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Gangs and Drugs

Updated on June 9, 2013

Drugs are of varies but the term here is NARCOTICS.

These are very strong substances that causes addiction and capable of pushing it's user to commit crime in order to obtain it. It can be of any form, powder, tablet, liquid, solid, grass etc. But the basic thing is that no matter it's form, it is highly dangerous and is considered a contra ban substance. Drugs of any nature is self destructive and one good example of these drugs is COCAINE.

Cocaine the mother of all drugs...


Cocaine can be found all over the world in the hands of man and woman, rich and poor,old and young but the actual origin of these killer substance can be traced to South and Central America, places like Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Panama. These are areas where the coca leave,a major raw material for the production of Cocaine flourishes. Then from these places, it is exported to places in Asia, Africa, USA, Europe, Australia etc.

Cocaine and it's likes such as Heroine plays major role in human destruction. The destruction of a man's mind set can be caused by the consumption and addiction to cocaine.

Cocaine trade is a multi billion venture in the sense that so many people from all works of life engage in the trade. You can see drug dealers highly placed in our societies, they are in various cooperate institutions, Government agencies, Law Enforcement bodies, Religious bodies, Political groups.

There are drugs dealers in the fore front of World leadership and this is the reason why it is classified an ORGANIZED CRIME. The success of this highly dangerous trade is determined by two major players

1. Cartel

2. Gang

Drugs and Gangs.

Can drug deal be destroyed?

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We are talking of drug cartel and this is nothing but criminal organizations developed with the primary purpose of promoting and controlling drug trafficking operations. Then from this top level we come down to the second player GANGS.

Gang is a group of recurrently associating individuals or close friends with identifiable leadership and structural organization, claiming control over territory in a community, and engaging either individually or collectively in violent or other forms of illegal behavior.

In the cartel we find:


and in the gang unit we find



Drugs is destroying the world

Countries like USA spend billions of dollars annually in the fight against drugs

Drug trafficker are getting more sophicated

Drug trafficking contributes to the high crime rate all over the World.

I don't mean to offend anyone with this hub but the truth is that known and notorious drug barons such as Pablo need to be mentioned.

Drugs and Gangs are highly related and without one the other cannot function that is why in our societies, you see people like Inspector Brown, these are elements that hide under the umbrella of the Law enforcement bodies and work for the Don by controlling and protecting folks like Snoop.

Don sits on the cooperate chair and give his directives and commands.

Why is Africa considered a drug zone?

Africa is not a drug zone,although there is the presence of all sorts of drugs in countries in Africa.However, they are not cultivated, refined,processed and produced in there. There is no good climate for the cultivation of neither the coca nor the opium leaves in any country in Africa.

Countries like Nigeria in particular stand on the top list of drug countries but can someone tell me where coca is grown in Nigeria. There are drug barons in Nigeria like in so many other countries and there are junkies as well but listing Nigeria as a drug country is nothing but the strong bullying the weak.

Point at the right direction because your treachery turned our football fields into battle fields and today almost all the countries in Africa is ravaged by gang war.

We have Production units

We have transit Units

We have consuming units

Let us all stand for our rights

Let us all stand against drugs and gangs

Let us all stand with one heart

Let the prudent point at the right direction

It is high time we start thinking TRANSFORMATION

We can all collectively do it by embracing transformational approaches towards the development of our societies at large

Everything has to change

Drugs and Gangs

Your first step might be your last



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