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Election 2016 . The Best Strategy To Win .

Updated on June 26, 2016

One of these could be our next president.

Hillary 2016 . Our next president ?

Four More Years . Democrats moving the country forward .

As the 2016 presidential election approaches , a thought I've had for many years comes back to me ,and in all these years I still haven't seen a democratic candidate or strategist address this issue or even seem to be aware of this potentially successful strategy , that is so simple I guess is why they fail to see.The reality is that the pool of voters both major political parties have at their disposal is advantageous in favor of the democratic party,but in reality when push comes to shove a lot more people on the republican pool of voters go and vote for the republican candidate whomever he happens to be.And to give credit where credit is due this has been a great success the republican strategists have had for a long time ,because they have been able to use their political allies, and even their political adversaries in many cases to convince vast sectors of the population that would be inclined to vote for the democratic candidate that voting is a waste of time, that politicians are all corrupt, that the democratic candidate when in power hasn't fulfilled the promises he made to his constituents ( of course they fail to mention that the reason for that is the gridlock they create via filibuster and any mean available) and voters,that government is the enemy and is just trying to pick your pockets, so why bother getting involved in politics or even voting?In the last presidential election Obama was able to poke some holes in this tried and true republican strategy mainly because he was a candidate we hadn't seen since Reagan, and was able to mobilize not only the base of the democratic party, but reach moderates independents, increase the latino vote, and motivate a large number of young and first time voters to actually go and vote for him.So the republican brains immediately recognize this fact and are not going to let this take an election away from them again, that is why for the last couple of years they have focused on making sure voting is more difficult for the elderly,minorities and young voters, adding more requirements for people to be able to vote.Think about it , if many democratic voters already didn't bother to vote when all they had to do is walk a couple of blocks to the voting booth,how many more voters will not vote if they have to spend money and a day running around to acquire whatever documents or forms or ID is needed to vote now? Suppress the vote,or at least discourage the vote is the name of the game, and the republicans are good at it,they have to be, their winning an election depends on it.

So finally, here it is , the path to victory in 2016

What the Democratic strategists should propose as a major part of the campaign is ONE + ONE for Hillary . One + One for a Democratic Congress and Senate . It is possible to put an end to the " Do Nothing " congress.

One + One for Hillary = Hillary in 2016

So far the democratic strategy has been a jigsaw strategy by targeting individual constituencies,and mobilizing the base, this has been successful as the latino vote,the gay vote, the women's vote,the minority vote,are all solidly supporting the democratic candidate,assisted of course by a republican party and candidate that has been seen as hostile to the aforementioned groups and justifiably so.So now what the Democratic campaign needs to do to defeat the attempts to suppress the vote and its own voter apathy is to roll out ONE + ONE For Hillary. Encourage every single democratic voter to add one voter for Hillary , for the democratic party , we all know someone who would vote for the democratic candidate if they ever made it to the voting booth , bring one such person to vote with you , or someone who has bought the republican line of all politicians are the same and show him how that is not the truth . If you are a Hillary supporter all you have to do is add ONE VOTE to yours to ensure a Democratic victory in 2016 .

Is the Republican party trying to suppress the vote of minorities ?

Do you believe the republican party is trying to suppress the minority vote ?

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    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 3 years ago from Uruguay

      It all depends on how much damage Ted Cruz and the other extremists inflict on their own party .

    • wetbaknproud profile image

      wetbaknproud 3 years ago from new jersey

      Even though the republican field of candidates is much stronger than in 2012 ,the election in 2016 is the Democrats' to lose .