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The Christian Country and it's Morals...

Updated on August 11, 2012

Finally Some Perspective

Ever since the 1980's when Ronald Reagan dismissed the Fairness Doctrine and the foothold that FOX NEWS gained and grew into the apparent megalith in "News Broadcasting" and the subsequent disingenuous and cowardly turning of all the rest of the medias broadcasts of Foreign and Domestic news I, like many others have either quit following the major news sources or searched elsewhere for it. there are only the same stories with the same slants and opinions offered by the same talking heads with the same haircuts and fish like smiles.

You can see I'm not a fan. But it is because what is being offered isn't news or its the same little bits of news told over and over using the same talking points issued by the same corporations with all of management terrified about their news "dogs" and "ponies" accidentally offering an original thought which might offend someone or wake the natives who are buying their products...

Not to mention the "kowtowing" by the CEO's and Vice-Presidents of the major networks... the purchased influence by those who have the money and power to move around huge blocks of money by their advertising efforts to influence the general public, the business they control through huge multi national corporations, all right here in America.

FOX NEWS is owned and controlled and very micro managed by Rupert Murdoch an Australian billionaire with extreme nationalistic and ultra conservative (almost fascist) leanings. He has consistently been described as a megalomaniac and his own words have described him thus. His ego does want to "rule the world" and his FOX NEWS has been used since its inception to accomplish this. FOX NEWS programs have offered nothing but an ultra conservative Opinion of "news" events and history not an objective journalistic reporting and the remaining organizations have been influenced to do the same to some degree or other. And to be clear ultra liberals are just as narrow minded with the same tunnel vision and the same megalomania...

I am not supporting or criticizing any position anywhere on the spectrum. Live your life with integrity and let others live theirs. With integrity. But stay out of Politics. Stay away from thinking you know how to run the world's largest and wealthiest and most powerful country because YOU took 9th grade Civics and World History. Or because you read a book. Or were a college cheerleader. Or because you are rich and bored and powerful. Because you become dangerous to children and other small animals... Yes, it requires a broad education and exposure to a big world to gain the perspective to make decisions which affect millions of people and hundreds of countries.

And Canada, its people, is finally standing up for that. With no hard ties to the Almighty US Dollar and letting it be influenced by Greed and an economical/political system which is outdated for the 21st century... Which still holds integrity, to some degree, dear to its heart has shown why it is important to be self-responsible. To not sell out your goals and dreams to another for the sake of some foreign aid...

Again... Not a Political Statement. Simply a call for Self Responsibility...

The story as reported online reflects the efforts of Fox News to begin broadcasting its version of Journalism in Canada. It goes on to say that the Canadians want no part of it and explains a little bit of the why… as well as some key differences in our two societies… notably a distinct difference in values such as “truth.” Truth as defined and used by Journalism and the reporting of the “facts” regarding incidents deemed “newsworthy.”

It does bring a Pause in which to reflect on and consider the state of Society in America; in its Politics, Religion, Morality and Economy to highlight a few of the facets of the country in which we live. And, in which to consider whether it might be time to discover what each of us might do to alter the current course of any, or all, of these facets…

The Facts of this story

Fox News' Lies Keep Them Out of Canada

As reported online at

As America's middle class battles for its survival on the Wisconsin barricades -against various Koch Oil surrogates and the corporate toadies at Fox News -fans of enlightenment, democracy and justice can take comfort from a significant victory north of the Wisconsin border. Fox News will not be moving into Canada after all! The reason: Canadian regulators announced last week they would reject efforts by Canada's right-wing Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, to repeal a law that forbids lying on broadcast news.

Canada's Radio Actrequires that "a licenser may not broadcast ... any false or misleading news." The provision has kept Fox News and right-wing talk radio out of Canada and helped make Canada a model for liberal democracy and freedom. As a result of that law, Canadians enjoy high quality news coverage, including the kind of foreign affairs and investigative journalism that flourished in this country before Ronald Reagan abolished the "Fairness Doctrine" in 1987. Political dialogue in Canada is marked by civility, modesty, honesty, collegiality, and idealism that have pretty much disappeared on the US airwaves. When Stephen Harper moved to abolish the anti-lying provision of the Radio Act, Canadians rose up to oppose him fearing that their tradition of honest non-partisan news would be replaced by the toxic, overtly partisan, biased and dishonest news coverage familiar to American citizens who listen to Fox News and talk radio. Harper's proposal was timed to facilitate the launch of a new right-wing network, "Sun TV News" which Canadians call "Fox News North."

Fox News' Lies Keep Them Out of Canada

Harper, often referred to as "George W. Bush's Mini Me," is known for having mounted a Bush-like war on government scientists, data collectors, transparency, and enlightenment in general. He is a wizard of all the familiar tools of demagoguery; false patriotism, bigotry, fear, selfishness and belligerent religiosity.

Harper's attempts to make lying legal on Canadian television are a stark admission that right-wing political ideology can only dominate national debate through dishonest propaganda. Since corporate profit-taking is not an attractive vessel for populism, a political party or broadcast network that makes itself the tool of corporate and financial elites must lie to make its agenda popular with the public. In the Unites States, Fox News and talk radio, the sock puppets of billionaires and corporate robber barons, have become the masters of propaganda and distortion on the public airwaves. Fox News' notoriously biased and dishonest coverage of the Wisconsin's protests is a prime example of the brand of news coverage Canada has smartly avoided

This is Not A Political Statement

This has nothing to do with politics or where I lay (I don't. I withdrew from from this embarrassment when it demanded my integrity)... It has to do with something far more personal and important. It has to do with self responsibility, with morals, with spirituality, with what might or should be the primary directive in all of us, "Do No Harm." With another, "Love your brother and sister as you love yourself." (Though I agree, what some call loving themselves contains such degrees of self hate or self loathing or guilt or shame that it results in hostile actions.)

So, if you feel you must comment, keep your political and religious personal belief systems at bay. If they work for you great. I can assure you they probably don't work for me.

Blessings and



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    • rmichaelf profile image

      Michael Fielder 5 years ago from North Central West Virginia, where the green grass grows...

      Hey Logan County,

      You are so right about about losing our sense of responsibility, our values and morals. And from where we learn them. Television has replaced the family for many. I see a correlation between the rise of TV and the loss of those family influences though. When dysfunction causes children to gain access to thousands of hours of TV programming - commercials and all - from where else are they going to learn....

      the Chicken or the Egg though? (and let's not even think about a polical party for all us "apoliticals", ey? :-)

      Thanks for your insight,


    • thelyricwriter profile image

      Richard Ricky Hale 5 years ago from West Virginia

      Voted up, useful, and interesting Michael. I will be the first too tell you that I am not a political man. But I see what you are trying to say. It is amazing how much things have changed, from decade to decade. Somewhere along these lines, we have lost those values, morals, and a resonsibility to do right. I do agree with that. I still believe that it starts with parents though. I know this took a turn, but you learn those values at home from your parents, grandparents, or family. We have lost that also. I never cared too much for Fox. I have always been a CNN guy. But your right, there are issues with Fox. Never listen to them on the radio though either.

    • rmichaelf profile image

      Michael Fielder 5 years ago from North Central West Virginia, where the green grass grows...

      Thanks Suzie!

      For the read, and the comments... From them I think I can say we would be fun neighbors! We share attitudes, some similar experiences and thoughts about Yankees and Canadians!


    • Suzie Crumcakes profile image

      Suzie Crumcakes 5 years ago from Fellsmere

      It got hard to follow about half way down when a big blank spot made a gap. Otherwise, I hear what you are saying. I stay out of politics, but may fiance says it is time to stock up on canned goods and bullets. He's fixing up a special place out on the St. Johns river. He says the Miccosukee hung out there during the Seminole wars.

      I don't like Fox news. The first time I saw it, I thought it was Saturday Night Live, but the jokes weren't funny. Funny you mention it, they were talking about Wisconsin. There was a man and a lady talking all loud and agitated, like they were super upset about the greedy teachers in Wisconsin. Here in Florida, our teachers are overworked and underpaid. However, in Wisconsin, they are lazy and no-count. They make so much money, that they are ruining the economy and they just sit around and read magazines all day wile the students go third world.

      I can't figure Yankees out anyway. They work their whole life to come down here where they can be happy. Then, they complain all the time. They always say they miss the seasons and you can't get good pizza.

      Canadians are more fun, They are just happy too be warm.