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Five steps to opening your mind

Updated on April 12, 2017
Open all hours
Open all hours

Let's get cerebral

I've been pondering over the mainstream media again and the fact that many people take all they say as the gospel truth.

Why? I ask myself.

Well, I say that for people to consider any alternative to what the mainstream media offers us requires stretching the mind to accommodate ideas that it naturally resists - they stretch it to discomfort when it would rather be taking it easy. But these are crucial times and it needs to be stretched - things are happening around us and the nearer we are to the truth, the better.

But how can we get to the truth if we rule out a whole sphere of ideas?

Now, listening to alternative theories doesn't require a superior intelligence - not at all - but it does require a little effort at the start. The mind can get comfortable with its set ideas and it needs to be ousted from the armchair and sent for a run round the block.

Opening the mind up to new ideas will bring only benefits - and even if ultimately you reject those ideas, in the process the mind will get a good old workout. And you'll feel fresher and younger by the end - satisfaction guaranteed. Now, get your mental P.T. kit on - we're going mind training.

Step one - you read the papers, you watch the telly - you absorb everything the media offers you - but do you ever question it? Do you ever ask 'why do they want me to know this?' Are they saying this because they genuinely care? Or is there money behind this? What can they gain from telling me this? What can they gain from me believing them?

Now, here it's important not to wonder off into the realms of fantasy or paranoia but to develop a critical mind. By critical, I don't mean negative or fault finding.

No, aim for curious.

This isn't the only thing you should be developing, the other very important thing is memory. Keep track of everything you hear, everything you read - think back to when you were told the exact opposite with just as much zeal. Look at predictions that never came true, things that should have happened that never did, think back to stories that appeared to have no relevance at the time - are they important now? Read between the lines - what else could be behind this story?

So let's recap:

  • develop a critical mind
  • use your memory
  • start reading between the lines

Good! Now you're ready for step two...

Step two - now, brace yourselves for this one - you've got to stop following the mainstream media. Yes, you can do it. You can cut it out suddenly or phase it out gradually - whichever you like - I'm not a doctor but I can confidently say it won't harm you.

Naturally, this doesn't mean you'll lose touch with the world - just wait and see how you procure your information from now on! It won't delay in reaching your ears but you'll have the filter of it arriving second hand - your interlocutor (unfortunately for him) will have taken the initial impact. You may even hear it third or fourth hand or perhaps by the time you hear it it's already common knowledge - you can take advantage of your distance to judge objectively. And once you've got that distance your mind will become clearer and now you can start to develop your nose. The big news is still reaching you but you'll smell it before you hear it. Does it smell authentic? Genuine, disinterested news has an unmistakable fragrance like fresh bread from a bakery - is that it? Or is it sliced package loaf?

Step three - Now you've had a good period of distance between you and the mainstream media you can return to them - in moderation. If you've been distanced for a long while you may feel emotionally drained after just short exposure to them - if this is the case, desist and lie down for ten minutes. But remember that a little exposure is necessary for your mind workout. Now, observe interviews with world leaders or anyone of significance - but observe rather than watch. Does the person seem too film-like, even too natural? Are they completely at ease? Almost too much? Now, back to your nose - get it out, quick! Can you smell the bakery there? Do you feel they're telling the truth? Are you nodding, saying 'yes, he certainly speaks some sense,' when underneath you're not even sure? Do you really feel comfortable listening to that person or are you just kidding yourself? Would you really invite him round to tea at your house? Might he pinch the last scone while you're back was turned?

Another important point - remember that calm objectivity? Keep that with you at all times from now on - you'll be needing it.

Step four - predict. Now get ahead of the big news stories - ask yourself what they're leading to. What might happen next? e.g paper screams 'pandemic!' - you're already thinking 'mass vaccinations. And then...?' Remember the calm objectivity? Don't get paranoid - get curious.

Step five - congratulations! You're ready for the alternative press! But now you read them you'll find they won't tell you anything that really surprises you. They'll just put into words what you're starting to realise yourself. You may not accept all they say but you may find them more refreshing and palatable to what else is on offer. And you may well smell that fresh bakery smell in there....

Buon appetito!


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    • profile image

      Audrevea 8 years ago

      Olivia!! The hub was interesting but ONJ made it great :)

      Seriously - I agree. Our minds should be open to all kinds of theories to weigh and assess (not blindly accept). Closed mindedness is annoying, when people won't even consider for one moment that maybe .. argh.

    • apricot profile image

      apricot 8 years ago from Italy

      Interesting link! Thanks for that!!

    • profile image

      babaramali 8 years ago







    • apricot profile image

      apricot 8 years ago from Italy

      Aaaaagh, Dohn!! I wonder if numbered tatoos will be next on the list! Ok, Alex Jones website will be my next port of call - the only thing is as soon as I start reading I have to start writing again! Yep, the truth is definitely out there - I don't think it's that hard to discover really - the hard part is giving up the inherent belief that the system is out for our good! That one's hard to stomach!

      Hi Paradise7! I'm glad you liked the clip. If ever a man had meaningful lyrics for an occasion - well, Dylan gets the prize there. Looks like the mainstream media is making quite a few people feel nauseous! I wonder how much longer people are going to take them seriously...?

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      I won't do it: Tell you all that I "think" I know! There is much speculation out there in terms of conspiracy and everything is just that--speculation--until we're walking around with numbered tattoos! You should, if anything else, at least visit the Alex Jones's website, apricot. The media is Power and Power has a hidden agenda.

      Thanks for the step-by-step to find the truth. The Truth is certainly out there :D

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 8 years ago from Upstate New York

      What a good hub. You nailed it again, Apricot. Wowza, you even added a Peter-Paul-Mary cover of an old Bob Dylan tune that says a LOT!

      I agree with you about stepping back from the mainstream media. It's mostly garbage, and there's a profit motive in everything they tell us, somewhere. I'm more than a little sick of the commercialization of the news.

    • apricot profile image

      apricot 8 years ago from Italy

      Hi Green Lotus! Tee hee - I'm afraid I did give myself away there with my amazon choices (whoops!) although I confess I've never read anything of Alex Jones. I think we could write quite a few essays on Dylan's lyrics alone - actually, those were very well chosen words you picked out - I don't suppose you'd fancy writing a hub decrypting them for me? I'm useless at understanding poetry!

      I hope the times they are a changin' - but a changin' for the better..

      Hi breakfast pop! Tell me about biased! Where I am the the press is in the hands of one fine gentleman alone so you can imagine what we have on offer! Sort of like going to the supermarket and finding only baked beans - similarly gassy and covered up with sauce to hide what's underneath! Glad you liked my advice! It's pretty easy for me though because I don't have a telly - the real challenge must be for people who are working in that world. Yes, now that you mention it 'mainstream' isn't right - certainly when describing the press here anything as clean and innocent as a 'stream' is the last thing that comes to mind! Thanks for stopping in!

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 8 years ago

      I never watch the mainstream media anymore, in fact calling them "mainstream " is a misnomer. They are left-wing and biased to the max. Great hub and good advice.

    • Green Lotus profile image

      Hillary 8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Apricot girl - Interesting Hub and good advice for all seekers of the truth. I agree to "observe rather than watch". This is the line to which I am most drawn. I also like the way you present your case for greater awareness without pointing any fingers or making anyone right or wrong (although your Amazon selections give you away:)

      Sadly yes, Propaganda and the Mega-Media is more powerful today than it was when Dylan wrote those lyrics. The clever manipulators of public opinion wear many masks. Yet the words of the song still stand true:

      "Come writers and critics who prophesize with your pen

      And keep your eyes wide the chance won't come again

      And Don't Speak Too Soon for the wheel's still in spin

      And there's no tellin' who that it's namin'.

      For the loser now will be later to win

      For the times they are a-changin'."