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Exploring the Refugees Reasons

Updated on May 17, 2020

Let us explore the refugees reasons

Welcome to our article (75), Exploring the refugee’s reasons

Dear readers, we have been talking about refugees, hoping to understand what is happening in the world. While we are looking for a solution. But so far, we don’t see anything that can solve the refugee’s problem.

Now, we have looked at many refugees’ issues. One of which is that not all the people that become refugees are refugees, because some of them can be terrorists. These types of people use the refugee status, to move to another country without being recognised as terrorists, which is a convenient way for them to infiltrate into enemy territory.

I believe that to be a refugee, one must come from a place that is impossible to live safely, whether this is due to wars being fought in their territory, or from natural disaster like an earthquake, or extreme weather events that have destroyed their houses where they were living, so, they are forced to move somewhere else.

On humanitarian ground, when people become refugees to survive, then the rest of the world should help them to resettle somewhere else, but if they are not in danger, then we should ask ourselves, if helping them to resettle in another country, is the right thing to do, because they can bring with them many problems.

We want to talk about the refugees, hoping to find and suggest a way that can minimize this refugee problem. Because if we do not do that the problem of the refugees may become worse, and it can have a domino effect in the world. So, it is necessary to be vigilant and try to forecast what can happen next, because of what is happening now.

Anyhow, let us look at the refugees that come from Africa, and those that come from, The Middle East now.


This is a boatful of refugees in the calm Mediterranean Sea

This small boat of refugees is going from Libya to Italy. They are lucky since the Sea is calm and the boat seems working well, so, they could be lucky to disembark on the coast of  Italy, with no help from the Italian Navy
This small boat of refugees is going from Libya to Italy. They are lucky since the Sea is calm and the boat seems working well, so, they could be lucky to disembark on the coast of Italy, with no help from the Italian Navy | Source

The refugees that come from Africa

Most refugees that come to Italy, come from Africa, because Italy islands are close to Africa, especially from the coast of Libya, so, a lot of Africans go to Libya, and then find a boat that is willing to take them to Italy. We must say that what they are doing is dangerous, for themselves and the people that go to help them, when their overloaded unseaworthy vessels capsize and the Italian navy or other countries go to rescue them. This is very upsetting, because not only Italy rescues them, then takes them to Italy and gives them shelter and feeds them.

I believe that what Italy is doing is great, if we look at it on humanitarian grounds, but what about the expenses that the Italian government must pay, to accommodate these refugees. As we know Italy is not a rich country, so, soon or later there are going to be problems, about these refugees. Italy has its own local problems that need to be fixed, so, they are struggling to do what they can, first to look after their own problems, and then, they look about the refugees. While the politicians argue about many things including the refugees.

Today while I am writing this article, it is the 30th of April 2017, in the Italian news, the politicians were again talking about many things, and accusing each other as usual, but nobody seems to come out with a suggestion, how to stop or control the flow of refugees, which they continue to arrive at an alarming number, sometimes even three or four thousand in a day. Because of the great number of refugees, we wonder why nobody talks about the original reason, why these Africans become refugees.

So, we the public want to know what is the reason: for instance, is it the climatic change that drives this people away from their native lands? Because they don’t produce enough food for them anymore, to live a normal life. Or are there small wars that makes these countries poor? Perhaps people over there don’t care to work for themselves, or for the benefit of their communities, so, they continue to make wars and rob each other, while this goes on, they are destroying themselves to the point, that they must move somewhere else to live.

These issues are only a few issues that we have mentioned above, but what makes me suspicious, it is the fact that today most refugees are Muslims. So, we must ask, whether the Muslim religion guides their people in such a way, that wars and other fighting cannot be controlled. I suppose that this is our western world view, but what else can it be. The facts suggest that these can be the reasons about the African refugees. Now let us talk about the Middle East refugees.


Refugees wanking from place to place, I believe in the Balkans

There are a lot of refugees that run away from the wars in the Middle East. Most times they walk from place to place. Sometimes they are blocked from the country they are entering. Then they become a problem. So, refugees are a problem where thy go.
There are a lot of refugees that run away from the wars in the Middle East. Most times they walk from place to place. Sometimes they are blocked from the country they are entering. Then they become a problem. So, refugees are a problem where thy go. | Source

The Middle East refugees

The refugees from the Middle East, are less likely that they come to Italy, because it is easier for them to go to Turkey, then to Greece and through The Balkans, they go to North Europe. Most of these refugees want to go to Northern Europe, because the countries of Northern Europe, have good social security systems, they are well organized countries. Now, let us look at the reasons why they become refugees.

The Middle East refugees are refugees from wars, since violent and destructive wars are going on over there. Now, the wars over there, are clearly religious wars, since ISIS kills people in the name of their God Allah. We of the western world wonder how it is possible, that a religion allows its people to kill each other with a blessing, when the people they kill are from different religions, or countries.

I believe that religions must be made to guide people, how to live peacefully, this is useful because it gives people a sense of direction, and what they are supposed to do, when they do certain things. It usually promotes friendship with other people, so, it makes us feel good to have friends that believe in the same way. But there are times, when these religious rules are extreme, and instead of helping us, they put us on a collision course with other religions. This is what we are going to talk about in our next article, because this article is already long enough, as it is. See you soon, in our next article, refugees problems and their reasons.

May God bless us all.



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