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Eyes of Forgotten Innocnece: Not Asked, Not Answered

Updated on June 13, 2010
The original page.
The original page.

Not Asked, Not Answered

Here is another entry from my book, "Eyes of Forgotten Innocence". Remember to speak up if you suspect abuse!

The drawing is one of pencil which I drew specifically for this piece.

Is it for nothing a child is born into innocence?
Is it good in the eyes of some to take it so early?
Is it right to turn away from one in need for blood’s sake?
Is it wrong to stand ‘gainst the overwhelming onslaught?

A child is born innocent to be happy.
A vile one, it is, whom takes it away.
A wound to a child may bleed forever.
A word may save a life.

The only wasted word are those not spoken.
The only truth not heard is one not believed.
The only error not forgiven is one not risked.
The only sin not punished is the one not committed.

Will you speak when suspicion gives reason?
Will heed be given when blame is cast?
Will there be blame for mistakes made in good faith?
Will a sin be committed if an evildoer turns away?

Speak; believe; be sure; be brave; be firm; be the protectors.


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