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Fukushima Nuclear Plant Explosion and Japan Policies.

Updated on April 20, 2011

Fukushima Nuclear Plant explosion

Fukushima Nuclear plant blast

Fukushima Nuclear plant

The latest news from Fukushima are not hopeful.Following the Fukushima Nuclear plant accidents Japan had decided to freeze all the new nuclear projects planned to start in near future.Japan government had also decided to re think on the existing nuclear policy of the country.The Prime Minister Naoto Kan had told that there will be no new nuclear projects till the inquiry on the Fukushima Nuclear plant disaster has been completed.HE claimed that all the nuclear reactors in the country are safe upto the day.

The nuclear radiations are still coming out of the tsunami affected Fukushima Nuclear plant.As human investigation is dangerous , robots are installed to analyze the Fukushima radiation rate. The robot installation reinforce that the conditions in Fukushima Nuclear plant is still not healthy. The robots are remote controlled which also prove that Fukushima radiations are feared by the authorities of the Fukushima Nuclear plant itself.

Between this Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO Japan) had revealed that the Fukushima Nuclear plant crisis can be solved only by the end of this year.The cooling system of the Fukushima Nuclear plant is to be repaired first.The engineers are trying their best to repair it urgently.The condition is worst as there is difficulty to enter the quake ruined Fukushima Nuclear plant buildings.The radiation rate from first and second Fukushima Nuclear plants had detected with the help of robots.

Scientists of Fukushima Nuclear plant hope that the radiation leakage can be controlled within three months. They also expect that it will take 9 months to reinstall the cooling system of Fukushima Nuclear plant to the previous condition.As there is limitation to the works of robot , man himself has to enter the Nuclear plant building for complete solution which is now impossible.


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