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Eyes of Forgotten Innocence: Some Points to Ponder 01

Updated on June 17, 2010

The Original Page

If you read it, you may weep.
If you read it, you may weep.

Some Points to Ponder

I started the series of "Some Points to Ponder" with this simple information. When I went to press, I decided to switch it up and rearranged them. This is still a good one to get started and I should have posted it first, but here it is as the second post.

The message here is completely contained in the accompanying Jpeg of the original page from my book. It has my standard artistic rendering, but this time contains information pertaining to the number of sexual abuse victims reported.

Remember, the number reported is always significantly lower than the actual number. Children are frightened into silence very often and abusers find them all too easy to manipulate. Some victims are only found after being take to Hospital for other matters.

As these facts are from my research in 2004, you may want to click on the accompanying NON-commercial link, and take a look at what the current numbers may be. They will, unfortunately, be higher, but the more people to become aware of these numbers the fewer children that may become victims.

I'll have more, but take a look at this one and maybe the site my information came from. The info is good to know.

I've been told that my Hub is sub-par and does not meet the requirements to be called a quality Hub. I guess 20 pictures of Bollywood actresses with erect nipples are of higher literary quality than telling people about ways to protect their children or raising awareness of the dangers of the Internet predators that hunt our children. Automated content "crawlers" are not always the best way to go when dealing with original content. At least Hub Pages has real people reviewing hubs that have been labeled eroneously.

In any case, I hope that this will add enough meat to the Hub so as to remove the substandard tag and let it be seen for the useful piece of information it is.

Take care, all! Be safe out there!


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