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Engineering Prophetic Fulfilment

Updated on August 29, 2014

The "business" of prophecy

This is an image of the end of the world as seen by a Biblical illustrator.
This is an image of the end of the world as seen by a Biblical illustrator.
Every civilized group has its visions of the future and some of widely varying cultures have similar views.
Every civilized group has its visions of the future and some of widely varying cultures have similar views.
This is a literal view of how the rapture will occur. The rapture idea only became well established in the 19th century.
This is a literal view of how the rapture will occur. The rapture idea only became well established in the 19th century. | Source
This is an illustration created from the pages of Revelation in the Bible concerning the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The word apocalypse is translated revealing.
This is an illustration created from the pages of Revelation in the Bible concerning the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The word apocalypse is translated revealing. | Source
This Hopi etching in stone has been interpreted in a variety of ways to indicate great changes for the future. Great changes will indeed occur, some engineered and many from natural occurences.
This Hopi etching in stone has been interpreted in a variety of ways to indicate great changes for the future. Great changes will indeed occur, some engineered and many from natural occurences.
One of the big ideas today is the Dec. 2012 Mayan prophecy concerning the end of the long count. There is some dispute about the date.
One of the big ideas today is the Dec. 2012 Mayan prophecy concerning the end of the long count. There is some dispute about the date.
This popular image is of Daniel's vision. The question is, was it written before or after the events?
This popular image is of Daniel's vision. The question is, was it written before or after the events? | Source

Creating a prophetic script may be closer to the truth than we think

Since virtually the dawn of civilization and he division of people into casts and classes, there has been a campaign to control the masses in order to maintain power, wealth and privileges like freedom. Control is usually mediated through ignorance, terror and a convincing show. Most religions in the world have a strong dose of terror in them. This terror is to scare people into compliance so that the rulers can live wanton lives while everyone else has to be austere, living on the starvation edge of poverty, almost homeless, in filth, disease and unwashed. It helps the cause of the rulers if they have the ability to predict some terror event like Armageddon. The start was innocent enough, such as the ability to predict eclipses and other natural events. But this evolved into a complex science where whole cultures were organized in order to create a self fulfilling prophetic agenda. We can read accounts of this in the world's sacred literature. Archeologists have since uncovered evidence that put flesh and bone history of stories formerly considered mere myth. One such case is the story of the Trojan War. Another is found in the New Testament. Ancient technology has been uncovered that shows that superior knowledge was used as a means of control over the ignorant.

There is in many diverse culture, a common thread that runs throughout, whether we talk about Egypt, India, the Jewish and Christian account, Asian, First Nations legends of other ancient accounts like Sumeria, the Persians, Greeks and other now dead cultures. That common thread tells of creation, a flood event, a savior figure, a virgin, battles against light and dark, saints, devils, a cataclysmic end and a new creation. Admittedly, some of the images are from the catastrophes unleashed by nature in times that are hard even for the best to forecast. These are not the events we are considering at this juncture. What is under the microscope here is the agendas created by an elite that sometimes incorporate natural disasters in order to effect their rule and to convince the overwhelming majority that they are gods and responsible for the details of the flow of history that affects everyone. These self appointed gods demand sacrifice in return for benefits to be granted by a benign nature that may or may not manifest.

It has been the goal of many scholarly and well educated person to understand the cycles of the sky and earth so well that they can predict great events well in advance for various ends. Some wanted genuine understanding while the unscrupulous sought power to effect control for personal gain. Among the very best were the Maya, Christian scholars and scientists. It has also been the goal to be able to use the very forces of nature in direct control to effect a desired result. Among the best were those who knew how to use available resources to effect a variety of changes whether external of changes of perception. By these means, these people could mold events around natural ones, or create a spectacular show of their own according to a set agenda.

The Greeks were among the best in constructing intricate and massive technology for their god shows. Huge temples with great doors operated by hydraulics were made to impress the worshipers who would them present their sacrifices to convince these gods to be merciful and grant continued existence. These same shows would produce bursts of fire and sounds of thunder, with manifestations like apparent bleeding. Farmers, soldiers and slaves alike would come with their gifts that the priests would gladly accept for the gods. Some temples had those gifted in oracles so that the future could be foreseen and prepared for.

The Maya were a lot more up close and personal. As they did not have hydraulics and other machinery that the Greeks perfected, they used alternate means. They did however have a deep knowledge of the sky and this shows in the layout of all their temple structures, cities and their calendar system that tracked over a dozen different natural cycles. The scribes and shaman-warrior-king would work in concert to appeal to the gods of the sky and nature and to deliver blessings such as forecast rain for the maize, squash and other crops to feed the people and provide drinking water. Rain was explained as the blood of the gods, shed for the annual salvation of the people. In return for this shed blood, all the people had to participate in blood letting. This blood was offered to the gods and often given as a burnt offering like incense in other cultures. The shaman-warrior-king had to put on the most spectacular show off all and this was done atop a pyramid temple designed for a specific show. Sometimes, the blood letting was done as a vision quest by the same person seeking answers. This sufficed in good times, but during drought and hard times, the human sacrifice of children in caves became the requirement to fulfilling the need of blood for the gods. During the 8th century there was a particularly bad drought that lasted a long time. Blood letting became more and more severe. When this did not work, city temples were abandoned to the jungle and people migrated to better regions. This process would then begin anew in the new region. This cycle recurred in aperiodic fashion until the arrival of the Europeans who introduced their own catastrophe on the First Nations.

One such forecast was made by the Aztec who initially viewed Cortez as the returning Quetzalcoatl. The shamans, using their calendar system that was very similar to that of the Maya, forecast a great change by way of destruction in November of 1519 and that would come by Quetzalcoatl who was set on revenge for being driven out in an earlier era. On that very date, Cortez set about sacking the Aztec capital, Teotihuacan and within a few years the entire Aztec empire collapsed. During the event, the Aztec learned that Cortez and his small band and disgruntled slave followers were no gods, nor the return of Quetzalcoatl, but a flesh, blood and bones creature like themselves, but it was too late. The hoped for consolidation of power turned to revolution instead. Perhaps the shamans, king and courtiers thought they might cut a deal in order to consolidate their power and wealth more by this opportune invasion that might be helpful in engineering a prophetic fulfillment. Instead, the courtiers were killed off in public and Montezuma was held captive for all the gold the Spanish could get. The Spanish got their gold and Montezuma lost his life anyway. Thereafter the war was on. The Inca and the Maya were to meet similar fates, but in these cases, the battle took decades and even centuries.

There are plenty of prophecies to chose from, but only a few are engineered

The Maya for their part, saw cycles within cycles of time, where great events would unfold after each calendar round, ba'k'tun and long count. They even had individual and complex names for days, months and years. When cycles meshed and were in synch on the same day, great events were to unfold. The more the cycles meshed, the greater the event. Today when we examine the Mayan cycles, we find some amazing correlations between their dates and events that unfolded in the historical context. We also find an amazing correlation with celestial events. Two of the most amazing correlations were the Russian Revolution that was well into various transitions when a calendar round cycle changed from one to the next in July of 1917 and the other was the lunar landing in July of 1969 that coincides neatly with their timing cycles. There are other tight fits as well in history. It is apparent that they had a grasp of something that we can't equal today. In this case it hardly seems likely that they could manufacture a prophetic fulfillment such as a revolution halfway around the world and an event that took place on the moon. Both of these events had a profound effect on the collective human psyche. For one thing, the Maya were sacked by the Spanish and lost their libraries and power. However, their ideas took hold on many among the new culture and still have a spell binding influence. Some go so far as to suggest that the current powers that be, deliberately orchestrate and manufacture prophetic fulfillment based on the Mayan time cycles, timing attacks and losses to the Maya cycles. If that were the case, then this would be clearly an example of engineering a prophetic fulfillment.

But, the dominant powers today being of a Christian background, there is another agenda to fulfill. That of course is the build up to the return of Christ in the clouds, just as once the Aztecs expected Quetzalcoatl to arrive from the east. When we hear presidents such as Ronald Reagan state “Armageddon in our time”; this is a direct connection to such an idea of manufacturing a prophetic fulfillment. How is this so?

Those that control us by what we believe; and most believe in the Christian concept of God and the second coming of Jesus Christ, do not want to obviously interfere with that and further, not to take steps to fix anything as Jesus is going fix it all anyway with the miraculous sweep of a hand. Thus there is a two fold program in progress; one that is hidden and the other that is broadcast. The hidden agenda or program is to amass a much wealth and power in as short as time as possible without regard to others, nature and the planet. The other is to publicly manufacture prophetic fulfillment to convince the unlearned that everything is right on schedule. One such dramatic move occurred in 1948 when the state of Israel was revived out of the dust bin of history. No other nation, once destroyed has ever had this occur, ever! Israel had to be restored as a nation in order for the other pieces of the prophecy to be possible. This was a combined Christian, Jewish effort and was assisted due to the atrocities of WWII and Stalin. As was in America in time past, the people who had since moved into the territory, had to be removed. This is still going on today. Israel for better or worse, is a nation today once more, as it was prior to 70 AD before Rome sacked it and scattered the residents.

Other pieces of the prophetic puzzle are being manufactured to be put into place. There is a clear time line and the statute of limitations is forcing the issue right now. These consist of a move to one world government, total control of the world economy by one central bank, the removal of the dome of the rock and the rebuilding of Solomon's temple, manufacturing shortage of all resources, wars (already manufactured for the sake of dual profits), pursuit of pleasure/happiness and the like. Much of this is near completion, but there are some things lagging behind and getting dangerously out of synch. Historically, this often happens with engineering a prophetic fulfillment. Then there is the problem of Jesus' return. According to the Bible alone, no one knows that time. But, even this can be manufactured as we are about to discover.

If someone wanted to control a malleable and ignorant population to their ends, how would they set about it? There are many examples in history to show us and these are the same lessens the rulers learned and use. The success of the program depends on the continuity of all accumulated knowledge among the ruling privileged and a more or less complete ignorance of the ruled. In addition, nature provide the means to achieve awe and terror in uncertain and unpredictable ways. Therein lies the second key, to keep the ignorant in a constant state of terror by being able to seemingly control nature's capriciousness. We live in a world mediated by terror in all forms and at all times today. It comes in all directions and simultaneously. It makes many heads swim in the sheer magnitude of it all. Most people do not have the constitution nor the understanding to take it in stride and prefer to escape. Escapes are provided in a multitude of ways. We have thus evolved into a society of fear and escape.

Today we have the weapons of the gods, that would make any ancient society quake in terror at the sight of anything like an a-bomb detonation or a laser cannon melting the earth into lava. Then there are hypersonic jets, rockets and a plethora of “miracle machines” we take so much for granted. Cargo cults who are nowhere near our technological level have been awed by our sudden appearance in the past. To them, it was a visit from the gods themselves. If Cortez was able to convince the Aztecs of his godliness with mere square riggers, horses, metal armor, crude guns and metal swords, then how much more if the unlearned see signs like a plenitude of UFOs appearing and vanishing in thin air and a host of other strange visions, especially if informed ahead of time that there will be signs in the sky when trouble besieges the nations. Within our technological midst right now, thrives a plenitude of cargo cults. This is the perfect breeding ground for the soon to manifest incredible vision provided we don't screw it up before hand.

The long view of history has always been used as a means to see a large picture of prophetic fulfillment and sometimes the powerful and knowledgeable among us have been able to adjust events within civilization in synch with natural ones in order to engineer a fulfillment of certain prophecies. This manipulation is still going on right now as some attempt to mold world events and history into an agenda of prophetic fulfillment for their own ends. It works so long as a few are aware of what is going on and the majority are not, but convinced that the powers that be, have more power than they actually have. Engineering prophecy at its foundation, has an element of lying to it in order to convince others of realities that otherwise do not exist. It exists in the precondition of ignorance among the people that can be bent to the will of the manipulators of history.

An alternate view of a well flogged prophecy

Is History being manipulated to a specific goal?

How do you think the world will end?

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