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Duel Citizenship

Updated on February 15, 2012

Flag of Israel

False Flag?
False Flag? | Source


I pose this question: how many Senators and Congressmen in the US have duel citizenship with Israel?

I ask because, to me, there must be some driving force behind the US governments Middle East policies. More than can perhaps be explained than the largest lobby in Washington.

For the United States to base all its Middle East policy on the protection of Israel, seems excessive to the point of radical.

To say the policy is about the need for oil is a crock. The US could easily buy more than enough oil for its needs, outside of the Middle East, Canada and Mexico are already 2 of the 3 biggest suppliers to the US.

To say that the policy is about control of nuclear weapons, also seems like a crock.

The “fairy tale” goes that if some of these Middle Eastern countries were to acquire nuclear weapons, they could sell them to terrorists.

Let’s face it, Israel is responsible for more terrorist acts [bombings and killings outside of their own country] than any other Middle East country and America GAVE it nuclear weapons.

Nuclear Weapons

Misplaced | Source


If a country like Iran did develop nuclear weapons, they still do not have the capability to use them to strike the US and if they had, they know it would create a response that would annihilate them. They also know that to use them against Israel would bring a similar response. So what is all the fuss about?

The fact is that they do not want them as a first strike weapon, they want them as a deterrent from Israel using them as a first strike. It is Israel that has broken and ignored more United Nations resolutions than any other country. It is Israel that has shown the least regard for other countries concerns, even America’s.

It is Israel that takes covert actions, such as assassinations and bombings, posed as CIA agents, creating hatred towards the US.

As for terrorists acquiring nuclear grade material: the US has already “misplaced” enough to arm all the terrorist groups. Even the break up of the Soviet Union probably caused less “misplaced” material.

How far back do these losses go? Remember it was the US that first armed Al Qaida and the Taliban.

Middle East

It would seem that somebody somewhere is provoking a war between the West and the Middle East.

The dethroning of the dictators in Egypt, Libya and possibly Syria are leading to more radical Islamic leaderships creating more “logs for the fire”.

Who stands to gain?

Israel would be the immediate and first answer. However there could be one other. The wealthy elitists who secretly control the US government may be seeking more power by controlling all the major oil fields.

I wonder how many of these elitists also have duel citizenship.


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    • profile image

      aaaaa 5 years ago

      Ask a typical american how many were killed in the Holocoust and you are sure to get the standard response. Now ask how many americans were killed ending clue.

      Who are the Nazis now?

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      The problem with the countries you cited is their oil reserves (Iran and Iraq have the biggest proven reserves).

      I believe that Israel and America form an alliance. I hardly believe that one manipulates the other.

      As for the duel citizenship, Malher is the perfect example of the typical Israeli-"American"!

      Good hub!

    • lovemychris profile image

      Yes Dear 5 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      I agree. There is another force running parrallel in America, and it's not for our benefit.

      They have the money and the media to scare people off....and 330 memeber of OUR gvt sent a letter to Israel vowing to support her no matter what.

      This is not gvt by democracy, or a constitutional republic...this is a foreign gvt holding our country hostage, IMO.

      Likud gvt breaks the law and no one does a thing about it.

      Brutality and persecution on the Palestinians....

      It's Holocaust guilt I think. They use it as a means for the world to ignore their own actions. Well, now they are the ones committing the atrocity...

      And we are helping them.

      I personally don't believe any dual citizen should hold office.

      For--you can always wonder: where does their loyalty lie?