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Five Nuclear Warheads by April, 2012: Iran is a Threat to US Security

Updated on November 14, 2011

Two very interesting issues happened recently: President Obama has shown proof to the leaders of Russia and China that by April 2012, Iran will possess five nuclear warheads. Both, Russia and China have said that this event cannot happen, although, their past actions indicate otherwise as they have continued to deal with Iran, despite sanctions. The other event is that in Iran, the leader of Iran's missile chief, Brig. Hassan Moghadam, was killed in Tehran in an nuclear accident.

While his death is a minor setback, it is clear that the military option is gaining more and more speed with only five months until the dreaded event occurs and the world in the Middle East is in danger. Sanctions have not worked or deterred Iranian development not the diplomatic effort is made, which will result in nothing. The training Israel has been conducting with NATO airforces all indicate that at some point in time, soon, the military option will be suddently upon the world.

The military option cannot succeed in a big way. Sure, we may be able to destroy some capability, but without wholesale change in the government and its leaders, it will only delay it again and the whole situation will be revisited at a later time. There is no doubt the mayhem that will fall upon Israel once the military option is used and that will toss most of the West into a fray. Russia could easily enter Iran to seize control of the facilities, since it was their know-how and funding that caused the problem!

Pandora's box will open with the military option.


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    • profile image

      Brett 6 years ago

      Im a teen and after reading this im really realy scared i dont want this to happen im just so very scared im acctually starting to cry im shaking and im in fear rigt now:(

    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 6 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      I thought the deaths of the nuclear scientist were assassinations.

      Didn't the Stuxnet virus shut down their development for years? I'm notsure about the reliability of our estimates of their nuclear capabilities.

      Good hub.

    • Samuel Songungou profile image

      Samuel Songungou 6 years ago from Bangalore, India

      One of the most intersting hubs that i've read. Keep on writing good hubs my friend! And i'd be happy if you could read mines too..thanks!