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Florida Provides Public Assistance to Dead Beat Dads of Disabled Children

Updated on October 19, 2013

Dead Beat Dads of Disabled Children a National Crisis and a Conspiracy of Silence

It is a national crisis when one considers the rate of abandonment of disabled children by perfectly fit Fathers. The last time I checked the statistics were 85% of all disabled children are being brought up in single parent homes in which the Father is not required to pay child support. Oh there maybe an order but it is almost never enforced and if it is it, the custodial parent receives one payment a year to avoid incarceration. The courts and the government seem to be co-conspirators with disgruntled Fathers who think they should just go out and make more children. Sadly, this is true of healthy children as well but there is bit more child support enforcement particularly when it comes to black men while white men seem to get away without paying on a regular basis.

It is absolutely shameful that our judicial system and government continue to provide welfare to dead beat Fathers so they can stay unemployed or under employed. And it is happening every single day and it sentences both the children and the women to live in poverty. While it is understandable that the disgruntled father/ husband/ significant other would attempt to avoid payment it is completely despicable that the judicial system, the department of revenue and the government would condone it. In almost every instance they are not but bound by bureaucracies and laws which favor the Fathers or absentee parent.

We Are Not The Only Ones In Florida

How the Child Support Order Hurts the Women and Child if Not Paid

Both the state and federal government count a child support order, even one not being paid, as income and therefore disqualifies disabled children and their Mother's from social programs for medical, dental and other services which they qualify for because of there income. An unpaid child support order disqualifies the family for the temporary cash assistance, food stamps and medicaid. Thus making access to healthcare and medicine impossible for the women and child who have the child support order but are not beinig paid.

It takes one full year of non payment of child support for women and children to even re-qualify for services. However the dead beat Dad, who is court ordered to pay the back child support and the child support payments, can continue to draw public assistance the entire time they are in contempt of court for nonpayment of child support. The Dead Beat Dad has full access to social programs for medical care, dental care and prescriptions for which the child and the single Mother are on share cost. None payment of child support should count as income In an idea world disqualifying the dead beat parent.

How is this justice for Floridians? How is this justice for the child forced to live in poverty and how is this justice for the single Mother? Why is Florida so biased towards helping white males abandoned their disabled child and not pay their child support? Why aren't there stricker sanctions for the benefit of the child?


I would like to make a few suggestions since this is so unfair and I would like my readers to see how easily this could be amended.

1) Any man being brought before child support enforcement no longer qualifies for any public assistance. He no longer qualifies for TANF, Medicaid, or food stamps. Perhaps hunger and no health care will provide him with empathy for his child which he has forced to live in such dire circumstances.

2) If 1 child support payment is missed the person who owes the money should lose their driver's license immediately and then it would take an entire year of paying every month consistently inorder to re-obtain the driver's liscense.

3) If a second child support payment is missed the responsible party goes to jail immediately until the entire sum if paid in full. This of course would constitute a felony child abuse.

4) Three child support payments are missed the payor loses their right ot vote forever and their credit score is transferred to the custodial parent who has been paying the entire time.

5) Four child support payments are missed and the parent who fails to make the payment assumes all financial responsibilities for the custodial parent and the child including paying the public assistance they have lost, the medical expense that they lost due to the child support order which was not paid and all dental for the next two years including but not limited to the child support payments.

6) The parent who fails to pay child support also assumes all financial costs to rehabilitate both the custodial parent and child out of poverty which they have been forced to live in due to the failure of the child support payments and therefore pay an fee of an additional 50% above the court ordered child support for the next year upon missing the fifth child support payment.

7) One the 60th day of nonpayment the court will have the authorty and hopefully the judgement to exercise it and sieze all property and sell it immediately turning over the proceeds to the custodial parent.

In Conclusion

As I sit writing this I am in severe pain. A pain which by everyone's admission can not be relieved without surgery. A surgery which I can't obtain because of a non-paid child support order. I have been provided medication for the pain which at best will just allow me to sleep about 15-20 minutes which I had to pay for out of pocket because of that judgement which is not paid now for two months in a row. I can't imagine where the state of Florida gets it's values or its' judicial ethics when it rewards the non custodial parent who abandons their disabled child and punishes the parent who has been ever faithful and vigilant in the child's life?

Right now my son's dead beat Father is collecting Public Assistance from the state of Florida and he is a recipient of Medicaid, a service which I am currently being denied even though I have an injury directly related to carry full time all by myself for my son without any assistance from anyone. The judge has denied every single motion I have made and has excluded evidence which he claims I should have produced at the hearing. I am not allowed to make arguments he feels I should have made in front of the hearing officer even though I wasn't allowed discovery or to make those arguments then either. The Department of Revenue also failed to provide me with discovery so I couldn't argue against evidence I was not provided.

And this is how Florida rewards its faithful parents? I would think this case alone could sink the Republican ticket entirely. After all who in the world would want to pay dead beat Dad's public assistance and allow the children and families go hungry and without basic medical services or for that matter emergency medical services?

I am so glad Rick Scott decided my son wasn't worthy of the Medwaiver and JEB hasn't made certain my son was funded for the last 12 years. You have to love those neo-conservatives who are trying to kill off the old guard republicans and their children.

I was careful to use the term custodial parent as I am certain there are many great Dad's out there who are working very hard as single Dad's to raise their disabled children when the Mother has bailed. I just can't figure out why the state of Florida would reward the dead beat parent. I have offered some thoughtful suggestions as to how to resolve the problem. I believe once these rules are implemented consistently child support payments will flow regularly in the state of Florida but not until these laws are implemented.


After 34 months of the state paying my som's deadbeat Dad foodstamps, welfare and Medicaid and after two appeals in the fourth district court of appeals. 'My son's Father has lost his last appeal. It took almost three years to get a support order in place. He owes me a tremendous amount of money in back child support which he is required to pay less than fifty dollars a month in back payments. I am not Switzerland or the Cayman Islands. I do receive support payments but not the first of the month when our bills are due. He is always late butted he Department of Revenue did finally win this case so I recommend everyone work with them. We have been threw hellBut this year is the first year we maybe able to afford to have a Christmas.


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