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Life Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness?

Updated on January 15, 2014

Equal Rights? Only if You're Straight

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Those are words that this country was built upon. In fact, they were in the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence.

Even saying that we should limit someone's right to pursue their own happiness in a country based upon those values, it is absolutely hypocritical.

I am not gay, I am open to the rights of humans to be able to love and proclaim that love no matter who they are in love with.

Why is it so hard to just allow others have the same rights we just expect to be handed to us just because we are heterosexual? Do these other people in the world who are different from you deserve to be thrown by the wayside like garbage just because they do not love someone of the opposite sex the way that you do?

Why is it not a violation of rights for the Westboro Baptist Church to picket funerals and schools with signs that have nothing but a message of hate, but it's a violation of heterosexual rights to have homosexual people be allowed the right to say I do?

How can we, as a country that is based on basic human rights, say that the same basic human rights should not be allowed the same things that they are simply because their parts match instead of being opposite like the bible says they should. Do not get me wrong, I do believe in God, but I do not believe that God would create someone with the same love in a different way and then tell them they are not allowed to have that love. In case you're wondering, I do believe that someone with homosexual tendencies is born that way.

Think about it. Honestly sit down and think about it. Would you really wake up one day and decide that you want to be ostracized, risk being beaten for your choice, and told that you are not allowed to love who you love?

If this picture bothers you... look away, I won't be taking it down anytime soon.

I believe that any couple, whether straight or gay, should be allowed to love freely without dealing with people treating them as if they are second class citizens.
I believe that any couple, whether straight or gay, should be allowed to love freely without dealing with people treating them as if they are second class citizens. | Source

This seriously bothers me

To see a sign like this because they don't like gay men serving... it makes my blood boil.
To see a sign like this because they don't like gay men serving... it makes my blood boil. | Source

I worry, honestly, about how we see our country today. I worry that we see it as our own personal place to tear down anyone's hopes, dreams, and love. Who are we to tell anyone that they do not have the right to marry someone they love? I keep hearing people talk about how the bible says that it is not okay to be with someone of the same gender, but we forget that we separated church and state early on in our country's creation, to protect those that do not share the same beliefs as the majority.

Yes, you can exercise your right to free speech, but you do not have the right to torment those who do not share your belief system.

I see a lot of things that are unsettling on so many levels in this world, it seems like every time I log into a newsfeed I see someone saying we should be locking people up for loving how they love. As if it is going to actually affect anyone negatively. I have yet to see a marriage end because someone else married someone with the same parts as them, and if there has ever honestly been a case like that, then I firmly believe that that marriage was doomed from the start.

Nobody getting married ever ended someone else's marriage... it just doesn't work that way.

Yup I'm Going There

This about covers the beginning
This about covers the beginning | Source

Did you know?

The "anti-gay rights" people that the CEO of Chik-fil-a was giving money to funded the large movements of mass murders of homosexual people in Uganda? I still refuse to eat there. Just because it's still not a hot button issue with the media because the story is old, does not mean that I have decided that it is okay to eat there again.

I have said repeatedly, while you sit there eating your juicy chicken, think of it like this.... Who will my chicken sandwich kill tomorrow?

The roads that these places have taken are going a far worse path than just an anti gay marriage stance... it has taken them down a path to murder... that's awfully Christian isn't it?

No, I am not bagging on Christians, I have met plenty that are great people, but I have a problem with the ones who use their "religious rights" to murder people in a different country on a massive scale. I don't care if you eat there, but I will be dead before a single dollar of mine is going to be used for the murder of innocent civilians under the premise of an anti-gay stance.

While the groups that they are spending money on are not actively killing people, they are lobbying against fighting Uganda's "Kill the Gays" stance. Which means that they are happy with letting this massacre continue.

Want to test that theory? Go ahead:


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    • stuff4kids profile image

      Amanda Littlejohn 3 years ago

      Yes. Yes. Yes.

      It is often forgotten that the founding fathers and mothers of the US wanted - and in theory we have - a secular society based on freedom and tolerance.

      Right wing bigotry - both religious and political - is the bane of our country.

      Let love rule, whatever form it takes.

      Bless you :)

    • Heatherbaker profile image

      Heather Baker 3 years ago from Florida


      Thank you for pointing that out. It is mainly because I have not done as much research and cannot properly comment on the subject. As I learn more I will update this hub to include more information.

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 3 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      China has an overabundance of male children and this is a direct result of population control measures and parents that value males over females.

      The U.S. military is having problems with females being sexually abused by their male counterparts.However there is no mention of homosexuals in any of the conversation concerning the military as far as I know !

    • Heatherbaker profile image

      Heather Baker 3 years ago from Florida


      Most lesbian couples looking to have a child naturally (as possible) typically just go to a sperm bank, or look to find a trusted friend who they believe will be a good genetic match for them. They don't necessarily trick a man into giving them a child. There is this major misconception about fatherless homes that really needs to be dispelled, ASAP, just because they do not have a father in the home does not mean that the child will grow up with any less love. There is still a two parent environment, which several children today don't even have because of deadbeat dads.

    • CapturedWord profile image

      CapturedWord 3 years ago from United States

      I have considered adoption helping poverty and so on... but this extends a lot further than riches and mistreatment. I agree they could very well find a good home with a gay couple. There is a lot of abuse also to discern in a gay relationship that also might also be considered. It's a serious issue. For instance, a gay women uses a man to impregnate herself for her lover. The man unknowingly thinks she loves him. She leaves him for her and now the father is responsible for child support and now has not his own flesh and blood. He is now looked upon as criminal. He will never be a father to this child again. This is abuse. And the child is now a fatherless child. But to be honest....Nothing is perfect in this world.....

    • Heatherbaker profile image

      Heather Baker 3 years ago from Florida


      I can see where you can get the thought that it might not bring life, but allowing gay couples to marry and adopt can possibly save a life by getting a child out of the state system, where they could grow, with poor influences on their lives, to a life of crime, and that can all too often lead to death. In some ways it is hard to see, for others, but I have yet to see very many negatives to any of the things I've mentioned. Being gay does not make you a child molester despite the far right's determination to convince everyone of that, so where is the danger in allowing them to have children? I am going to say something that is said a lot, I have yet to see a gay couple have an unwanted child.

    • CapturedWord profile image

      CapturedWord 3 years ago from United States

      How does this uphold the part called "Life"? How can this kind of relationship bring life? I'm not against this kind of relationship, but its missing the "Life" part. I do not believe as a Christian that death is the answer at all. Yes, you are right! It is hypocritical to kill on this behalf! This certainly does not bring life either! Forgiveness for all is in order and hopefully peace shall resume with understanding and love will resolve. This kind of hatred is bad for all.

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 3 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Very well said, Heather. A Gay couple getting married in no way diminishes or harm's a straight couple's marriage. it is all pure nonsense and ignorance. It is unequal distribution of our rights.