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President Obama 's Re-election

Updated on November 24, 2016

Republicans lost in 2012,looks like they defeated themselves

The republican party lost the 2012 election because they chose to appease the extreme wing of their party, and a candidate that could have been a moderate and capture votes across party lines and even attract independent voters picked up the rhetoric of the tea party and the extremists and allowed President Obama and the democratic party to again have a consolidated democratic electorate as well as have a majority of independents , women,grow the percentage of hispanic voters and minority in general, and rightfully portray the republican party as the party of bigots, racists and xenophobes.Has the republican party sunk deep enough to recognize it must fight to become a big tent party again and not the party of a vociferous minority? That is a question we wont be able to answer until the next election cycle begins.

They definitely could,given the right circumstances.

Which is pretty lame,if you take into account how vulnerable the current president is,with a struggling economy,the highest unemployment rate in decades,an inability to present to the country in a clear and coherent way all the accomplishments of his administration, but rather showing it in bits and pieces,The Bin Laden case,The auto industry rescue,The Obamacare which had been attempted for decades and failed before every time,and the list goes on. So the republican party, has to just hope that the economy remains sluggish or worsens and unemployment doesn't fall under eight percent,and when i say hope i mean try to help the recession as much as possible , as they have been since Obama took office, in a way that is as shamelessly presented by most of the main republican leaders , by saying that the main goal was to make sure Obama was a one term president, and would be defeated in the next election as soon as the previous election took place entering an endless electoral cycle as it is recklessly damaging to the country as a whole.So the Republicans could end up blowing an almost certain opportunity to regain the White House ,by overreaching, overplaying their hand and overconfidence ,and who should they mostly have to thank for this?there are two main elements that have put the Republican Party in this situation the Tea Party, and the Talking heads, who both have taken the Republican Party hostage as well as the country.Why is it fair to blame the Tea Party and the Talking heads for the possibility of the Republicans blowing their almost sure electoral victory?First of all for the abolition of the big tent Party,and the notion that the dissatisfaction of the majority of voters with the congress and the senate and government in general would lead to the embracement of moderates and independents of extreme right wing ideology, this is clearly a misreading in some cases unintentional and in others intentional of the current political mood of the country, simply because a lot of the people who are currently unhappy with the state of things are not in agreement with the tea party or the right wing nuts but are on the contrary diametrically opposed to them and are dissatisfied with an administration that was unable to carry out it's policies and programs when it did have the White House, the senate and the house of representatives because of its persistence in looking for compromise with an opposition party that was obviously and clearly pursuing other objectives, mainly electoral victory and regaining the presidency.Another contribution of these culprits is creating a climate where any candidate that would almost surely win a presidential election against such a vulnerable president is not in the running.The fact that Mitch Daniels for example was destroyed as a candidate because of his unwillingness to worship at the Limbaugh altar discouraged any other nonextreme right candidate to even present himself on the primary field.I strongly believe this is the main reason why Christie is not in the running, because he would have had two alternatives , either to emasculate himself and after the first confrontation do the pilgrimage and apologize as other prominent republicans have done in recent years and therefore losing one of his main attractive characteristics or just tell the Emperor to go F himself and provoke his wrath which means in a republican primary to have twenty million votes against you right off the bat.So back to the title, can the republicans win in 2012 ? the answer is " yes they can" i guess they still have a fifty-fifty chance in an instance where it should have been a slam dunk in their favor.


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