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Gmo - Genetically Modified Organisms and Other Issues Jeopardizing Our Existence

Updated on February 22, 2014

What Am I Eating?

So here I am putting together an all natural soup. I think anyway. I have the crock pot going with all the drippings of the double broiler from the vegitables cooked thru the week. Yes it is on all week. All the drippings from the stove goes to the crock. That is pretty absurd for the young youth. I being one of them, I remember. Eakk, what are you doing mom. Gross. Not one for being in the kitchen watching with total unenthusiasm. Gross.

Yet, here I am doing it. In the modern days anyway. Start the crock, pour in the drippings from all the leftovers, the broccoli, the peas, the asparagus. The double broiler steams it all, nothing goes to waist. All juices from the double broiler gets dropped into the crock on all week long. I don't think it is gross now. Rather, my thoughts healthy as my mother tried to instill in me. Getting all the nutrients all has to offer, seriously. Not.

If I am not buying organic non GMO food I am doing my body injustice. How sad is that. Not only do I have to think about why I am truly living my mom's way of life when I truly viewed it as repulsive, here I am having to go even further into the length of it all by the realization that this dish is not good for me for the following reasons.

I did not shop correctly. All the food in this dish is not organic and nothing on the label states it is bad for me so in the thick of it all I go with it, put it into my cart and take it home, dissect it and begin the process I once thought repulsive in my young years. I can't even cook with confidence anymore. How sad is that I have to read every label dissect all the ingredients to do the thing my mom tried desperately to learn me. What the fuck. So all the hard work boiling the bones from the non-organic chicken cause they were fed Genetically Modified Organisms.

Seriously, I cannot famine the issues here. So I did not check if the Cosco pre-cooked chicken was organic. I might ad. I don't know if the cheese I bought was from an organic farmer. I do know the celery and broccoli, the onion and salad green organic cause I pay for that as a shipment every two weeks $35 and get produce delivered pratically to my door. I don't have to think about the consequences of this food.

When the going gets rough and the rough gets tougher and you jump on that ferris wheel of no return and the job, the friends, the calls, the bills and the kids climb on board; you tend to just go with it. Your security system is on overload. Some of the products brought into your house ends up a killer toward your digestive system without you even paying it any attention. Busy as a beaver and ignoring the most important thing in your life, THE FOODS YOU ARE INGESTING COULD BE ALTERING YOUR LIFE IN A NEGATIVE WAY.

The more I educate myself on the right way to eat, the more I am finding out that I am in serious trouble . I have to bat down the hatches and come to terms with this and simply do something about it. So, children of all ages get ready to explore the unknown and get ready to fight back with intelligence. If you do nothing else in your lives you must learn to consume foods that are genuine, the way god made it. The statistics show that fucking with the system will ultimately fuck with your health and ultimately cause you unnecessary pain and heart ache. DO THE RESEARCH, BECOME AWARE.

Genetic engineering is a radical new technology that forces genetic information across the protective species barrier in an unnatural way. Why tamper with perfection unless there is an underlying ulterior motive. If you love your planet and want to help keep it safe, take the first step and watch this heart wrenching video explaining just how sacred life is as we know it now and how it will go on without us if we choose to remain ignorant.

Our World Has Become a Market

Take Action Now, Today

Make a stand to educate as many people as you can on the concerns relating to life and what is going on around us. Genetically Modified Organisms are a major concern, and there are many more important issues that can negatively impact our planet unless we take action now.

As you know, one person cannot make the problems go away. Our strength is in numbers. For you to speak intelligently about issues relative to saving our planet, you must first educate yourself. Ultimately, we the people who were once living inside a comfortable bubble of unawareness will be gifted with the knowledge to empower ourselves and others to accomplish the positive radical changes that must occur in government policies to protect our planet encompassing most importantly our children that we hold most precious. The time of essence has reached its most intensive pinnacle. Our demise or our salvation requires all able minds to speak out and take action now, today.


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