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Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus Predictions 2011: Terrorism and Middle East

Updated on March 1, 2014
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Keith Schroeder writes The Wealthy Accountant blog with 30 years experience in the tax field. He is the tax adviser of Mr. Money Mustache.

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What starts out as a gift ends in the ultimate terrorist attack. No one is safe. Starting in June 2011 a new discovery offers the opportunity to end illegal drug use worldwide. The first deaths begin in June and escalate from there.

It sounds confusing at first, but will become clear as everything is exposed. The first illegal drug users begin dying in June 2011 in New York City. The unexplained deaths quickly spread around North America and the world. At first authorities can not explain what is happening. Even first time drug users die when using only a minor amount of heroin or cocaine. The deaths spread to marijuana and other illegal drugs. Drug users either die or get treatment. Drug dealers go out of business as their customers die and new customers do not exist.

The medical community discovers that the deaths are the result of a DNA sequence inserted into the human genome. The sequence did not exist before anywhere in nature. Some hail the new human genetics as an act of God, saving the human race from the devastating effects of illegal drug use.

Governments around the world understand the real risk. The DNA sequence is designed and all fingers point to a California lab owned by a wealthy entrepreneur contracted by the U.S. military to create bio weapons. So you know this man when he enters the news I will give you his initials: M. H.

The law of unintended consequences sets in. Many useful pharmaceuticals now kill patients rather than comfort or heal them. The list of forbidden drugs grows before M. H. is stopped. The debate will rage for years if M. H. is a hero or a sadistic serial killer. By 2014 the illegal drug trade is gone.

Another law of unintended consequences is that other terrorist groups know it is possible to create similar bio weapons. A faction of Al-Qaeda uses the DNA template now in every human’s blood stream as a guide to create more bio weapons. Like M. H., Al-Qaeda will use a modified flu virus to spread their weapon.

The first wave will strike fair skinned people of Northern European descent. Two hundred eighty three million will die before a vaccine is found and distributed. The Great Lakes and its complete watershed will be rendered unfit for human consumption later in 2013.

People will live in bliss in 2011. Only officials will suspect the horror about to be unleashed. Attempts to contain the genetic disaster will grow until the news media spreads fear with their dire news and forecast. Fox News will lose every newscaster to the DNA time bomb. Young journalists will have plenty of job opportunities.


The October Surprise

On October 28, 2011 the world will wait for the end of everything. A nuclear device is detonated over the Iranian city of Bushehr, the location of Iran’s nuclear reactor. At first no one knows how the device is delivered. Stealth and missile technology are combine so that there is no warning. All is OK and then the nuclear blast. As impossible at it seems at the time, nuclear nations contact each other and agree not to launch their weapons. It is the first nuclear attack on a civilian target since WW II. Humanity will need to wait until 2014 before 37 cities are annihilated by nuclear blast.

It is later discover that Israel was responsible for the attack on Bushehr. The suspicion that Israel has nuclear weapons is over. The world will be buffeted by one natural disaster after another after the nuclear blast. Religious belief will grow as many spread the word that God is angry will mankind. Religious fanaticism will also spread and heighten.


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    • profile image

      ROB 6 years ago

      Still, waiting for the nuke in Iran. What gives? False prophet I guess..

    • profile image

      Laobai 6 years ago

      Come on man,give me a break, Marijuana is a plant that grows in the ground, it's not a drug. How can it be suddenly poisoned? Impossible, what are you over there smoking back in the USA? I don't want any, but it can't just be grass....

    • IntimatEvolution profile image

      Julie Grimes 6 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

      Okay, can somebody explain this all to me? Are these actual predictions?

    • profile image

      benBelial 6 years ago

      Creepy shit this drugs-dna-weaponry-kill-everyone stuff...

      3 weeks ago 2 guys in Belgium died of cocaine, though nobody knows why exactly. That's why they made it into the newspaper - sry, don't ask me which one, heard that from word of mouth

      also, check this out: pay attention to the neurologists name and the end of the article (it's a really short one)

      forfeit your illusions and false hopes


    • profile image

      Ibeleiveitsallcoming 7 years ago

      How many of you use a municipal water source? How many get the flue vaccine?, and yes and the food supply. I dont think anyone will be safe unless you are self sufficant. Grow your own food and clean your own water and do not trust those that say thay are here to help (i.e. the Government) . Hey how many air born sicknesses are there . People; it can so happen, we all need to wake up.

    • profile image

      ScienceNerd 7 years ago

      Not so far fetched. There are new technologies that seek to vaccinate populations of poor countries by integrating the vaccines in crops. If you search the scientific literature you'd find this has been researched and is possible. So easiest way to "vaccinate" or introduce a biological agent to the majority of the population is the food supply.

    • profile image

      TheRightOne 7 years ago

      So all illegal drug users are gonna die? So which man-made laws are these magical DNA sequences gonna obey then, lol? Am I immune from all this if I just pop over to Antarctica where there are no laws? So, people who sit and smoke cannabis are all going to die out, whilst alcoholic wife beaters are kept safe, yeah? And how are they going to inject every single one of us with this DNA sequence? Why is it, in 4 months time they can use DNA as a weapon, yet they still can't cure aids, even though they've found a man who genetically predisposed to be immune to it? Do your research properly and you'd be a good science-fiction writer :)

    • profile image

      SereneShadow 7 years ago

      Sounds like a really good book!

    • Shadowblack profile image

      Shadowblack 7 years ago from England

      Alternatively the politicians will listen to the medical advise and legalise all drugs. Results will be the same (apart from the mass-death thing) with dealers going out of business, governments raking in the taxes and users buying pure, clean drugs.

      Destroy alcohol - cultivate cannabis. Stoner's don't pick fights.

    • profile image

      Mr. X 7 years ago

      Sound like a hollywood movie script

    • profile image

      Looker 7 years ago

      Either you are the luckiest guy in the world or your M. H. is the Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak. I'm bookmarking this to see if you are for real.