, having confidence of your own abilities to sort the problem in your very own favour, at any second you choose-possibly by, need I say it, giving your aggressor the impression you can easily give him an hiding of his life, if he don't back off right now!)

& this is just an impression, that you can practice mentally, within yourself, for possible future scenarios, so that it becomes your energy that you portray, to your aggressor! You become bold in your own mind & you practice standing up for yourself!

And by practising mental techniques like this, you become prepared, & the more your prepared, the more confidence you build!

Now all of the above, may sound violent to you but, the aim of this information is to realise some mental techniques & mind control to handle the situation & to incorporate these techniques into your very being, & then to be utilized for a special purpose only.

As you know, before anything physical can take place, the potential pre-action, (the on start of a full on fight) all begin as a flurry of thoughts in the mind, yours & his, causing reactions, thus, understanding these concepts above, would possibly enable you to diffuse physical violent situations without any kind of physical violence taking place what so ever!

It's kind of like, your fighting your opponent with your mind (& when you beat him in your mind, with your powerful energy-you beat him for real)-knowing, for sure, for definite, you take steady calm confident control above all intimidation from him, no matter how he try's to scare you .

So, just to re-cap on this safety measure- You create for yourself a mental philosophy, become a street warrior, a person that can handle him/her self, you must have, an energetic vibe of confidence, that relays to your aggressor, your own abilities, (your mental powers are stronger than his) to enable you, to take charge of this current situation, stopping the threat escalating, or the potential situation, of physical violence happening to you from him.

In a way, you turn the scenario around, now you are more assertive, he is more submissive!

But is this what happens in a real violent scenario?

Now, I believe, all what I have just said above is a load of crap!

None of these safety measures alone won't keep you one hundred percent safe.....

Until, you incorporate the safety measure of EXPECTANCY!

Even though I'm a major believer in the law of attracting like for like, I don't like to attract trouble, although, I do practice expectancy.

You must always keep an air of expectancy about, & around you, to realise, where ever you are, who ever you are, there is a possibility, that, unfavoured negative action can take place...

it's always possible, you never know......

but, this don't mean you sitting on edge all about your days activities, getting intimidating looking & all that, trying to look hard & all no, to be expectant, softly & covertly, is to be humble, be considerate for others point of view & very importantly, be AWARE!

Safety measure AWARENESS probably, in my book, the highest ranking Safety measure once can instil into one's persona, energy, self! No matter who you are, what you have trained in or how you can look after yourself, if your not aware, you will be defeated.

And that lack of awareness perceived by your instigator will be his cue to take the leading role!

So, read on, & from today onwards, become even more aware.

Confidence, in your role to handle current situations!

Now, its not for me to instil confidence inside you, enabling you to portray it out to others, this is up to you to do better yourself within your arsenal of human weaponry for you to be able to use your fighting skills & tools to your own advantage (just in case you need them-& by practising physically, you will start to instil the confidence of 'do not mess with me because I can take care of myself & I won't give a damn about you' attitude, persona, energy, authority, that you require!)

And we can practice all this by incorporating the so far discussed Safety measures of practising physical techniques, practising mental scenarios, being more alert, & definitely, being more aware especially where a perceived threat is inevitable.

But where a confrontation is concerned just try to accept it for what it is, 'do not question why you are picked on or attacked, because, an assault can happen to you, to me, to your friends or even your neighbours at any time, &, for any reason, that you cannot even fathom out as to why sometimes, that you have, or are about to, become the victim of violence.' because by the time you are standing there thinking why me, you may, unfortunately, already are about to be hit if you haven't as yet!

So what I'm saying is,

Self defence, or self defense or even self protection is a must for those whom seek to enlighten themselves, & hopefully, practised by the most humblest of people for good only.

These Safety measures are are just the basics of self protection that could even prevent a fight from breaking out in the first place, although, unfortunately for some of us, a fight will take place regardless.

But practice the steps here regardless!

There are many reasons why one does become attacked, even if you know what these reasons are or not.

The assault upon you could be because of either your own doing towards someone else, or maybe personal reasons from the instigator that has nothing to do with you at all, or even unbalanced disorders, your aggressor holds in his or her mind that you have no control of.

Also alcohol & drugs are highly considered as a fuel to prepare someone to become violent & want to fight you as too are certain medical conditions that an aggressor has.

But there are more techniques you can use at your disposal to help in your process of not becoming a victim & this next piece of information will arm you with another important trait to consider for your very own personal safety because many physical assaults happen successfully, by the very nature of the element of SURPRISE!

Safety measure SURPRISE!

Surprised? Well you should be because this is the ammo that will always give your aggressor or bully the edge over a fighting situation compared to you, but you need to become aware of your situation, by being alert, expecting the explosion could go off any split second now, & counter act this assault preventing it from happening by taking control of the situation by following & practising the steps above!

But surprise, what a bummer heh? Iv'e seen it many a times, wow, he didn't even see it coming, & you know what, these folk that had it coming missed one very important piece of knowledge, they were too darned close to the aggressor.

We all have our own safety space Safety measure SAFETY SPACE!

OK so what have we learned so far?

Your becoming bolder, more street aware, more alert of your surroundings, to those around you, you've practised fighting boxing or the arts, you practice mental techniques where your imagining scenarios in your mind, standing up to the aggressor, where you focus coldly & calmly right between his eyes beating him down mentally, you know you handle yourself.....

But if you don't have your own personal safety space, & have to balls to keep him out of there, there will be just that small amount of chance your agressor will have the slight upper hand.

So remember guys, practice your safety space for it will serve you well!

Albeit, where as surprise is concerned you may have seen that blow coming once it has already connected to you & then it will be too late, or you may have not realized it yet until you have already been hit, & if the latter makes sense you were either surprised or even, un-expecting, of such a violent situation occurring towards you in the first place.

So always remember surprise, & the further you are away from him, the harder he will find you to hit.

Your number one factor within situations of conflict, or even possible conflict, above anything else, is AWARENESS!

Awareness will always take away the element of surprise once practised with the Safety measures within!

Once you become aware of your own vulnerability within your surroundings & the people involved therein, you are readily starting to protect yourself by becoming expectant of the possibility of violence happening in the first place.

There are cases everyday of mindless violence muggings & assaults on ordinary innocent folk & I’m going to give you samples just for your consideration.

You could be relaxing within a group of your very own friends! Laughing & having a good time & drinking a few beers, then suddenly, without warning, one friend will get up & smack his mate for something that was said or done. So this could become a scenario that you will have to become aware of yourself. Another sample is, you could be out & about, in front of many other people going about doing their thing, then suddenly, without provocation someone takes a side swipe at you for no apparent reason what so ever.

With this in mind, an assault can happen at any time, at any place night or day, even if you know your aggressor or not, even in the most unlikely places where you would not expect an assault to occur.

& once you become aware of this fact of your own vulnerability coupled with the people involved with your surroundings, you must consider your awareness & utilize all of your senses of intuition, eyesight & listening & this will open up a completely new predatory mindset of not becoming a victim of surprise & it would also do you well to learn some form of self defense to aid in protecting yourself further to take away that element of surprise & for you to learn how to control the situation instead of your aggressor controlling you.

You may also find this article interesting Don’t Become a Victim of Violence through Fear

Want to keep updated so you can get the latest cutting edge information? Just sign up & follow me HERE to get the news directly as it happens.

Remember, stay safer by becoming more aware.

Dale Ovenstone.

Despite the title this covers all your protection needs!


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