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Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus Predictions 2011: Investments and Hope

Updated on February 10, 2013
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Keith Schroeder writes The Wealthy Accountant blog with 30 years experience in the tax field. He is the tax adviser of Mr. Money Mustache an

Stock Market and Other Investments

The stock markets in Europe, Asia, and North America will rally smartly in 2011. The Dow Jones Industrial Average will peak on August 8th before correcting 8% and the collapsing 98% after the October Surprise and natural disasters. Interest rates will increase a small amount as the economy grows. The dollar will rise and commodity prices will decline by modest amounts. Do not attempt to sell short the stock market in August. The collapsing economy means you will never get paid for your winning trade.


The predictions above are not set in stone. The human race can change course before it is too late. Even the Yellowstone eruption can be averted. The United States government will be contacted in late 2011 by an advanced alien race. The public will not be informed.

The October Surprise will lead to the 2014 nuclear strike on 37 cities around the world. Better to live in London or Paris or New York City or Beijing on that fateful day. Better to die fast than suffer slow. Stealth and missile technology will make things easier. There will not be time to pray or cry. One second you are going about life, the next you don’t exist except as a small amount of wind blown dust.

Human life does not end in 2014. It ends in 2017 after the launch of 3891 nuclear weapons. Human life will persist with the benevolent aliens that make contact. Human numbers will be small, fewer than 10,000.

Yet, it does not need to end this way. We can change. There is time. All we must do is think of others before ourselves. Love instead of greed. I know it is a long shot, but it can be done. If only a few carry out this exercise the entirety of humanity can survive. The aliens will become public knowledge in 2019 if we make it that far. Otherwise, we are just a pale remnant in a galactic zoo of failed societies.




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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I wasn't familiar with Edgar Cayce until reading this. Now I'll certainly have to investigate him further.

      He's caught my interest, lol.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is the funniest science fiction story that I've ever

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Unreal and impossible, I have read most of Nostradamus and Cayce and never saw such wild hogwash, where is it?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is very interesting, Id like to say I agree about the stock market collapse, but when stock market goes down commodities go up, Oh i dear hope so, i bought a hell of a lot of silver. Nostradamus predicted the month of may to be a great earthquake.


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