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From The Book Of Bad Ideas Comes....

Updated on September 9, 2013

Kerry and Jane Fonda's Secret Daughter?

Lets Wage War On Syria

This might be a fun one to write. Who knows? Obama and his crew have had some really bad foreign affairs ideas. Hillary helped immensely by doing nothing but racking up frequent flyer miles and making Arab potentates bristle.

This latest circus act with Lame Obama, Lurch Kerry and McBama McCain is on the wacko side of wacko. They are selling us a bad idea without a sticking explanation as to why we should listen to a damned word any of them say. We experienced that type of fiasco with Benghazi and a year later have yet received any suitable explanation other than Hillary asking, "What difference does that make now?" Well Hillary, just 4 American lives were lost to this administration's incompetence and now this? Really?

The next question I have centers around Lurch. Since when did he become a war monger beating the drums of war about killing them all and sorting them out on the ground? Has he been drinking Teresa's botox or Obama's koolaid? Hells bells the guy was Jane Fonda's right hand man. Save it about asking who was her left hand squeeze. Here's a hint for this crowd. Better shut down You Tube because it is shutting down your arguments. But wait! Isn't that what started Benghazi? I don't think so and no one else does anymore either.

Of course it violates many laws what you are pulling out of the hat in attempt to save your stupid face Obama. That face saving is an old Arab art. The UN Secretary General, for what it is worth, has already said that if Obama attacks Syria he will be in violation of International Law. That's the least of our problems since he cares less. He will be violating Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution which I consider an impeachable offense for high crimes and misdemeanors. Then there is the War Powers Resolution to consider. Syria poses no imminent threat to the security of this country. Lets let Syria sort out their own screw ups. We have enough of Obama's to sort out already. Time to stay at home and fix our problems for a few centuries.

Lets take a look at these "freedom fighting" rebels for a second. Ever seen a terrorist? Google "Syrian rebels" and get an eye full. These aren't a bunch of choir boys seeking salvation from Assad. They are hard core Islamists itching for a fight. None of the three war stooges can give a definitive account of the composition of this rag tag bunch of terrorists. McBama claims they are moderates. Hog wash McBama.

Even the New York Times, that bastion of sick liberal thought, ran the article about these lovers of freedom executing Syrian soldiers while shouting Allahu Akbar which McBama claims is the same as a Christian shouting "Praise God." Would you people out in Arizona send the men in the white coats with a straight jacket for the moron. I reckon that's what the Ft. Hood terrorist had in mind huh McCain?

Obama's track record of late, well more than of late, leave the nation a bit flatter than a pancake on the idea of any Syrian involvement. As far as Kerry goes, that may be him and Teresa daughter up there in the upper right hand corner picture. War was never so cool to Lurch Kerry until Obama took the reins and was stupid enough to appoint him as the Secretary of State. My pal, Wayne Brown, and I have a special place in our "despised category" for Kerry.

Looking back on both Libya and Egypt there should be no wonder that if people didn't suspect Obama of being a closet Muslim before that they should have that affirmation now. Both of those insurrections were led by Islamists who hate our guts and both of those sides had the support of which President? He hates this country too so what's the big beef huh? For those left wing lunatics out there check out your own side to see what they think. Listen to Colbert, Stewart, Kucinich and others. This isn't about right and left. This is about not putting our young people, who defend your right to feel how you feel, in harm's way. When Dennis Kucinich starts making sense one should pay attention.

For going on five (5) years now this nation has been on "brain fart alert" as Obama has had one after another. Look at the mess he has created when he told us he was the savior. What are you thinking that we're so stupid to buy into your plan of killing more Syrians to keep them from slaughtering each other? Those are your brain farts, not the people who are footing the bill for all this nonsense.

I was thinking back to when the death toll in Syria was a mere 10,000 people. Remember that? Now we're over a 100K and counting so suddenly Obama wants to ride to the rescue? This slaughter has been escalating for over 2 years. Where was he other than moving the red line he had drawn that he says he never drew in the first place? Way back when the true "freedom fighters" were the opposition. Now the Al Qaeda and other Islamic loons have formed the opposition. But we're supposed to believe Obama, Kerry and McBama. Not one faction over there do I see as "moderate."

This Is Dripping With Irony

This Wednesday is the anniversary of September 11th when our nation was attacked. It is also the anniversary of Benghazi when this administration went to bed leaving 4 Americans in service to our nation to be slaughtered by terrorists. We still have no answers as to what really happened other than witnessing a massive cover up. So what else is happening Wednesday? Everyone remembers Susan Rice going on national TV five times on the Sunday after our Ambassador and three others were killed blaming it on a You Tube video. That's hard to forget. Rice is now Obama's National Security Adviser. That was her reward for being a bald faced liar. One pathological liar rewarded a bald faced one.

That same bald faced liar is going to appear before Congress (the House) and brief them on, of all things, the crisis in Syria day after tomorrow. That should go over like a fart in a wind storm. Why didn't they just have Bozo the Clown go bumbling in to do the briefing instead? So this administration is going to ask Congress to aid the very people in Syria who are known to despise this nation on the anniversary of not one, but two, 9/11 events by a known liar. How credible is that going to be?

To top off the irony, the Senate is going to vote whether to aid Al Qaeda in Syria that day. You had enough yet?

An element of the "Free Syrian Army." Friendly freedom fighters huh? Look at the pic closely then look at the source of said pic.


"Vote" It, "Like" It, "Tweet" It, "Pin " It, "Share It" With Your Followers. Time to let em read it and keep reading it.

As Always,

The Frog Prince


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    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 4 years ago from Central Texas

      You're right on here, Frog. Keep 'em comin' as this nation needs a shot of truth like it never has before. Best/Sis

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 4 years ago

      Fred, and still there are those who love him and believe he is the greatest President this country has ever had. I will never understand this thinking.

    • profile image

      Ghost32 4 years ago

      Frog: You & Wayne aren't the only Kerry despisers out there; he's been on my you-gotta-be-kidding list for a lo-ong time.

      Mike: He should have been immediately removed from office before he was elected the first time. One more step down the path of doom followed by ancient Rome....

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 4 years ago

      If he gets us into this mess without support from other nations, he should be immediately removed from office.

    • profile image

      Stu 4 years ago

      I totally agree with you. This is a no-win situation. We can't commit our sons and daughters to harm's way when there is no clear mission. Most of the factions fighting in Syria are sworn US enemies, so we end up losing no matter how the Syrian civil war turns out. I realize the continued fighting in Syria is lethal, but absent mass genocide, we have no moral imperative to intervene. And the war in Syria is hardly a material threat to US national security.

    • ChrisLingCheng profile image

      ChrisLingCheng 4 years ago

      Thank you for this voice of reason. It is really frightening that this kind of people rules in a country with nuclear warheads. What is this person capable of? Obama can start a large mess in the Middle East which can affect the whole world. USA's involvement in the Middle East doesn't serve USA in any way. And it doesn't serve the Middle East as well. So it's time to stop it. American taxpayers will be repaying those 3 trillion $ wasted in Iraq (no chemical weapons found) for generations. The public finances crisis in USA is obviously related with this war. It comes out that the terrorists achieved their goal behind the 9 / 11 attacks. They managed to cripple USA. It was the stupidity decision makers in USA that helped them achieve this. And what is Obama preparing? A next war based on b-s allegations.Those people must really hate America.

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 4 years ago

      This is perhaps one of the best you have ever written Jim. The inmates have now officially taken over the asylum, and even worse they have a loyal following of citizens who fell victim to the "gimme" programs so prevalent today.

      I'm not at all sure we can even survive another three years of this insanity. I am also not convinced that whoever replaces this failed administration will be any better. Many of our elected representatives we thought we could count on have joined the insanity and are now showing us whom they really are.

      I have never been one to "give up," but am thinking that at this time we are in far to deep to dig our way out. We have no idea how many of our leaders are closet Muslims bent on destroying this country. I'm not even sure that if we were able to fire and replace everyone currently holding a high level office that it is not too late to save us.

      Sorry for the negativity, but that is just the way I view the world at this moment in time. I am contemplating leaving this country I love so much and living out the rest of my life sitting on a beach in some tropical climate.