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Felons Loooking For A Job

Updated on May 2, 2010


In this blog I hope to help somebody who is a felon to get working. I hear a lot about special programs for felons trying to get work. I also hear a lot of them going out looking for work only to get turned down,some us this as an excuse to do nothing. I know there are companies that don't hire felons. So what to do, I say start your own company. There are a few things you can get going for little money. You can get you a lawn mower and go door to door  looking for people who need their lawn cut,there are a lot of seniors that can use your help in this area,window washing is another,go to a dollar store and get you some cheap window washing tools or you can go to Home Depot. Start a small cleaning service.Get on a computer and Google How to start a business  in each of these areas,if you don't have a computer go to the library. Look on ebay and amazon for books and how to. I hope this helps I have made good money doing this over and over again,Oh and didn't forget parking lot clean ups and cleaning out for land lores who need their units clean for the next renters


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